Chapter 15

Moving On

Everyone sat down in Namjoon's lounge each and every one of them were extremely worried. They had no idea why Namjoon had suddenly called everyone here, but they knew it wouldn't be for a good reason, if going by how Namjoon sounded on the phone was anything to go by. The pack also noticed how Jin wasn't present.

"I know you are all wondering why I suddenly called you here but today I discovered that Jin has been losing control of his powers, he had tried to use his old control technique, but it isn't working. I looked through every single book about control techniques but none of them are working for Jin and before you ask we tried the bases extensive library but there is nothing. I looked in every single goddamn book on banshees or male banshees but there is nothing. I can't find anything" Namjoon explained it was obvious that the stress was getting to Namjoon, everyone knew how much he loved Jin and that he would do anything to help and protect him.

"If you can't find anything on it, do you think Lexi purposely kept the way a banshee could keep control a secret?" Taehyung asked.

"It's a possibility but I don't know what to do. Lexi is dead, and I am no medium. We can't ask her" Namjoon answered before putting his head in his hands.

"We can, I mean does not one else remember the time machine which Taehyung found" Hoseok spoke up.

"No! There must be another way, we will look through the books again. You must have missed something Namjoon. We are not going back in time" Raven shouted, she refused to go through losing Lexi again.

"You don't think I have. This is my boyfriend who is losing control Raven. I have looked through these books multiple times and I have found nothing. Lexi made the books, she must have keep something back for a particularly reason. There is nothing in the books so, if we have to go back in time to ask Lexi herself then we are going to have to. Lexi is from a long line of Banshee's, Jin is not. She is the only person we could ask" Namjoon snapped, anger was present in his voice which made Raven flinch. She hated that Namjoon was angry at her, but she had to stand her ground, she couldn't let them get the device. There must been something in the books which Lexi had hidden, maybe there was something at her house which hadn't been given to them. But Raven remembered Lexi's parents tell some of their friends that they had gotten rid of everything in Lexi's room as it was too painful.

"No! I will not allow you to use that device, it was buried for a reason maybe by Lexi herself. She wouldn't want us to do that. She wouldn't. So, I refuse to allow you" Raven said equally as mad as Namjoon. Raven stood up quickly glaring at Namjoon who had open his mouth to say something else before Raven walked out the lounge and out of Namjoon's house.

'I cannot let them get hold of that device' Raven thought to herself.

The lounge was quiet. Everyone looked at front door, no one had seen Raven so angry about something like this.

"I will try and convince her" Jimin said breaking the silence.

"Thank you Jimin" Namjoon murmured weakly before standing up and heading towards the stairs. Presumably to see Jin. 

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