Chapter 19

Moving On

Jin groaned as he opened his eyes, Namjoon was instantly at his side helping his boyfriend to sit up.

"What happened?" Jin asked.

"You passed out, you lost control again" Lexi said looking over at Jin before adding "your pack and boyfriend have been filling me in on what has happening, you have recently been losing control but everything you have been trying hasn't been working. What techniques have you been using".

"How am I meant to gain control, I have tried the old way which was breathing and everything in books that Namjoon had found, but nothing has worked and I'm constantly scared that I am going to lose control again and hurt someone I love" Jin explained.

"Okay then it's simple" Lexi cryptically replied before handing a necklace to Jin.

"What's this and what's simple?" Jin asked confused.

"That necklace, Lexi gave me the same thing to help me with controlling my abilities" Taehyung pipped up.

"It will block your powers for now, so I can help you learn control. Your own control, I need everyone but Namjoon to leave" Lexi said, the other members of the pack grumbled before leaving the room they were in. Jin took the necklace and put it around his neck, he could instantly feel the pressure of all those voices suddenly subside.

"You know what Jin needs to learn?" Namjoon asked confused.

"Yep, it's simple. From what I could make out your life has changed dramatically recently, and you were alone whenever you lost control or panicking, am I correct?" Lexi started explaining.

"Yeah you are but what had that got to do with anything" Jin answered.

"Control changes, it always has. What I am trying to say is that your control is through having an anchor a person how can calm you down. That person is your boyfriend Namjoon" Lexi explained, Jin and Namjoon looked at each other before facing Lexi once more.

"What so you are telling me I only lost control because I didn't have Namjoon there to anchor me to reality" Jin asked.

"Pretty much" Lexi replied. Namjoon smiled before wrapping his arms around Jin's waist and pulled his boyfriend close and pressed a kiss to every available piece of skin he could. Lexi rolled her eyes at the couple then she opened the door allowing the others back in.

"That was quick" Jungkook commented.

"Yep just had to explain why Jin was losing control nothing to complex" Lexi answered.

"Thank you Lexi, we better get back to our own time" Jungkook said, Yoongi took the time machine from his bag whilst everyone grabbed a hold of each other or the machine. Yoongi pressed the button to take them back but nothing happened. 

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