In flagrante delicto.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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  Two months later.


Something has been bothering Sehun for quite a while now, Kai is being distant for the past 7 weeks and whenever Sehun asked to hang out during the weekend like they usually do, Kai will bring up an excuse, and it's like his excuses never seemed to end. Sehun's been trying to understand why is this happening and what is going on but whenever he asked Kai if everything is okay with him? The latter will dismissed it with a ' it's fine, just family stuff'. It should convince Sehun but it didn't, instead it's only makes him more suspicious of what Is actually going on with his best friend. And sometimes Kai will do things as if he wants to tell Sehun something but he'll dismiss the idea in the end, Sehun wants to know but he doesn't want to push his limits, he knows Kai will tell him whatever it is that is going on when he's ready to say it– that is if there is anything wrong at all. He sighed and rubbed his temple, turning his head sideway when his phone went off, it's Jungkook, Sehun smiled as he pick the call up. "Hey kook what's up?" "Hey hunnie! Are you still in bed?" "Yup why?" Jungkook gasped dramatically from the other side. "Did you finally get laid last night? How was it, is his big or did you top?–" "Oh my God jeon jungkook shut the up, I didn't" Jungkook chuckled.
"I know I am just kidding, I know you wouldn't do that– besides you don't have a boyfriend" "What makes you so sure? And who even told you that I am gay?" "Oh please, who are you kidding?  my gay radar is not a joke. you know," Sehun let out a throaty chuckle.
"Okay you win, I am gay with no boyfriend and still a – so is that what you call to remind me of?"  "Oh not at all,.. I call to ask if you'll be free later tonight or tomorrow I want talk to you about something, it's been on my mind for a long time, and I've been pondering over it for two ing months now." Sehun hums. "Well I have a family outing today, but you can come later in the evening, I am sure I'll  be home by then" "Okay then, see you soon hun" "Bye kook" And with that the call ends. Sehun stood from his bed and wandered around his room before stopping in front of his closet, he smiled for solely one reason .Kai, he's been counting down the days until their graduation. One more month and he'll tell Kai how he feels about him, Even though Kai is being distant now, he's sure he'll come around and he dismissed that thought just as it came, he has thought about it enough for the day, he won't let it bother him for now , he wants to focus on the thought of confessing to Kai in a month to come and he have a good feeling that Kai will reciprocate his feelings, it's hope, and he remembered his papa saying 'good thing always come to those who wait', Sehun has waited enough, one more month and he'll call Kai his own.  Hopefully. The thought of having Kai as his man, and doing naughty things make him giggled and blushed, he wondered how Kai's lips will feel against his, how Kai's toned and muscular body will feel under his touch, he covered his face with his palm before proceeding to pick a pair of Gucci black shirt and a blue jeans and wend his way into the bathroom. After the refreshing shower his body deserves and changing into his clothes he walks to his brother's room that is situated beside his, he made a few knocks before pushing himself into the room, he glanced at the room, it's neat in all aspects save for the slightly messed bed, that indicates his brother just woke up and he's probably in the bathroom. He took a few steps towards the bed and he saw his brother's phone vibrates as a new text notification showed up, he picked it up without a any thoughts, it's a text from a person named. 'K. My boo'. *Hey babe are you still in for today's outing? Sehun chuckled, "Jesus Shixun is seeing someone!" He concluded with a smile. He's happy for his brother for having someone he likes. He placed the phone back on the bedside then his eyes catches something else, it's a drug inside a container, his hand automatically went to it and picked it up, it's saying some about fertility, Sehun scrunched up his nose, he wondered why his brother have a fertility medication in his room. Before he can process further Shixun is snatching the container from his hand, he jolted as he's startled from the sudden action, he don't even realize when his brother walked into the room. "S-sorry I was just here to ask you if you have time today we're going out with pa and Dad– but I guess not?" Sehun is not sure "I saw a message from your boo asking something about outing–" "Get out!" Shixun yelled at him. "What?" "I said out, how dare you came into my room and search through my thing?" "I didn't search through your things I swear" Sehun said in a frantic manner. "The message just popped up and I saw it–" "It's okay!" Shixun quickly said with a sigh as his features soften a little. "I am sorry I was just on the edge lately" . Sehun nods even though he doesn't understand his brother's sudden and rapid changes in mood. "It's fine I get it– so uhm do you want to go or?" "Nah, I am going out with boyfriend" "Ah okay, that's good" he said with a genuine smile. "So what's his name? Do I know him?" He asked. "I will tell you his name soon, and yeah you do know him"  Sehun's smile grew wider. "Oh really? Is he from our school? Our class?" "Oh God Sehun you ask a lot of questions like a detective"  "What to do, it runs in the family "
That's right their papa (Eunhyuk) is a prosecutor.  "Yeah whatever, would you mind stepping out I want to change my clothes." Shixun dismissed the conversation. Sehun took that as his cue to walk out, he nods before turning on his heels. His Dad was sitting on the couch with his papa on his dad's lap as the two engaged into a passionate kiss ."Oh my God!" Sehun practically screamed.
"You two should get a room" he added and his parents pulled away as his papa gentle slide off his dad's lap. His fathers looked at him with a slight embarrassment, probably from getting caught by their son."We didn't Know you'll be coming down this early" His dad defended with a sheepish grin. Sehun nods and smiles.
"I was so excited for today's outing, should I call Kai?" He says but didn't wait for his parents to respond before he continues "Yeah I should probably call him and ask him to join us"
Again He didn't wait for his fathers approval as he brought out his phone and dial Kai's number. The latter picked up on the first ring.
"Hey!" "Hey Kai! are you free today, my fathers and I are going for a family outing so I was wondering if you can join us?" There was a long pause before Kai responded. 
"I would love to. but I have some place I need to be. I am sorry" Sehun felt disappointed but he didn't allow it to show. He forced a smile even though Kai could not see him ."It's okay. I wiil see you tomorrow. Then ?" "Yeah, tomorrow. I will make it up to you. I promise" "Alright, see you tomorrow ."  "Yeah bye"  and the call ends. Sehun held his phone, staring at the item absentmindedly for a long moment, he can't help the feeling in his gut, he can't help but wonder what was so important to Kai that he can't make time to meet him today, but he wasn't allowed to dwell in it for long when he felt a presence behind him as his Papa placed a hand on his shoulder. "You're okay son?"  Sehun turned slightly to face him "Yeah why?"  "You've been staring at your phone for almost 4 minutes" the older tells him. "Oh, I was uhm– it's nothing" he decided. "No something is wrong, tell me what is it?" His papa pushed. Sehun sighed before he says.
"It's Kai" "Yeah I heard you talking to him"   "I asked him if he could join us but he said he had something else to do, I am just being stupid to think I am important to him" he said throwing his hands in the air uselessly. "No you're not stupid and you're important to Kai, may be what he had to do is very, very important for him." Eunhyuk rubbed his son's back in a soothing way. "Yeah. your papa is right" his Dad says,  taking closer steps towards them. Sehun is grateful for his fathers support.
"Okay" he decided to agree with them. His parents smiled at him.
"Now come let's eat breakfast, we're going to have a long day"  He nods and smiles before walking with his fathers to the dinning room. A few minutes later Shixun joined them, all dressed in his usual elegant outfit. A black jeans paired with a white button up shirt and a black Armani jacket, he's really the definition of a prince. All beautiful, and classy. He took his seat beside Sehun and greeted their parents before he begins to
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