Chapter 20

Moving On

Lexi took the time machine from Yoongi's hand and carefully had a look over all the now ruined parts.

"We need to replace most of these parts, it looks like this machine was created to be destroyed after it was used once apparently whoever created it did not want anyone to use it" Lexi said before adding "We will need to split into two groups to locate these parts some can be taken from college however some of these you will have to get from places outside of college, Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and I will get the parts from College whilst the rest of you, I will draw you up the list of what parts you will need to collect and where you will find them".

Lexi quickly jotted down the information the others needed before leaving with Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon.

"So, what will we need to get first?" Jin asked.

"Mrs Finnigan has a collection of old machine parts, most of the parts we will need will be there... I only know that because I was bored during one of her lessons and I started to identify what they were" Lexi defended herself when she received some weird looks from the others.

"Okay let's go to evil Mrs Finnigan room" Namjoon said before strolling ahead. Lexi shook her head at Namjoon before jogging after him, Yoongi grumbled about the exercising but reluctantly ran after the others. Lexi and Namjoon were going through the box of machine parts whilst Jin leant against the table.

"Now long is that going to take?" Yoongi complained, he was feeling a little uncomfortable being in the past, it was making him internally struggle with the emotions he had locked away when he was trying to cope with Lexi's death but here she was, full of life.

"Mrs Finnigan are you in there?" a familiar voice said from outside the classroom.

" that's past Namjoon" Yoongi swore as Lexi quickly kicked Namjoon's feet from underneath him to prevent past Namjoon from seeing his future self.

"I'll distract him" Jin said but Namjoon quickly grabbed his arm.

"What No, Lexi should, so past me doesn't get suspicious" Namjoon said.

"Joonie, I know how to distract you plus if I remember correctly neither Lexi nor you spoke with each other around this time so past you might be suspicious if suddenly Lexi spoke with you" Jin replied before pulling his arm from Namjoon's grasp and headed towards the classroom door.

"Stop being jealous of yourself" Yoongi snapped getting irritated at Namjoon's whining.

"I had to wait for my Jin, so he should wait for his Jin because this Jin is mine" Namjoon said possessive whilst glaring at his past self.

Jin pushed opened the door and walked instantly into past Namjoon, Jin felt past Namjoon's arms wrap around his waist and he fell.

"I'm so sorry" Jin said once he steadied himself, he could feel his heart beat pick up when he looked at his boyfriend younger self, Namjoon hadn't altered that much in the years which lead up to Jin officially meeting Namjoon.

Namjoon's voice echoed in his mind "When I met you, I tried to push it to the back of my mind to not ruin our friendship but, have I met you before because I have this nagging feeling that I have but I can't place where I would have met you".

"No, it's alright, I wasn't looking where I was going" Past Namjoon said.

Lexi gently hit Yoongi's arm to draw his attention before quietly sneaking out the room. Yoongi took one look at Namjoon who was still watching Jin and his past self talking with each other with a jealous look on his face.

"Shouldn't we wait for Namjoon and Jin?" Yoongi asked when he caught up with Lexi.

"No, I have a feeling that Namjoon will have to reassert himself as the most important person in Seokjin's life" Levi stated as she opened the door to the chemistry classroom.

"What do you... oh yeah we probably should stay clear" Yoongi said his eyes wide when he realised what Lexi was implying. Yoongi and Lexi searched for the second part which they would need to get the time machine working again.

"I'm dead aren't I, in the future I die" Lexi suddenly stated as she turned to face Yoongi who had instantly paled.

"N-no, you were on h-holiday and we were unable to reach you" Yoongi lied.

"You're lying, if I was on holiday you would have waited for me to return, the only way which would explain why you came back would be that I died" Lexi stated before adding "Am I correct".

"Yes, you died" Yoongi said his hands were shaking as her death flashed through his mind once more.

"Hey you can talk to me about it" Lexi said Yoongi's face.

"I was meant to die, originally. I was bit by a Rogue Alpha from Raven's old pack, I was meant to die that night however Namjoon saved me. The balance was distorted because of it so we went around trying to fix it, first we had the Rogue Alpha, then this killer, he tried to kill Namjoon as he was the reason for the balance being distorted in the first place but we were able to save him after that we had a man creating a supernatural army from humans through chemicals, the creator tried to kill me but you jumped in front of the bullet and died in my arms after that we discovered that you had left us stuff and this base which Raven currently lives in" Yoongi confessed tears streaming down his cheeks. Lexi wrapped her arms around Yoongi's neck and pulled him close.

"I can't say that I'm not terrified knowing that everything I have worked towards would have been for nothing but..." Lexi started as she rested her head on Yoongi's shoulder. "Maybe everything will be alright... if I die for a worthy cause then that has to make my death worth something".

Yoongi wrapped his arms around Lexi's waist and pulled her as close as he could, every atom in his body was screaming about keeping the girl in his arms safe.

Jin and Namjoon reunited with Lexi and Yoongi about an hour later, the limp which Jin was sporting was very obvious to the activities the couple got up to along with the proud smirk on Namjoon's face. Raven, Taehyung, Jungkook, Hoseok and Jimin were already waiting for them to return.

Lexi took all the piece with the other group had collected and started working on fixing the machine. Everyone was lounging around waiting for the machine which would take them home to be completed.

"You're having nightmares?" Lexi suddenly said when she walked over with the fixed machine in hand, her eyes were staring at the bracelet which was on Raven's wrist.

"It's nothing" Raven muttered before quickly hiding the bracelet behind her back.

"Right the machine is fixed" Lexi said handing the machine over to Yoongi. Everyone thanked Lexi before they said there finally goodbyes.

"Jin look after Namjoon especially with the terror twins coming your way" Lexi said which made Jin and Namjoon to look over confused. Lexi refuse to explain what she meant. Everyone took hold of either the machine or each other, Yoongi gave Lexi one last look before activating the machine, everyone closed their eyes, all scared to discover that the machine had failed them once more. No one noticed as the bracelet slid of Raven's wrist and fell to the ground.

"So, you have returned" Eddy said which informed everyone they had successfully returned home. Yoongi opened his eyes before he dropped the machine when they returned to their time, sparks were shooting out of it. The device shattered into pieces the second it hit the floor.

Lexi had designed it to break when they returned to prevent them from changing the time line and saving her from her ultimate death.

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