Chapter 26

Moving On

"Hey Hoseok, could you grab a blanket for Raven, she's shivering" Yoongi asked his packmate. Hoseok took one look at Raven before walking off to get the blanket.

"I'm sorry that I am making you all worry about me" Raven said apologetically.

"Don't worry about it, now you need to save all your strength to heal from any injuries, don't worry Raven we will save you" Yoongi promised.

"I'm not scared to die" Raven stated.

"I know but I..." Yoongi started before trailing off.

'I can't lose anyone else' Yoongi thought. Hoseok ran back into the room and handed the blanket to Yoongi who instantly wrapped it around Raven.

"We are really to leave" Hoseok told Yoongi. Yoongi nodded in response before picking Raven up.

"I can walk myself" Raven complained.

"Just let me ing carry you" Yoongi demanded as he carried her to the car and carefully placed on in one of the seats before sitting beside her.

"Don't go to sleep" Yoongi ordered as Jin climbed into the driver's seat and started up the car. Raven nodded weakly, but her eyes felt heavy after sitting there for an hour which was causing Raven to struggle to keep her eyes open, soon they slide closed.

"Welcome back Raven" the rogue alpha said before instantly attacking Raven, Raven held her arms up to protect her face. The alpha clawed at her arms, blood poured out of the wounds.

Yoongi was the first person to smell blood, he looked down to see Raven fast asleep he internally swore. He saw the blood coming out of Raven's arms as he shook her away. Raven groaned from pain as the wounds refused to heal. Hoseok grabbed the first aid kit which was in the back with them and started tending to Raven's wounds.

"Jin how long is it going to take?" Yoongi asked worried.

"We still have about an hour and a half to go" Jin replied before putting his foot down on accelerate. Between Hoseok and Yoongi they kept prodding Raven awake whenever they thought she had drifted off. When they arrived at the man house, Yoongi jumped out of the car and instantly picked Raven up. Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon and Jimin rushed inside the house but Jungkook, Hoseok and Taehyung froze.

They turned around to see a vicious werewolf pack approaching them. 

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