Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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  Kai's quote: The loneliest moment in someone's life, is when they're watching their whole world fall apart and all they can do is stare blankly.– I am hiding what I'm feeling and I'm tired of holding it inside my head, but all I can is let it be the way it is. Helplessness is such a rotten feeling. There's nothing you can do about it.   Kai vaguely taste so sweet and Sehun chases after it with his tongue. A soft noise of surprise leaves Kai's mouth at that, and it seems to spur him into more action. He reaches for Sehun, and the younger slips onto his lap properly, thighs on either side of Kai hips so that they’re closer. Kai pushes himself up a little before settling his hands on Sehun's hips,  Kai's kisses makes Sehun breathless. Every touch of his mouth sends Sehun thoughts spinning, until there’s nothing left but the aching need for more and closer. His hands find their way on either side of Kai's neck, lips parting in a pleased sigh when Kai squeezes his hips. He shudders when Kai hands sneak beneath his shirt, tracing patterns over the small of his back and sending sparks of electric shooting up his spine. It feels like his senses are in overdrive, making him feel absolutely everything all at once—the pleasant sting of Kai's teeth digging into his lower lip, the feather-light touch of Kai's fingertips against his sensitive skin, the slightly rough drag of Kai's palm down his back, the solid press of Kai's body against his and between his thighs, the warmth of every breath, every stutter, every single kiss pressed against his mouth. Sehun feels dizzy with all of it, completely drunk on Kai. He is losing his sanity the love of his life is kissing him. He could feel their hardening as they continue to subtly rub against each other.  They parted to catch their breaths for a few seconds as Kai rested his forehead against Sehun's, he leans down a little, their noses brushing together, their bangs mixing and he breathes gently against Sehun's lips. “Kai…”Sehun breathes out, bringing his hands and wrapped them around Kai's neck as he Stokes the hair at the back of Kai's head. He feels a kiss being pressed against the corner of his mouth. “Yeah?” Instead of answering, Sehun just takes a deep breath and lifts his head back up. They stare at each other for a long moment before Sehun actually leans down and presses their lips together firmly without further delay because he has wanted to do that for so damn long. He can feel its affect on Kai whose breath hitches as he tightened his hold on Sehun's waist. The surprised little moan Kai lets out sends a tingle of pleasure rushing down Sehun's spine, and—there it is. The heat slowly swimming in his veins, as though Kai's hands are made of embers, leaving the best kind of burn on Sehun's skin that seeps right into his very core, he’s more aware of it now, of how his body is reacting to having Kai this close. Kai on his tongue again and Sehun moaned shifting to sit properly but instead he ended up grind his crotch against Kai's. Kai let out a groan at the back of his throat and he dig his blunt nails in to Sehun's waist, as he begins to grind upwards. It felt so good to be with Kai like this, Sehun don't want to stop, and it seems Kai doesn't have the intention to stop as either. Kai kisses back with apparent desire. It was addicting and so good it makes Sehun never want to stop, not even when his lungs start to burn for the second time. This time Sehun took the lead as he brushes his thumb over their bottom lips as they kiss, immediately after which Kai parts his lips invitingly, and he pushes his tongue into Kai's mouth, slotting it against the other boy’s eagerly. Sehun's mind is blank it is only filled with Kai, Kai and Kai alone. He shivers and swallows thickly, his head clouded and his throbbing because … kai was too much for him to handle at the moment. Unable to restrain himself he pulled Kai even closer flush against his chest and Sehun tangled his fingers into Kai's hair. They didn't hear the knock nor the time the person entered."Oh my God!" Jennie said with an amused giggle." ! sorry. I didn't know you're busy" she added. That seemed to bring Sehun back to his senses as he quickly pulled back, pushing Kai away and lifted his body off the other's lap opted to settle down on the bedside instead. He glanced frantically at Jennie and the girl is having a stupid smile on her face and it seems she can't seem to close her teeth. Kai cleared his throat and adjusted his position, he pulled a pillow on to his thighs, obviously to cover his hard on. Kai is hard because of him? Kai is hard for him, and Sehun looked down at his crotch he noticed he's embarrassedly hard as well. He tried to cover it, but Jennie's eyes travels down along with his eyes. She doesn't look disgusted, instead her smile grew wider, turning into a grin and Sehun don't understand why she's so happy about walking up on them practically making out, Holy , he just made out with Kai – but wait. Kai kissed him first, he intiated it, all Sehun did was kissed back, and he don't understand or know what to make out of it. It is now that the whole thing is dawning at him. What they just did. He made out with Kai, he's brother's boyfriend, his best friend that he's been trying to get over. He attempt to stand and make his escape even though he have questions on what just happened and why Kai did that. But he's still not ready to face Kai right now.   But before he could go further, Kai is already holding his wrist. They shared a brief look before Kai turned to look at his sister."Jennie can you give us a minute please?" She nods with so much enthusiasm that Sehun wondered what it was for. "Of course, take your time, I won't mind" she said before exiting the room, giggling on her way out. Kai turned his gaze back to Sehun. He stares at him intently as if trying to read him, Sehun stared back but his eyes keeps flickering between Kai's eyes and his lips .he wanted to smother Kai with kisses. he wanted to feel Kai's plump lips against his again. he wanted to bite those same plump lips over and over until they're red and swollen. He shakes his head to chase those thoughts away. It was a few seconds later that Kai speaks up. "Why did you kissed back?" He asked eyes still fixed on Sehun's. And there was something like hope in Kai's asked as he waits patiently for Sehun to respond. Sehun don't understand what Kai is hoping for at the moment. Was Kai hoping he'd say something like ' because I love you' or was he hoping for something opposite? He doesn't know, so he decided to go for."You kissed me first" "I know, but you kissed back" "Why did you kissed me then?" "I asked you first, please answer me Sehun it's important" Sehun wondered for a spilt second if he should tell Kai the truth, but he quickly pulled himself together at the reminder of who Kai belongs to "You kissed me and you're a good kisser that's why I kissed back" he shrugged tying his best to act nonchalant."What were you expecting? That I feel something for you was that the reason why kissed you?" He watched as Kai's expression changes," No Kai, like I said I kissed back because you are good kisser" Sehun can never be with Kai and the best thing to do is to play it off the way he's doing right now, and Kai just told him he loves someone else a few minutes ago before he kissed him. But he still needs to know and understand why Kai kissed him . The little small spark of hope that Sehun saw in Kai's eyes smothered and died "That's it?" Kai is really putting him in a difficult situation. What is it exactly that his friend wanted to hear, what is that Kai wants him to say. "What do you want me to say Kai?" "The truth!" "The truth? Does it matter?" "It does" "Well I just told you why I kissed back– look Kai don't make a big deal out of it okay. Things like this happens, it's common amongst friends. So tell me why did you kissed me?" Kai was silent for a moment as he observed Sehun's eyes before he says. "You reminded me of your brother, I got carried away. Sorry" Sehun hears the wavering in Kai's voice. It shouldn't hurt but it did, what was he expecting, for Kai to say he's the one he love? Who is he kidding? Kai doesn't love him, Kai will never love him. Sehun swallowed his disappointment and cleared his throat."Okay  I uhm– who is that person that you said you love?" He decided to ask again. Kai shook his head a little as he tightened his grip on Sehun's hand. "No one, I don't love anyone, I lied" "You lied?"  "Yeah, I was looking for a way to postpone the wedding and I knew you'd help me if said something like that" The ?  "No you weren't lying Kai, I've known you for almost 8 years now, I will know when you Iie about something like that" Kai closed his eyes for a brief moment and when he reopened them. There were so many sort of emotions running through them but before Sehun could decipher any of them, it disappeared as soon as they surfaced. "Let's not talk about that please, I am tired Sehun, I will marry Shixun whenever anyone wants me to marry him. I will come to school tomorrow,  I will see you then. Goodbye Sehun" There was a certain finality in Kai's tone, that leaves no room for argument. Sehun nods and he slowly tries to withdraw his hand, for a moment Kai tightened his hold as if not wanting to let go, then he nods to himself before pulling his hand away from Sehun's wrist."Right– okay, then– uhm I will see you tomorrow at school" he says and Kai gave a curt nod. There is something about the way Kai looke
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