Devil's incarnate.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Everything pauses for a moment, the cars outside seeming to halt in the middle of traffic, the honking of horns no longer audible to Sehun. He can’t hear or see anything but his Papa's nervous face staring back at him, arms wrapped around himself. He looks vulnerable and afraid, but he tries to keep a brave face on. Sehun dropped his head taking a deep breath, then realization hits him, he's pregnant, he's having Kai's baby and his brother lost his own baby. His eyes snap back up to his papa, wide and surprised. His arms cross in front of himself and he breathes in deep again."I am pregnant? What are you talking about?" he shrinks into himself as tears begins to roll down his face."W-what happened to Shixun's baby? How? Oh my God!" He blinked his tears away , his brother has lost his only chance of carrying a child, he remembered Kris telling him how Shixun took pills just to have Kai's baby but unfortunately the drugs damaged his womb, and now it's over for him. Sehun really feel bad about this he wished he could just make things right for everyone. "We don't know the details, but Kai called us and informed us they are in this same hospital as well"  Sehun attempt to stand up.
"Where are you going?" Dad asked. "To go see Shixun" "Sit down Sehun, you can go see him later but first I need to know how you ended up pregnant, because I don't remember you being in a relationship with anyone,. And i know you. I know you're not the type of person for one night flings. I know how modest you are, you wouldn't allow any one to have his way with you unless he's important"  his Dad says. Sehun sat back but he refused to look at his Dad, how is he supposed to explain this to them? That he's carrying Kai's child , they won't understand. "Sehun look at me" his Dad says again, Sehun wiped his tears before lifting his head to look at his dad "I need you to be honest with me, can you do that for me?" He asked. Sehun's not sure if he could but he nods anyway "Who's responsible? Tell me who's the father?"  Sehun lowered his hand again, he can't look at his Dad face because he's too ashamed to say the truth, how could he say the father of his baby is his brother's husband? "Dad i– I can't say his name" "Sehun please, this is important, you need to tell us" Sehun shakes his head. "I am sorry, I can't" "Sehun listen, I know you're scared, but we're here to protect you, we won't let anything happen to you" "He's not going to hurt me, he's a good man" "Then why are you not saying his name if you're so sure he's a good person?" "Because he can't take responsibility for this" "Why the hell not?" His dad is getting angry, and Sehun really hate this but he can't give Kai's name, he can't ruin his brother's marriage. He's not a housewreaker, no one needs to know, he will go away, he will leave the country and go somewhere where no one knows him and he'll raise his child there. "Sehun!–" his Dad called again. "Dad!" Kris intervenes "let me" he says and his Dad sighed before rising to his feet. Kris then turned to their carrier father. "Pa go with Dad. please?" His pa nods and glanced at his sons one more time before walking out of the room along with his husband. Kris then turned back to his younger brother, without a word he pulled Sehun into his arms. and as if that was what the younger was waiting for, he broke into another series of sobs. "Hey, it's okay" Kris soothes rubbing his baby brother's back gently "I am here, no one is going to force you to talk if you don't want to"  Sehun nods as he continues to cry in the older's embrace. Kris didn't push or asked anything, he allowed his brother the time he needs to calm down and Sehun is truly grateful for that. He knows Kris at least deserve the truth, he will never judge him, and he'll understand and will definitely help his little brother. But Sehun is reluctant to tell him. They stayed like that for a moment , Kris continues to rubs his back, Sehun leaning more to bury his face into his brother's shoulder, then he decided to speak. "I am sorry hyung I lied to you when asked  –" "No hunnie" Kris shakes his head a little, pulling back to look at his brother's face. "There is no obligation or what so ever to tell me the truth when you don't want to, I am not encouraging you to lie or keep things to yourself that might hurt you. No" he shakes his head again as he cups his brother's face "I am telling you it's okay if you're not ready to share it with me or anyone, no one is going to force it out of you " he thumbs across Sehun's cheeks "You should decide whenever you're ready to talk about it. Yeah?" Sehun nods, God he's so thankful for having such an understanding brother like Kris and someone like him deserve nothing but the truth, he deserves to know."I am scared hyung" Sehun admits softly. "It's okay to be scared honey" Kris says in a soft tone. "I don't want to be the reason for breaking someone's happiness" Kris hums. "You think saying it will cause someone a lot of pain?" He nods. "But I want to tell you" "It's okay hunnie you don't have to if you're not  really sure you want to share it" "No, I want to share it with you, I know you won't judge me" Kris smiled a little at that. "I would never" he caresses his cheeks one more time. "I know" he says leaning into the touch " that's why I want you to know" Kris nods. "Whenever you're ready. I am listening baby bro" Sehun looks away, staring intensely at the door, then down at his hand and takes a deep breath before he speaks. "Kai, the baby is Kai's" he said barely audible, lowering his head afterwards. But Kris heard him and Sehun knows he heard him because he goes stiff for moment before resuming to caressing his cheeks again. "I am not going to ask for details. But I suspected as much" Sehun raised his head to look at brother. "How did you–?" "Well, you two disappeared that night when the party was still in full blast, and both showed up the next day , so I did my math's putting two and two together." . Sehun nods. "I don't know what happened, I barely remember how it even happened, we're both drunk" "Drunk?" Kris asked and Sehun nods again, he didn't say anything on that, but there is a promising look on his face that says 'i will give you a good scolding for it. Later' "And you know hyung?" He says "It felt good , so good, even though I can't remember most of the night or much about Kai himself, I felt it. I had this feeling" Kris nods in understanding. "Of course it will feel good, you and Kai have a–" Kris immediately clamps his mouth shut, and Sehun don't understand why he won't say what he was about to say. "What? Tell me please"  Kris bit his lower lip and shakes his head. "Please hyung" "I don't know if I am supposed to tell you" "Why not?" Sehun looks genuinely curious now.  Kris sighs, no matter how much he try not to say it, not to tell his brother about how he used to feel about Kai, he can't keep it In anymore, the two will always find a way to each other, so he thinks it's best to come clean, to help clear some of his brother's confusion. "You had feelings for him– I mean for Kai" "Had?" "Yeah, before the accident, you've been in love with him for as long as I've known you" Sehun blinked, then he covered his mouth with his palm even though he suspected as much, it still came off as a surprise to him. "Oh my God, i– I had feelings for him?" Kris nods "Was that why I felt so sad during the wedding? Why I cried without an actual reason?" "I guess so, I guess your heart recognized the feeling, but you mind didn't" Sehun closed his eyes for a moment before he reopened them again. "What about him? I mean does he have feelings for me?" "I– I don't know–" "Please hyung, don't lie to me, I don't think my brain can handle more lies, if there is anything i am supposed to know, tell me. So I can deal with them all at once" Kris contemplated for a moment. Will it be bad if he happens to be the one to tell his brother about this? Wouldn't it be better if Sehun find out from Kai himself? "It's not mine to tell hunnie" "Then I will take that as a yes" "Yes what?" "He had feelings for me too." Kris chuckled softly. "Have" he corrected. "He still does" This was really too much for Sehun to take in, but he asked for it, he asked for the truth and now that he knows, it is becoming too much to handle. He saw the way Kai looked at him and he's certain that what they shared wasn't just platonic, But if they used to love each other then how come they didn't end up together? It Is something thing he needs to know. He needs to understand "What happened did we break up?" Kris shakes his head with a "No" "Then why did he marry Shixun if we're both in love with each other?" "None of you ever confessed" Sehun's eyes widened at that.
"What? Why?" "You never had any idea. All this time you just stayed silent, thinking it was one-sided, that kai would hate you for falling in love with him and risking your friendship. You’ve wasted so much time being stupid, dancing around each other.You're both really stupid. You both were scared the other don't feel the same way " Sehun let out a shaky breath, he can't believe that was how their story ended before it even had the pleasure of starting."Then how did you know?" He's curious to how Kris knows if neither of them said a word to each other about how they feel. "You both told me– well more like I've seen it in your eyes" "Why didn't you say something?" "It was not my place to pry, it was never my place to tell you both that you obviously love each other" "Love is a hard word" he says but he nods anyway. "It was love Sehun, not just crush or infatuation. I know the difference when I see one" Sehun hums and he remains silent for a moment before he speaks again. "What do I do now. hyung?" Kris opened his mouth to reply when the door burst open, revealing a heaving Kai . Before any of them could say something, Kai is moving forward and he pushed Kris aside and the latter groans but Kai didn't bother to aknowledghe him because he's engulfing Sehun into his arms. "Oh baby!" Kai says tightening his hold on Sehun's body. Sehun was frozen, well he can't move even if he wanted to, because Kai is the life out of him. He managed to tap Kai's back a few times, indicating his discomfort, Kai took the hint as he quickly pulled back "oh i am so sorry" he says his hand going to Sehun's stomach, resting it there "I heard what happened, are you alright? Is our baby alright?" Sehun's lips form a thin line as he stares blankly at Kai without a word, heck he doesn't know what to say. Kai stares back at him, like he’s honestly not sure how Sehun will answer, or maybe he’s just surprised by the question. It was Kris that cleared his throat to catch Kai's attention.
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