Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun qoute :A good friend is a connection to life — a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.  


"Sehun!" Kai called the moment he opened his eyes. Upon hearing his name Sehun jolted up from his sleep. "Kai?"he asked no one in particular, he glanced at the room which is now empty. "Sehun!" Kai called again and Sehun realized it's not a dream, Kai is actually calling out for him. He groaned as he tried to sit up but stopped when he hears Kai speaks again. "No lay still, I will come to you" before Sehun can protest, Kai is already hopping down from his bed and walking towards him. And he didn't wait a second as he pulled Sehun into his arms for a gentle hug."You're okay" he says I a breathy tone. "Yeah, I am fine and so are you" Sehun stated the obvious. Kai sighed tightening his hold on Sehun's body."I am glad you're okay." "Me too" "Thank you so much for this Hun" "Hey!" Sehun pulled away a little and cupped Kai's face, and the latter instantly leans Into the touch."don't thank me about this ever again" he said sternly "I didn't do it to earn anything from you not even your gratitude, I know you're grateful without needing to say it. okay ?" Kai smiled and nods. "Okay!" He says taking his seat next to his friend. The two engaged in a causal conversation until their friends came to see them. (Kris, Chanyeol and Jungkook) There has been very few important people in Sehun's life and one of them is Kris , Sehun truly respect and likes the older, he treats him like the older brother he never had and that happened because Kris always tell Sehun that he's like a younger brother to him for the past six years when they first met and Sehun was 11 back then. From their first meeting, the two got along pretty well with each other. Even though Kris is mainly known as Kai's friend, he still hangs out with Sehun and many times he'll sit with them in the cafeteria during break to make sure Sehun is eating well. Another friend Sehun is proud to have is Jeon Jungkook, he's very jovial and kind, he's known as Sehun's second best friend like Jungkook like to call himself. "Hey Sehun how are you feeling?" Jungkook asked taking closer steps towards them. "Much better thanks. kook" "Kai, I can see you're alive" Jungkook jokes and Kris smacked the younger on his head. Leaving Jungkook whining like a 5 year old. Kai chuckled softly."Yeah thanks to Sehunnie, I am still kicking" he said with a fond smile, eyes darting to stare at Sehun's direction. "You're lucky man, I wish I have a friend that can give me one of their organs" Kris says to Kai, then  his eyes darted towards Sehun."How are you feeling lil bro?" He asked. "I am getting better!" Sehun says with a smile. "I can give you that– I mean my kidney if you want" Chanyeol supplies with a grin looking at Kris and the latter just rolled his eyes clearly disinterested "Are you now feeling okay Sehun?" He decided to change the topic but Sehun has already caught the sincerity in Chanyeol's voice. "I think Jungkook had three just worrying about you.” he adds and Sehun couldn't help but laugh a little hard, earning a worried look from Kai. "Don't laugh too hard, yeah?" Kai tells him and Sehun nods. "Jungkook just love me too much" he said and jungkook nods in affirmation.  If Sehun had looked at Kai at the moment he could have seen the displeased look on his face. They chatted for almost an hour, Kris fed him with constant fondness whenever he say something towards Sehun. and Jungkook kept cracking jokes before they bid their farewells and left the hospital.
Their families came a few minutes later,
Every one is relieved to see them recovering. Recovery came as a package for them two weeks later and they're both good to go home. But it took another two weeks for them both to fully recover. 
Within a short period of a month and half Sehun and Kai's friendship becomes even more stronger, Kai spent most his time with Sehun and the latter is truly grateful for that, they resumed to school and everything is going perfectly even as his love for Kai keeps growing with each passing second.
He embraced it and cherished it like a treasure. Sometimes He'll spent a lot of time just staring at his best friend, admiring his beauty , he feels contented whenever Kai smiled at him, the way Kai hugs him and those small innocent kisses he gives him on the cheek or forehead or when kai is just sitting with him, makes him feel as if all his lonely night are finally over. the world just go away and make him realized how much in love he is over and over again, and life couldn't be any better. 
He wants Kai to be the only one he'll ever love, he wants him to be the only one he'll kiss goodnight every night and wake up to him by his side. He want to have Kai for the rest of his life. Because Kai is his life, his love, the reason for his existence.  
*****   And just like how his Dad had told him, his papa and brother came back Into there lives. Sehun was truly happy to hold his papa and a lot of emotions flooded inside him as his papa hugs him muttering countless of apologies, He knows it's not his Papa's fault so he forgave him, he doesn't want to dwell in the past but rather embrace the happy future that is yet to come with his family by his side. And it felt like a weight has been lifted off his shoulder. Shixun on the other side was a bit reluctant in accepting him, the relationship between them was awkward, because shixun doesn't initiate a conversation with him, and when Sehun does start a conversation, the younger twin hardly responds to it. He's being distant and difficult and Sehun don't understand why his brother keeps treating him that way, when everything was never Sehun's fault to begin with. But it didn't last for long, a week after his papa and brother's appearance, Sehun decided to introduce Kai to his brother. And that's when the younger twin loosen up and becomes more accepting towards Sehun. And sehun couldn't be more happier. Kai and Shixun hits it off like long time pals and Sehun will smile whenever he sees his brother and the love of his life getting along pretty well. Shixun enrolled into Sehun's school a few days later. Today is the day that Shixun will finally start attending classes. They're both dressed beautifully in their unique and expensive school uniforms as they bid their parents goodbye, Oh Donghae couldn't stop smiling as he watched his identical sons walked towards the limo. Sehun has suggested an idea to test his best friend, he wants to know how much the other knows him, so he suggested they wear everything identical just like how they look. At first Shixun find the idea ridiculous and refused, but with a few pleading from his brother he later agreed. The driver opened the door for them and they both slipped into the car .They sat on opposite sides, facing each other, Shixun crossed his legs elegantly as he scroll through his phone.  Has sehun forgot to mention how classy his brother is? Well shixun is the perfect definition of a prince, he's everything Sehun is not. They way he does things and even the way he talks is different from how Sehun does his things. Sehun keeps staring at his brother and wonders how someone can be this perfect. After a moment of silence Shixun clears his throat before he speaks."So how is this going to work?" He asked quickly typing something on his phone, before he raised his head a little to look a Sehun. "You shouldn't talk or do anything, I will try and act like you" Sehun tells him. Shixun hums."You really do want to see how far he knows you?" He asked uselessly, because they've already talked about it. "Yeah" Sehun answered never the less.
The younger twin shrugged and continue to type on his phone. "There is something I want to tell you about Kai" Sehun said, he wants his brother to know how he truly feels about kai, he don't know why but he felt the urge to let the other know. "Okay" the younger said but his attention was still on his phone. "Its about Kai" he says and his brother drops his phone aside to give his attention "uhm you know Kai is my best friend right?" His brother nods "I uhm kind of  have feeli–" "Hey can we talk about it later?" Shixun quickly cuts him off, as if he knows what Sehun was about to say and he doesn't want to hear it. Sehun didn't push it any further, he nods a little as he awkwardly adjusted his blazer, if his brother is not ready to know about his f
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