Chapter 18

Moving On

Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook trailed behind the others who were looking from room to room trying to find Lexi.

"Hey Jimin, Hobi and I were thinking. What if we warn Lexi about the future so she could save herself" Taehyung suggested.

"I mean I guess it would be possible however, Lexi somehow knew she was going to die in the past before which resulted in her setting everything up for us. She didn't save herself then what makes you think that telling her now will change anything" Jimin answered.

"No, you will not tell her about anything in the future, we cannot change the future" Jungkook stated firmly which instantly ended the conversation.

"Right Lexi is in the library like Yoongi suggested earlier, I will talk to her, she might be suspicious if someone she doesn't know suddenly talks to her" Namjoon said before pushing the door to the library open and wandered over to Lexi who was reading a book in the corner of the library.

"Hey Lexi, it's Namjoon, we are in the some of the same classes, would I be able to talk with you for a moment, it's important" Namjoon said drawing Lexi's attention to him.

"Sure, I have something I need to do so can you walk and talk?" Lexi asked as she put her books into her bag.

"Sure" Namjoon answered before following Lexi out of the library, they walked in silence. Lexi kept giving Namjoon a glance but never said anything. Namjoon could tell the others were following him but were keeping back to make sure Lexi didn't spot them and disappear before they could ask her for help.

Namjoon followed Lexi to a secluded area which made Namjoon instantly suspicious but before he was able to confront Lexi she turned around and punched him in the face. Namjoon collapsed to the floor hold his cheek.

"Who are you?" Lexi said pulling a sword from her bag, Namjoon instantly recognised it to the same one Lexi gave Hoseok after she died.

"Joonie" Jin shouted running over to his boyfriend, Jungkook quickly jumped into action and tried to restrain Lexi from attack any of the pack but she quickly broke free from his grasp and prepared herself ready to fight.

Hoseok pulled his own sword from the bag he brought it in, he was the only one who could go against Lexi with a sword. Lexi quickly looked over Hoseok before initiating the fight, Hoseok fought back with equal strength but was not expecting Lexi to duck underneath his sword which instantly took Hoseok off guard. Using this opportunity, Lexi elbowed Hoseok in the nose, distracting him before she quickly pulled the sword from Hoseok's hand then kicked his feet out from underneath in.

"Hoseok" Taehyung screamed when he watched his boyfriend fall to the ground, his sword currently in Lexi's hand. She went to attack one more when she suddenly froze staring at the sword in her hand. Lexi looked down at Hoseok before backing away, Hoseok's sword still in her hand. Taehyung took the opportunity to run over to Hoseok to check over any wounds he might have received, luckily, he was fine.

"You are from the future" Lexi said when she examined the sword but before anyone could explain the situation, Jin spoke up.

"Joonie" Jin whimpered out before adding "it's happening again". The voices were getting louder until Jin screamed, the pack quickly covered their ears. When the screaming stopped they heard a thump.

Jin had fallen to the floor unconscious. 

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