Strange feeling.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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  There is something in Sehun's heart, something he can't really describe at same time it feels familiar the moment he set his eyes on Shixun's fiance. He's been trying to ignore the feeling of uneasiness he felt when his brother told him about his marriage with that guy, named Kai. He wished he can understand what his heart is trying to tell him. Another thing is Sehun's sure he heard the other's voice several times in his dreams, like the other was reading him a story, but he can't be sure since he was in a Coma for almost two month. He felt a gentle hand squeezing his shoulder and he slightly turned to see Kris, smiling down at him. He smiled back, he can't believe Kris has has finally found his way back to where he truly belongs, Sehun cried out of sheer happiness when his Dad told him about it. He wished he was awake to see his parents happy faces when it happened, but never the less seeing them all composed, content and happy now was worth it. His efforts hasn't gone in vain, he'll forever be grateful to Chanyeol for helping him out. Kris squeezed his shoulders again bringing him out of his trance."You are okay?" His hyung asked. Sehun shifts a little before he nods. "Yeah, just wondering– uhm hyung was i close with Shixun's fiance?" Kris' looks morphed into a sympathetic one. "Yeah" he says with a nod "you're best of friends for eight years now" Sehun's eyes widen in almost a comical way. "Best of friends?" He asks and Kris nod again "Why don't I remember him?" "The accident." Sehun's silent for a moment as he tried to remember anything, just anything no matter how little it is about Kai. Until Kris nudged him a little. "He's the person I ran to warn before the accident. Isn't he?" "He is" Kris confirmed. "But why can't I remember him? Why?" Sehun whines kicking his legs like a toddler making his hyung to chuckle. "Give it time" "But I am even more curious to why he's the only one I've forgotten." "Don't stress yourself, the doctor told you that already. didn't he?" Sehun nods, but there is a small pout on his face "I want to remember" he whines again. Kris sighed. "Maybe it's for a good cause" Sehun looked his brother in the eye, brows furrowing slightly. "Why would you say that? How can it be a good cause forgetting my best friend as you called him?" "Have you ever wondered why it's only him you don't remember?" "No, but I still don't understand" "What I mean is, maybe your mind has a reason for doing what it did, maybe there is something that might hurt you that's why it blocked your memories about him" Sehun was silent for a moment, allowing his brother's words to process before he shrugged no matter how hard he tired he can't seem to grasp a damn memory or understand the reason behind forgetting his best friend. "I am not sure 'cause I don't know" he says blinking at his hyung. "Okay" Kris his lips "How about you don't think about the past and just focus about the present? I mean forget about what you can't remember instead form new memories with him, befriend him again" Sehun blinked again and he gave his brother's words a thought before he nods. "You're right, I guess I should do that" Kris smiled, a smile that indicates how proud he is of his younger brother. "That right, you should do that baby bro" he leans in and drops a kiss on the younger's forehead. Sehun smiled and nodded.
"I want to get out of here" Kris chuckled again. "That can be arranged, but–" he glanced at his boyfriend who's currently taking a nap on the couch before turning to look at his brother "We have to wait for Dad and Pa, I don't want to act without there knowledge and that will definitely effect my allowance and I can't have that when I have a boyfriend to take on dates constantly" Sehun laughed, hitting his brother's arm gently.
"Don't worry, I can transfer some money to your account, I have lots of them. More than you do" Kris smirked. "You sure about that?" Sehun crinkles his nose.
"Uhm maybe" "Good thing you said maybe"  Sehun's brows furrowed and kris almost laughs, a fondness swelling inside him at the genuine confusion on his brother's face.  then realization dawned on Sehun. "No way" he says eyes going wide. "Yes way" "Oh my God hyung, Dad gave you his shares?" "Half of them, even though I don't need them" Sehun pout, but Kris can tell it's a faux one. 
"That's not Fair" "Well I am the oldest" Sehun nods,  a genuine smile curves on his lips, he rested his head on his brother's chest before wrapping his arms around the older.  "I am so happy to have you back hyung" "You never missed me, I've been with you all those times" he says brushing his fingers through Sehun's hair. Sehun nods in agreement. "True, but now it's different, now we know we're blood related, we are family" Kris hums and didn't utter a word, instead he keeps stroking his brother's hair until the doctor came in to see Sehun for his daily check up.
****   It's been two days since Sehun has been discharged from the hospital, he's currently sitting in his hyung's room as he go through the phone album in his hand. There are many pictures of him and Kai together and Sehun can imagine how pretty close they must've been, judging from how Kai always keeps his hands around Sehun. There is a photo that Sehun took a long moment looking at, the photo seemed new (taken not long ago, probably a few months back) it was a picture of Kai, Kris, Chanyeol, Jungkook, Jimin and himself. 
All of them were staring right at the camera but Kai was staring at Sehun, it was not just a look you give a friend, it resembles something more like longing and someone can mistake it for love. But sehun knows Kai is his brother's fiance there no way on Earth there friendship has escalated to something more. The longer he stare at the photo the more his heart made some weird flips in his ribcage, he doesn't understand what he's feeling. But he can tell it feels familiar. somehow. A few minutes passes and Sehun was able to put the picture away, as he proceed to looking at the other photos. "You're still looking at those photos?" Sehun almost jumped at his brother's startling voice. He looked up and gave his hyung a bright smile. "Yeah," he says urging his brother to came closer "I am looking at the life I can't remember" he tells Kris. The older hums before taking his seat next to his younger brother."How did you find it? Do you perhaps recognized any moment out of these?" He says pointing at the photos. "Yeah, I remember taking those photos but not just with Kai in them" he fidgets with the photo album. "Tell me how close we used to be– I mean Kai and I" "Pretty close"  Kris said nodding to himself, before shifting a little to point at a particular photo "This one was taken a day after you and Kai were discharged after the surgery" Sehun knitted his brows.
"Surgery? What surgery?" "Yeah, Kai was suffering from a kidney disease, you gave him one of your kidneys to save his life" Kris tells him. Sehun took a deep Intake of air as the information sinks in."I gave him my kidney?" "Yeah you did" Kris nods. "I guess that is enough to explain how close we were" Kris nods once again. "You guys are pretty close." he repeated. Sehun chewed on his lips, he's curious about one thing. Though and he wants to understand what his heart is trying to tell him whenever he looks at a picture that has Kai in it, which is pretty each one of them in the album. "Do I used to have feelings for him?" He blurted before he could stop himself. Kris eyes went wide for a moment before he plays it off with a chuckle. "What? No y-you didn't" he stuttered. Sehun observed his brother for a while, he sighed before he says "Why do i feel there is more to what you're telling me" "No. Sehun don't assume things like that, you know I wouldn't lie to you, Kai loved your twin and he's going to marry him–" "Then why does my heart twist in an uncomfortable way when ever Kai and Shixun's relationship is mentioned" Kris let out an exasperated sigh as he rubs his temple. "You're over thinking things, trust me hunnie it's nothing like that." "Then did Kai have feelings for me?" Kris shakes his head and he can't help but think he's brother is crossing a dangerous territory, he have to make Sehun believe him no matter what, Sehun is finally free and he doesn't want to see him hurt ag
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