Chapter 7

Moving On

Yoongi froze, Raven ran out the classroom. Tears streaming down her face. She was covered in flour. Yoongi blinked. 

'Why was Raven covered in flour, she wasn't in the catering classroom' Yoongi thought. He looked into the classroom, the whole class was staring at the floor where a bowl of flour had been spilt. 

"Well that didn't work" one of the students stated. 

"Yeah, they have been so upset and our prank for the teacher was meant to cheer them up but we should have set the prank up after the whole class had arrived" another student said. Yoongi sighed, he hadn't expected the other students to notice that they hadn't been themselves for a while. Yoongi looked at the floor once more there were flour covered footprints covering the corridor. Yoongi sighed once more before following the flour footprints.

Raven slide down the wall, her eyes were brimming with tears. She could feel all of her repressed emotions resurfacing. She had tried so hard to keep it together, she had already been through so much heartache that she couldn't allow herself to feel anything else. Not after what happened to her old pack. Regret was the common emotion, if she hadn't come here then Yoongi wouldn't have been attacked. The balance wouldn't have been broken. Everyone who was targeted by the rogue alpha, the supernatural killer or the man-made supernatural army experiments, all of them would still be alive. Lexi would still have been alive.

Raven felt such like a useless member of her new pack, everyone had tried to make her feel so welcomed but in the end. She really didn't belong here. She should be with her family, where she belongs.

Raven heard footsteps, she knew it was Yoongi. He always tried to make her feel better even after everything which has happened. People might have blame Namjoon for breaking the balance but in truth if she had died that night then the balance would have never been broken in the first place because Yoongi wouldn't have been attack and Namjoon wouldn't had to save him.

"Raven" Yoongi said quietly, he didn't want to scare her even though he knew she would have heard him approaching.

"Leave me alone Yoongi, I don't need your sympathy" Raven spoke coldly. Her eyes were transfixed on the floor.

"You say that but we both know you that you need someone" Yoongi answered.

"I doubt that, listen Yoongi, I get you still hurting from the loss of Lexi but I really don't need you babying me. Yes, I have been a lot but I don't need your sympathy. Now do what I say please leave me alone" Raven demanded, glaring at Yoongi to emphasis her point.

"Hey it's alright to feel angry or sad, you have been through a lot lately, no one deserves to go through what you did but that doesn't mean you have to go through it alone. We are always here for you. Everything will be okay in the end, I promise" Yoongi said trying to reassure her.

"Yeah sure whatever you say Yoongi, I'm sure that little speech was meant to be powerful or spirit lifting but it sounded like you were trying to reassure yourself" Raven snapped before she stood up and walked off leaving a shocked Yoongi behind.

Hoseok knew what he was doing creepy but he couldn't stop himself, Taehyung was beautiful. Ever since they first met Hoseok was unable to look away, it was like his eyes were on automatic. He would always look at Taehyung; his eyes would always search for him when they weren't near each other. He always wished he would have the courage to actually tell Taehyung how he felt but he knew that Taehyung would never return his feeling because it was obvious, Taehyung was still in love with a dead girl.

Hoseok had always wondered whether Taehyung was dating Lexi before she died but he never had found the evidence to prove it to the others. Now Lexi was dead and Taehyung had been acting as someone how had lost someone he truly loved. Sometimes he believed he was wrong especially after Lexi finding him not long before they went on that dreaded camping trip.

"You know it's creepy staring at someone who doesn't even know that you are even there" a familiar voice said from behind Hoseok, he was currently hiding behind a bush watching Taehyung. Hoseok jumped instantly standing up and turning to face Lexi.

"Um... I wasn't staring at anyone. I was just stretching" Hoseok lied.

"I'm going to pretend that you didn't say that" Lexi replied before adding "if you are going to spend your life pinning after Taehyung you might as well buy some comfort foods and pretend you broke up because it's painful watching your love sick puppy face and not actually do anything. You are nearly bad as Seokjin and Namjoon" Lexi explained.

"I'm not pinning after Taehyung" Hoseok lied once more, his cheeks were hot from both embarrassments of being caught and being called out on his feelings.

"Again, I'm going to pretend that you did not say that. Hoseok it's painful and I cannot watch another Seokjin and Namjoon so why don't you move that of yours and go ask the hellhound out" Lexi stated looking over at Taehyung then back at Hoseok.

"I can't do that; he is in love with you" Hoseok replied looking at the floor he couldn't see Lexi's reaction.

"I highly doubt that" Lexi murmured, Hoseok could barely hear her, he turned to look at her but the space beside him was empty. Lexi had vanished. Hoseok's heart shattered. He had been the catalyst to start off Lexi and Taehyung's relationship. Tears started falling from Hoseok's eyes as his heart broke even more.

Everyone started to slowly trickle into the base. After a long day of university, they were all mentally and physically exhausted. Raven stared at the camera in the corner which was recording everything happening, it sprung a thought in her head. Had it recorded when Lexi had been slowly building the base.

Raven pushed herself from the couch she had originally collapsed on before trudging over to the computer. She logged into her account and pulled up the CCTV footage. Jimin and Jin looked over at each other before following the young orphan.

"What are you doing Raven?" Jimin asked talking a seat beside her.

"Lexi knew she was going to die, thinking about it she had made several references to it in the past when we were informed that Namjoon had been taken and when we were camping she was so withdrawn she hardly spoke she would have known by then that this was it so I was kind of wondering whether the CCTV cameras were on when she was creating this place" Raven explained before scrolling back to the latest clip.

"It looks like there are but there are also videos which are password protected, I wonder what Lexi was trying to hide" Jimin stated whilst pointing at one of the locked videos.

"Maybe it's something about the base we have yet to discover so when we do all the videos will unlock?" Jin suggested his eyes were trained on the first video.

"Should we watch these I mean Lexi was expecting us to find this base after we recovered but we all know we haven't. Maybe this will make us worse" Raven said.

"There is only one way to find out" Jimin replied before taking the mouse from Raven and clicking on the first video.

Lexi's eyes looked around her surroundings the building was in ruins, having been abandoned for nearly three years. It was covered in dust and cobwebs, she had just under four years to turn this into a base which was meant to support her future pack, if anything from him was to go from. Lexi sighed, she knew what he had said was correct but she couldn't just yet believe those words that...

Lexi shook her head; she couldn't let it get to her. She had work to do. Lexi grabbed the broom she had brought with her and started sweeping all the mess and dust up before she started work on ridding all those cobwebs.

"This must have been when she started, she looks so young. How long do you thing she has been working on this? How long has she known that she was going to die?" Jimin muttered his eyes trained on another video.

"I not sure that I'm prepared to watch something else, Raven was right this is to soon" Jin said, his heart felt heavy watching his friend move around full of life.

"I think this one is the last one" Jimin murmured before accidently clicking on it.

Lexi typed her last command into the computer, beside her was a bag full of clothes for the camping trip. Everything was up and running, she couldn't believe that she had actually finished all of this after these last four years. She sighed as she closed the systems off. Everything was prepared for when the others would finally see what she had been working on.

Lexi threw the bag over her bag onto her back before pulling seven keys out of her back jeans pocket. She then placed them on the desk next to the main computer, her eyes closed. This was it, her destiny was nearly complete all she had left was... to die. Lexi wiped the stray tears from her eyes. She couldn't let this get to her, she need to be strong for the others.

"Goodbye" Lexi whispered before she exited the base for the last time.

"You were right this is too much" Jimin said tears streaming down his face as he ran out the base. 

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