Chapter 29

Moving On

Yoongi watched in horror as he relieved the memories of Raven's when the rogue alpha attacked her own pack.

Raven walked towards the pack house when she heard screaming, she instantly dropped the firewood she had been carrying and darted towards the screams. She slammed the pack house door open and froze, blood covered the walls. Dead bodies of Raven's pack littered the corridor.

"Mum, Dad" Raven shouted running deeper in the house looking for her parents. Raven shoved the door to the lounge open where here parents normally were, she froze once more. Her father was dead. Her mother was being held by her alpha, her alpha's claws were covered in blood.

"Raven run, get out of here" Raven's mother shouted before the alpha tightened her grasp around Raven's mothers neck before it broke. Raven watched as the alpha threw her mother's body to the ground.

Yoongi looked away from the memory, Raven was unconscious on the floor covered in cuts and bruises. The alpha stood beside her, it was staring straight at Yoongi. It was in its human form for once. The alpha has long red hair, a tan complexion and blue eyes. There was a small white glowing line which connected Raven to the alpha. Yoongi guessed that was what was draining Raven from any energy she had and making the alpha stronger.

"Look who has finally arrived, Yoongi I was getting to the point that you would never turn up" the alpha said taking a step towards Yoongi.

"Leave Raven alone, you are dead why can't you stay that way" Yoongi shouted.

"Oh Yoongi, I told you no one can kill me" the alpha said before shifting and attacking Yoongi. Yoongi growled before shifting into his half-form and blocking the alpha's attack. Yoongi was quickly tiring, the alpha was so much stronger than him but her had to protect Raven and his others friends who would be harmed if the alpha was resurrected.

Yoongi saw a large metal pole abandoned on the floor, he dived underneath the alpha's next attack and grabbed the pole. The alpha seemed to see through Yoongi's plan and grabbed Raven from where she laid and pulled her in front of the alpha as a shield.

"Would you do it Yoongi? Would you kill Raven to kill me?" the alpha threatened pulling Raven tighter against its body.

"I'm sorry Raven" Yoongi muttered before running forward taking the alpha off guard before plunging the pole into Raven's chest and through the rogue alpha's soul. Raven collapsed into Yoongi's arms, the alpha started screaming as it soul was being destroyed.

Raven looked up at the man she held feelings for, the man who helped her through the greatest struggles in her life. A small smile was present on her face, she felt weak but that did not stop her from reaching up and Yoongi's cheek before summoning all the strength she had, she pushed herself up from the ground and pressed their lips together in a short but sweet kiss, she could feel her whole body screaming in pain but she did not care.

"Thank you for saving me" Raven whispered after she pulled away from Yoongi, she looked into Yoongi's eyes which slowly filled up with tears. She gave him a gentle smile before everything went black.

Yoongi looked down at the unconscious girl in his arms, his head was swirling with so many emotions that he hardly felt, his heart was hammering against his ribcage as tears ran down his cheeks. Raven was extremely pale, too pale for his like. Her bright brown eyes were now covered by her bruised eyelids, her body was covered in un-healing wounds ranging from severe to harmless. It broke Yoongi's heart watching one of the small number of individuals he held precious within his heart bleeding out like this and there was nothing he could do.

"I will save you Raven, I will not let you die on me now" Yoongi muttered to himself as he pressed a light kiss on Raven's forehead then held the girl closers to his body. He prayed to all the gods that might exists to protect her and look after her until the others could save her.

"Please do not leave me, I do not think I will make it through another death not after Lexi, I cannot let you, I will not let you, please do not die because of me" Yoongi cried as the reality around he fell apart.

Jin sighed, he was bored waiting for Yoongi and Raven to regain consciousness. He trudged over to where Yoongi and Raven were. Even time he checked on them he hoped one would be awake but each time he was disappointed. They were still lay like there were the last time he checked but just as he was about to leave he noticed Raven's shirt was stained red. Jin rushed over to Raven and carefully pealed her top back revealing the large wound in her abdomen.

"Jeremiah, Namjoon somethings wrong with Raven, she's bleeding badly" Jin shouted, panic filled his voice. Both Jeremiah and Namjoon rushed into the room and straight toward Raven.

"Namjoon pick Raven up, we need to get her stablished, but I don't have the equipment here, you need to bring her into my operation room which is next door" Jeremiah said before running out the room. Namjoon carefully picked Raven up and ran to the next room with Jin following. 

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