Chapter 27

Moving On

"Jeremiah, we don't have much time whatever is happening to Raven it is making her weaker by the second we need your help" Jimin said running into Jeremiah's office. Jeremiah is a tall man with long limbs, a tanned complexion with brown hair and brown eyes. Jeremiah's eyes trained over to the pale girl which was clinging onto Yoongi and Namjoon to stop herself from collapsing to the floor.

"Tell me everything" Jeremiah said looking back at Jimin.

"Raven's been having nightmares about her old alpha attacking her, her old alpha killed everyone in her pack before chasing after Raven to finish her off. This alpha ended up turning Yoongi and with the help of Jungkook, myself, Yoongi's best friend Namjoon and our deceased friend Lexi we were able to stop the alpha and kill her however, like I mentioned before Raven has been dreaming of the alpha attacking her but all the injuries she sustained in the dream are present on her physical form. She's not healing as expected. We are worried. We have already lost one member of our pack we can't lose another" Jimin explained. Jeremiah nodded, what Jimin had been explained to him were familiar.

"I believe that the consciousness of this alpha had latched itself onto Raven's consciousness and has been growing stronger which is why she is not healing. If we do not sort this out then Raven will die either from lack of sleep, bleeding out too much in reality or dying from the attacks" Jeremiah answered before he started examining Raven.

Jimin looked over to where he expected to see his boyfriend, when he saw that Jungkook wasn't there. He quickly looked around the room and realised that neither Hoseok or Taehyung were with them either.

"Jungkookie? Where are you?" Jimin asked through his telepathic bracelet but he received nothing.

Worried Jimin walked down back down the corridor they had entered through to find Jungkook, Taehyung and Hoseok fighting another werewolf pack, just by looking at them Jimin could tell they had no humanity, the werewolves had given completely into their animalist instincts. Jimin shuddered as it remained him of his old pack. Jimin grabbed his phone and quickly sent a message to Namjoon telling him that they had a situation out front before Jimin joined in the fighting.

"How are we going to save her?" Jin asked Jeremiah.

"We need to send someone into Raven's subconsciousness to fight the alpha when their soul which is attached to Raven has been destroyed Raven will start to recover but it will be slow as you will need to regain all the energy you have lost before you can even start healing any of the wounds" Jeremiah explained, Raven nodded as Jeremiah walked over to a cabinet and pulled out some strange liquids.

"I'll do it, I mean I'm the only one in this room who has an even fighting chance to defeat an alpha" Yoongi said.

"It will be dangerous, the alpha created you meaning if she is growing stronger then she could take control of you again like she did before" Namjoon argued.

"I know but it's worth the risk" Yoongi replied.

"I can give you a nuroblocker, it will stop or reduce the chance of this alpha taking control" Jeremiah pipped up before returning to creating the potion, he then said. "I'm going to need some of your DNA Raven".

Raven nodded as Jeremiah walked over to Raven and pulled some hair from her head. Raven yelped from the pain which resulted in Raven glaring at the man. Namjoon laughed before heading over to Yoongi and placed and hand on Yoongi's arm.

"You better live, I'm not letting anything happen to either of you" Namjoon said.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine" Yoongi said trying to reassure himself and his best friend.

"I know, the alpha will fight dirty. There only goal is to win and she won't care on who she hurts hopefully the nuroblocker will prevent any signals coming from the alpha to your brain and she won't take control of you but Yoongi remember don't listen to anything she says who know what a desperate yet dangerous subconsciousness will want or say to persuade you to help her and don't get distracted, your entering Raven's subconsciousness. You are probably going to see at least one memory, you cannot let whatever you see stop you from fighting" Namjoon explained all the issues which might happen when Yoongi was in Raven's subconsciousness.

"Okay, I'll be fine" Yoongi said as Jeremiah passed Yoongi the nuroblocker and gave Raven the potion. Namjoon took the nuroblocker and placed it on Yoongi's temple whilst Raven was placed onto a bed and started to drift off to sleep. Yoongi took his place in the chair beside Raven before being wired up to a heart monitor.

"Good luck" Namjoon said as Yoongi drank the potion and instantly drifted off to sleep. 

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