Chapter 6

Moving On

Yoongi sighed, he expected it to continue happening even though he tried to get rid of her. Clara stood in front of him, her friends were blocking the exits trapping him inside with her. Anger was present of her face, he had rejected her again and she was slowly losing it. Yoongi was tired of her constantly chasing him, it reminded him of when she tried to get him to go at with in the beginning before he truly knew what type of person she was. He believed she was the perfect girl but she is a manipulative .

"Yoongi" the spoke, her outfit hardly covering any of her cleavage or . Yoongi watched in horror as she slowly approached, her hips swaying to the side as she grabbed his arm and forcefully pulled him close. Yoongi felt himself internally cringe as he attempted to step away from the threating girl.

"Leave me the hell alone, I want nothing to do with you, why the hell can you not get that message" Yoongi spoke whilst glaring at the girl in front of him.

"I have told you this many times Yoongi, we are meant to be together. Why are you letting those freaks keep us apart?" Clara stated. Yoongi sighed. This was getting ridiculous now.

"I'm seeing someone else I have already told you this, leave me the hell alone" Yoongi shouted talking another step back.

"We made inquiries into that and no one has seen you with another girl so you were obviously lying" Sophia said walking over to Clara followed by Eunjin. Yoongi smirked, they never learned.

Clara smirked believing she had won when Yoongi started running, he heard Clara let out a frustrated cry when she realised that her friends had ruined her 'fool proof' plan. Yoongi quickly risked a look over his shoulder to see Clara, Sophia and Eunjin trying to run after him, their 12 inch heels were making them struggle to catch up.

'The base' Yoongi thought, neither Clara, Sophia or Eunjin would be able to get in or really know where he went. He was sure Lexi would have designed the base to prevent anyone breaking in and stealing any of the important artefacts which were currently held in the base.

"This song is driving me insane, I know Lexi created this base to help us with dealing with supernatural creatures but are you sure that she didn't have another intention" Jungkook whined when he tried to make some coffee.

"What would that be?" Jimin asked his boyfriend.

"To annoy us to death" Jungkook answered.

"I doubt that, I'm sure Lexi created this as a joke and we can either turn the song off or at least change it" Jimin explained, ka-ching suddenly stopped playing. Jimin and Jungkook shared a confused look with each other before another Exo-CBX song started playing. It was Hey Mama. Jungkook let out another sigh.

"I should have seen that coming" Jungkook murmured before grabbing his coffee and storming off, Jimin giggled at his boyfriend then followed. They watched as Yoongi ran in, panting heavily.

"You look like you have just ran a marathon" Jungkook said looking over at the young beta concerned.

"Feel it too" Yoongi murmured before flopping onto the couch. Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other then sat beside the beta.

"What's happened now, you never run unless... she came after you again" Jimin said.

"Yep, I have tried everything to get rid of her but she keeps coming back and even my heightened senses aren't telling me when she is near so I can make a quick exit. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want this to end and for her to leave me alone. It's like I'm living in an extended nightmare.

"We could make a plan to get rid of her, she is obviously obsessed with you and if we want to keep our supernatural secret still that a secret then we seriously need to either stop her somehow or get rid of her quickly" Jimin suggested.

"And how are we meant to do that?" Yoongi asked looking over at the Omega.

"I'm not completely sure, you dated her. You should know what she doesn't like and we then could use that. If she constantly sees that you are everything she hates, then she won't be attracted to you anymore. So, what doesn't she like?" Jimin explained.

"I'm not sure really, she hated you guys but I doubt I can start acting like you. Clara might be stupid but I know for sure, she will see through that plan. Like you said she is completely obsessed with me, she is not going to stop just because I start acting like you" Yoongi answered.

"Well you are a load of help aren't you" Jungkook muttered which received a glare from Yoongi and a light slap from Jimin.

"Please, you saw her horrid side way before I did you must have picked something up which could help us" Yoongi begged, Jungkook could see that he was becoming desperate.

"Raven was on the main end of Clara's bulling and Lexi was able to read people easily, I mean she was the first person to call out that Clara wasn't what you thought she was. If anyone knew how to bring Clara down it would be either of them" Jungkook stated.

"So basically we are screwed, Lexi's dead and Raven hates talking about her bullying. I will never be free of her" Yoongi whined.

"That's not true, we will come up with something. We defeated a rogue alpha and a supernatural army, stopping an obsessed teenage girl should be easy" Jimin tried to reassure Yoongi.

"So tell me Jimin how on earth are we meant to stop her, huh" Yoongi said.

"Kill her" A dark animated voice said, Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook turned around to see an evil version of Eddy who appeared on the computer screen before its eyes started glowing and the normal Eddy re-appeared. "Or at least hit her with a car".

"No, we are not killing her, I am not going to prison because of that face" Yoongi stated slightly glaring at Eddy who animatedly pouted. 

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