Chapter 4

Moving On

Yoongi was lounging on the sofa listening to music, his eyes were closed and he impulsively decided to take a nap when he heard the front door swing open and both his parents walked in. Yoongi frowned slightly, his parents were never home at the same time, they were always on a business trip of some sorts leaving Yoongi by himself for most parts of the year. Not that Yoongi minded as it meant he got to sleep for hours without either of his parents interrupting him. Yoongi opened his mouth to speak when his phone suddenly went off.

Yoongi watched as his parents left the front room as he reached over to the table and grabbed his phone. Yoongi quietly growled at the contact, the one person he did not want to speak to ever again after everything she had put his friends through. Clara or face, as his friends had named her. Yoongi just glared at his phone until it stopped ringing, he had been tempted to block her number however, he wasn't too sure how to do it since his phone is new and he hadn't gotten around to find out how, he was too lazy to do so.

When his phone stopped ringing Yoongi went to turn it off when it buzzed. Namjoon had messaged him.

Namjoon: Yoongi would you be able to meet us at the base please, it's important.

Yoongi grumbled a little before standing up and walking over to the front door and quickly put his shoes then headed towards the base where the others were apparently.

"What do you want to meet for?" Yoongi questioned when he got to the base. Namjoon pointed over to the computer screens where there was an animated male face on the screen.

"What is that?" Yoongi asked.

"We have no idea, Jimin and Hoseok were looking through the system and suddenly that face appeared on the screen, it hasn't said anything or done anything" Raven stated looking at the face on the computer screen.

"Has anyone tried to communicate with it, I mean if this something Lexi created she probably had a reason to, some useful purpose for us" Yoongi said.

"No, once it appeared we messaged you and none of us have gone over to it" Jimin replied.

"You know I can hear you" a computerised voice said, the animated eyes turned to look directly at Yoongi before it spoke again "Lexi said you were in need of some assistance but I didn't realise how great that need was".

"Who are you?" Jin questioned.

"I'm Eddy, I'm an artificial intelligence created by Lexi Bowen to assist your pack, I was also created to entertain you to prevent you from creating anymore imbalances to the universe but at look at all of you that request was pointless, you are all going to get into trouble and make an absolute mess even without my assistance" the computerised voice stated before rolling its animated eyes.

"I need some coffee, this is too much to take in" Jungkook muttered walking towards the kitchen they had found the other day, Jungkook trudged over to the coffee machine grabbing a mug on his way. Jimin contemplated whether he should follow or stay with the others to keep an eyes on this virtual artificial intelligence or Eddy as it has introduced itself from doing anything dangerous, this was Lexi's creation when he heard a loud yelp come from the kitchen, he briefly shared a confused yet concerned look with the others before darting towards the kitchen.

Jungkook had fallen onto the floor his eyes were wide as he stared at the coffee machine.

"Jungkookie, what's wrong?" Jimin asked collapsing beside his boyfriend.

"The machine, it's been Lexied" Jungkook said, Jimin looked at the others even more concerned when sudden the machine started randomly beeping before pouring coffee. A familiar tune started playing.

"This is Ka-ching by Exo-CBX why would a coffee machine be playing that song" Hoseok asked confused.

"Remember when we were fanboying over EXO-CBX's new album, remember what Lexi said, this must have been a joke she left us" Jimin answered, the memory was fresh in his mind.

"Who is Exo-cbx?" Raven questioned looking at Jimin and Hoseok confused.

"You know exo-cbx, the famous band" Jimin answered looking over at Raven, the confused look only deepened.

"What band?" Raven asked looking over at Namjoon and Jungkook for answers. A horrified look appeared on Jimin's and Hoseok's faces when they realised that Raven was not faking it.

"I don't know who this exo-cbx people are either" Lexi piped up which made Raven feel a little better that she was not the only clueless one. Jimin and Hoseok moved their horrified look from Raven to Lexi.

"Wait aren't they the people who did that ka-chinging song?" Lexi questioned.

Jimin was pulled out of the memory when a phone started screeching, Yoongi let out a loud sigh before reluctantly pulling his phone from his pocket, it was face once again.

"Who is it?" Raven questioned.

"face" Yoongi answered.

"Didn't you break up?" Namjoon asked.

"We did but she is obsessed with me and she has been constantly calling me" Yoongi explained.

"Why don't you block her?" Hoseok asked.

"I'm not sure how?" Yoongi confessed.

"The face Number had been permanently blocked" Eddy said, it's face looked 'serious' strangely serious for a computer.

"Huh, who would have thought, Lexi actually created a helpful A.I" Yoongi stated before putting his phone back in his pocket.

"I really doubt that" Raven muttered glancing at the A.I once more.

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