Chapter 28

Moving On

Jimin instantly attacked one of the werewolves which had snuck up on Jungkook. He might be an omega, but he was strong. The werewolves around growled as they watched one of their strongest werewolves attacked. Jimin glared back before using his small height to his advantage by ducking underneath attacking arms before attacking himself.

Jungkook attacked the alpha first out of everyone Jungkook was the only person would could defeat him. It's wasn't hard. The alpha relied on its strength whilst Jungkook relied on both strength but nimbleness as well. He ducked the alpha's attack and clawed the alpha's neck killing him instantly, Jungkook dropped the alpha to the floor before heading towards his next werewolf.

Taehyung winced when he felt the werewolf's crawls dig into his stomach. He grabbed a hold of the hand and burnt it with hell fire. The werewolf screamed as Taehyung's hell fire travelled around it's body turning the werewolf to ash. Taehyung dropped to the floor a hand pressed on his wound and his eyes wide when he saw his boyfriend.

Hoseok saw red when Taehyung was injured he attacked any wolf which got in his way of reaching his boyfriend. He saw as Jungkook and Jimin surrounded them protecting them from the limited number of werewolves left whilst Hoseok looked at the wound. It was around healing. Hoseok let out a sigh of relief before wrapping his arm around his boyfriend and pressed a kiss against his temple.

Namjoon walked over to Jeremiah who was currently working on his computer.

"Will this be successful?" Namjoon asked worried that his best friend was not going to survive. He had to put all his trust in a total stranger, it didn't matter if Jungkook and Jimin trusted him. Namjoon still didn't know him.

"We have done all we can, we can only wait until they come around" Jeremiah answered before turning back to his work. Even though he had not said it, Namjoon could still here 'if they come around' in the tone of Jeremiah's voice. 

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