He's awake.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Kai's eyelids feel made out of leaf.It takes him forever to peel one open and he has to take three deep breaths to make the other one do the same. 

He closed his eyes and eases them open again, squinting against the light, waiting to adjust before opening them all the way once his shaky vision adjusts . He blinks, brain adjusting slowly as he takes more and more of the place in, piecing the puzzle together until he knows. He know where he is. It's a hospital room. He blinks a few times again before he glanced around the room. His eyes landed on Jennie who's sitting on the couch, scrolling through her phone. "Sehun!" Kai called at the reminder as he abruptly sat up. Jennie raised her head to look at him.
"Oh you're awake, lay down. The doctor said you need some rest" she tells him. " the doctor, I need to see Sehun. How is he?" Jennie smiled at little. "Relax, he's alright– well not literally thought, but he's out of danger for now" "For now?" "Yes, his heart almost gave out, but he's stable now–" Jennie chewed on her bottom lip, eyes going up to  glance at ceiling  "he's still in coma though" Kai let out a breath of relief, at least Sehun is out of danger, he just hope and wish to see his friend awake and well."I will go see him now" "Why don't you take some more rest?" Kai shakes his head. "No, I need to see him now" "Kai you fainted due to lack of rest and a lot of stress, you need to eat something at least– when was the last time you ate something?" "How long have I been out?" "A day" "I haven't seen Sehun in a day which means I have to–" "Kai!" Jennie called sympathy evident in her tone. "Please don't make it hard on yourself. You're stressed out. Look at you" she gesture her hand towards him in an up and down motion "you look like , you need a bath, eat and then you can go see Sehun. I've got a change of clothes for you. Please" Kai know his sister is right, he's still in those clothes he wore to the prom, that still have Sehun's dried blood on them, he sighed and nods, he collected the clothes before entering the bathroom inside the VIP ward. When he emerged from the bathroom, a tray containing a few varieties of food was placed on the small table. "Come eat" Jennie gestures at the food. Kai wordlessly obeyed.  After eating what his stomach can take, he hurriedly make his way to Sehun's ward. Just like yesterday, Sehun is laying motionless still covered in bandages. "Kai, how are you feeling?" Sehun's carrier father asked. Kai bows politely before he says.
"I am much better. How is sehun? Any improvement?" He asked. The elder sighs before shaking his head a little.  Kai moved closer and placed a hand on Kris' shoulder (who's sitting on the chair in front of Sehun's cot) "Hey Kris" Kai greeted. Kris turned slightly to look at his friend." Hey Kai" he says in a tired voice, he looks troubled but content at same time."How are you feeling?" "Okay– I guess" Kai shrugged, eyes lingering over Sehun's body. Kris hums. "I am going home to get a few things, would like anything?" "No thanks– uhm are you going to your former home or–" "My foster home. I will be moving in with my real family next week, I need some time to say a proper goodbye so I asked Dad and he says it's okay." Kai hums nodding at Kris' words.
"So they know?" "Yeah, they came to see Sehun yesterday when you were in a separate ward, Dad talked to my foster parents and they understood." "Have you talked with Shixun?" Kris shakes his head. "No, he's not accepting the idea of me being his brother" "I am sorry, he'll come around, Shixun is a good person, it's just that he's–" "You don't have to defend him Kai, it's okay. Sehun is my priority, as long as I have him I don't really care much if Shixun accept me as his brother or not. So it's fine." Kris said with a curt nod. "I gotta go now" Kai nods and he watched as Kris stood up and walked towards his papa and gave the latter a small peck on the cheek before walking out.
Kai took the seat Kris just stood from, he stare at Sehun's face for moment before he takes the younger's hand in his as he runs a thumb gently across Sehun's knuckles.  You're going to be okay. My love.   *******


6 weeks later.   Like every other day at the hospital, Kai is sitting bedside his friend's bed with a book in his hands as he read to the comatose patient in his front. It has became a norm for him, to read a book to his friend every day, Sehun's not looking as bad as he used to be. Most of his injuries have healed.
The bandage on his head have been removed, the doctors are pleased with how he's rapidy recovering. But he's still in a Coma, and the doctors have assured them that the swell in Sehun's brain have subsided, but they're still not sure when he's going to wake up. Kai is pleased with the news and it makes hope to bloom in him. He's sure Sehun will wake up, sooner or later, and Kai is ready to spend his time reading stories and listening to the CSM that beeps with every breath Sehun's takes. He won't get tired, he promised to be by Sehun's side when he awakes, that's why Kai made the hospital his second home. A few beeping sounds brought him out of his trance, he looked up and his eyes was met with Sehun's confused ones. The book fell from his hand as Kai abruptly stood up to see if his eyes are not playing tricks on him. True. Sehun is awake, glancing at his surroundings as he blinks rapidly. "Sehun!" Kai called in astonishment. relieved flooded within him. Sehun turned his head to Kai's direction, he stared at Kai and blinked a few times before blurting the most confusing and unexpected words "Who are you?" He asked. And Kai felt his world crumbling in every way possible, there's this feeling.Perhaps he can call it numbness, radiating from the center of his chest and out. Perhaps like a fire, not because of its warmth but the blistering that it causes on his skin. Or Maybe like a bucket of cold water, so icy it freezes his lungs. "You don't recognize me?" He asked In a shaky voice. Sehun blinked again. "No, am I suppose to know you?" He asked back. Kai felt his knees weakening, this can't be happening, no it can't be. Sehun lost his memories?
"" he cursed under his breath running his hands through his hair, it's only the two of them in the room and Sehun looked genuinely lost as he keeps looking at his surroundings, Kai opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when Sehun's parents and Kris entered.  Sehun instantly tried to sit up and Kai automatically moved closer to help him but stopped mid-air when Sehun flinched. Sehun really don't remember him. "Dad, pa" Sehun called and his parents rushed to his side as his papa helped him up before engulfing him into his arms. "Sehun-ah, you're awake! Oh my God!" His papa begins to cry tightening his hold on his son's body. "Pa, stop crying Please, was I hurt? Did i sleep for long?" He asked and his pa pulled back slightly to look at his face. "You don't remember?" He asked and Sehun shakes his head slowly. "What's the last thing you remember?" "Prom, I was out to answer a call and I saw Shixun, he was talking to someone I don't recognize and then I saw a car coming towards that person–" he paused blinking up at his father as if unsure of his memories "I ran to alert them but I guess something happened and I woke up here" he glanced at his surroundings again, then his eyes landed on Kris "Hyung!" He said with a wide smile. "You're here"  Kris nods as he wiped his tears before moving to hug his brother."I am so so happy you're alright, God you scared the hell out of me" he said rubbing Sehun's back in soothing circles. They pulled back a moment later and Sehun's dad came forward and hugged his son as well.
"I knew you'd wake
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