Chapter 23

Moving On

Everyone was sat around the lunch table, conversing about the usual topics like homework and music. It was so close to term ending that they were all that little more excited and exhausted.

Raven rubbed her eyes as she put her finished lunch in the bin next to the table.

"Are you okay?" Jimin asked when she turned back to his direction, "You look like a zombie"

"I didn't get much sleep last night" Raven admitted thinking back to her nightmare. Every since she realised her bracelet was gone she looked everywhere for it. She was so frustrated at herself for losing it because it was from Lexi. She huffed in annoyance wishing she could remember what had happened to it. Did she leave it in her locker? But she checked there. She racked her brain for the places it could be that she hadn't searched and ended up getting lost in thought that the voices around her faded into muffles and she felt her head rest again the table.

It was dark. Raven couldn't remember where she was walking to and the trees that surrounded her looked unfamiliar. She couldn't really remember anything. Was she out with the others..... she couldn't remember where she had come from even. 

She bit her lip and turned round looking at where she had just walked but she could barely make out anything and it made her body tense. She was completely and utterly lost. The darkness surrounding her became even more unsettling that Raven decided to keep walking in her original direction, hoping it would lead to somewhere. Her body tensed in fear when she heard the crunching of leaves, "It might be just me, or birds" she told herself in a whisper and continued.

Raven froze. She stopped dead still when she saw a flash of red eyes on her left. She kept telling herself to be calm but she abandoned that when he heart rate sped up. She kept walking, quicker this time, knowing that she couldn't have stood there forever. She was trying to ignore the red eyes like they had never existed but she froze again when they appeared in front of her, piercing into her skull.

She took a step back but the creature that she knew well charged forwards, it's claws digging into her arms.


She struggled against the creature, trying to stand from where she fell but it came at her ferociously.


"Raven!" Jimin called. She lifted her head and opened her eyes to see him by her side, "Last period starts now" he said getting up from the table with the others.

"Are you bleeding?" Hoseok's voice rang and she looked down to where her hoodie sleeve had fallen off her one shoulder, revealing her arm.

"No" She answered immediately, "I'm fine" her eyes flitted between Jimin and Hobi as they looked at her and she started to panic.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom" she said quickly before disappearing inside the school and not giving them a chance to say another word.

She entered the bathroom and was grateful nobody was in there. Dumping her bag on the floor she removed her hoodie to see cuts scattering her arms. She started at them, confused. They looked exactly the same in her dream. Was that even a dream.... what was it? It seemed so real, like the cuts. She was about to put her hoodie back on when she stopped. A new wave of panic rushed over her. What was wrong with her?

"Why am I not healing".

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