Chapter 16

Moving On

"If you are here to talk me into giving them the machine then you can forget it" Raven instantly said when Jimin appeared next to her. Raven was currently in the base holding a finger-printed locked safe on her lap. Jimin guessed that was where she had been hiding the device.

"I understand where you are coming from, to be honest with you. I am really against it as well. I mean watching security tapes of Lexi was hard enough, the thought of actually seeing her alive and be aware of what she is going to go through is going to be hard and I know you were close to Lexi but it would be a risk to us and those who don't know about supernatural creatures if Jin loses control around them so we need to ask Lexi on how Jin can control his powers so I have accepted that we need to use the machine to get Lexi's help" Jimin said trying to convince Raven.

"Fine but only this once" Raven reluctantly agreed.

ChristianChimChim: Hey guys I was able to convince Rave, we are at the base. Get here quickly.

It didn't take long until the others turn up, Raven handed the time travelling machine to Namjoon who instantly headed over to the computers.

"How far are we going back?" Jungkook asked as he watched Namjoon wire the machine up to Eddy so he would be able to track their progress and heath. If anything went wrong Eddy would be able to pull them back if they were all holding the device.

"I was thinking not long after we stopped the Rogue Alpha but before face, we don't need to deal with her" Namjoon answered as he finished up attaching the device.

"Ready?" Namjoon asked as the pack took hold of either each other or parts of the machine. The pack nodded.

"I have set the device to take us to about 2 miles from Lexi's position, so we don't suddenly appear in front of her and scare her" Namjoon informed them before pressing the button. Everything when black as the device started flashing different colours, Namjoon couldn't see the others but he could still feel Jin and Yoongi holding onto his arms. Suddenly his sense was overloaded with bright lights, strong smells and loud sounds.

Hoseok stumbled away from the group and grabbed his phone from his pocket, Eddy had set it up, so their phone would instantly change back to the date and time they arrived in the past.

"We did it!" Hoseok shouted showing everything the time, the seventh of October. Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok pulled a reluctant Yoongi and Jungkook into a celebratory group hug whilst Jin snuggled into his boyfriend's embrace. Namjoon's eyes scanned the area for Lexi when he noticed something.

"Umm... hey guys I think we went a little too far back" Namjoon said his eyes didn't leave it.

"What makes you say that?" Jimin asked curiously as they pulled away from the group hug and turned to face Namjoon.

"Well......" Namjoon started. 

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