Chapter 24

Moving On

The pack were all standing outside the university waiting for Raven to turn up, she normally was the first person here as the base was closest to the Uni but according to Yoongi. She hadn't left the base when he did, she ignored him when he knocked on her room door.

"Raven, over here" Hoseok shouted when he saw the wolf in question. She was wearing sunglasses which puzzled the pack as it was not a sunny day.

"You don't need they on, it's not sunny" Hoseok said reaching out to take the sunglasses off Raven when she was close enough to them. Raven suddenly stepped backwards before losing her balance and falling to the floor, her sunglasses fell of revealing a black eye. Raven quickly grabbed the glasses then shoved them back on her face.

"Who did this to you, I'm going to beat them up. No one messes with my pack and gets away with it" Jungkook demanded by Raven shook her head.

"Raven after everything we have been through, you don't need to keep secrets anymore" Jimin said in a calm tone but Raven refused to speak once more.

"I think the real question should be not who or what happened but why is it not healing" Namjoon suddenly said, everyone looked at Namjoon before Jimin gently took the glasses back off. The black eye was still there.

"I have been having dreams where the rogue alpha, my old alpha is attacking me, and I am helpless against her because she has taken control of my body whenever I wake up. I'm covered in the wounds from my dreams but there is no sign of them being self-inflicted" Raven reluctantly explained.

"We need to head to the base, we need to find out why this is happening" Namjoon said before helping Raven stand and walked off in the direction of the base. The others shared a surprised look before running after the druid.

Namjoon threw another book over at Jimin, they had been looking through all the looks there but there was nothing to explain why Raven would be experience dreams which would immaterialise the evidence of these dreams on the actual person or anything which would also explain why Raven wasn't healing, everything about werewolves they had read, it said that werewolves healed fast and they only way to slow down an injury from heal would be wolfbanes.

"Wait I think I know someone..." Jimin started talking before they were interrupted by a scream. 

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