Twisted Fate I

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun's quote: Our universe grants every soul a twin—a reflection of themselves—the kindred spirit – And no matter where they are or how far away they are from each other—even if they are in different dimensions, they will always find one another. This is destiny; this is love ,A soul mate is not found. A soul mate is recognized, and when two people are destined to be together, no amount of circumstances can break them apart.




Sehun has been working hard on the bachelor party he's planning for Kai, he had told both his brothers and Kris was very pleased to help. While Shixun on the other hand is hell bent on not letting Kai go by himself. He tried explaining to his brother how it's not supposed to work like that, Shixun's friends are supposed to take him for another party that Is specially for him. But the younger twin is not having it. He insisted on going to Kai's bachelor party.  Sehun wonder why his brother is being insecured. But he didn't voice it out, instead he tried to convince him that Kai needed the freedom for just that night. "No Hun, I am not allowing my husband to have a party full of hungry guys and girls without me" Sehun sighed exasperatedly, they've been on this for hours and damn Shixun is hard to convince."That's the point xun, he's supposed to have that one night without you, let him have the fun he deserves before committing his life to you" "I can't" "But why?" "You won't understand. I just can't– when someone is there with him" "Someone? Of course people are going to be there with. What do you expect? Like for him to have the party all by himself? Just on his own? That's not even a party at all brother" Sehun is tired, he's tired of trying to make his twin understand. "That's not what I meant, the person will be there, and I just–"Shixun trails off, bitting his lower lip somewhat anxiously."I don't trust him around that person" "What person? What are you talking about?" He knitted his brows in confusion as far as he knows Shixun's words doesn't make any sense. Shixun let out a sigh.
"There is someone he likes" "What? I thought you're the only one he likes?" "He likes me a lot, but that person is a crazy and will try anything to seduce my man" Sehun blinks and blinked again, the way his brother is looking at him is as if Sehun is that that he's afraid will snatch his fiance away. "Why are you looking at me like that?" "Like how?" "Like I am the you just mentioned" Shixun's features soften. "I am sorry, I am just not okay with this whole ordeal" "Don't you trust him?" "I do" "Then you have nothing to worry about" Shixun groans, pacing around the room for a few seconds before turning to face his brother. "No, I want to be with Kai at the party. And that's final." Sehun let out another exasperated sigh with a groan of his own.Damn, shixun is driving him nuts.
"Fine" he says "But you'll have to invite your friends to keep you company, don't think just because you're there, it will stop us from encouraging Kai to have the fun he deserves." Shixun rolled his eyes. "Aye captain" Sehun hums "I gotta go finish up somethings" he says before exiting his brother's room.   ****
"Sehun you're waisting time" Jungkook says as he fixes his shirt. "Every one is there already" Sehun is struggling to wear his very very tight skinny jeans, he lifted his head to look at his friend for a brief moment." Am on it. Just–" he groans "give me a sec, Damn this thing won't just fit in already" Jungkook laughed, eying his friend a little. "That's because it's so ing tight, are you sure you can move in these?" He pointed at the very tight jeans. "Yeah I can" he says as he finally succeeded in putting it on "ing finally"  he adjusted his shirt and fixed his make up, spraying a few perfumes before picking up his black leather jacket and car keys "let's go" "I thought we're using my car?" Jungkook asks.  "No, we're using mine" he says dragging his friend out of the room. Sehun decided to use his new Aston Martin, that his Dad bought for him a few days back. "Woah, your car is so beautiful. Let me drive. Please." "Nuh-ah, it just arrived two nights ago, I am not letting you drive my new baby, be lucky I am allowing you to ride it" He entered the driver's seat and Jungkook was quick to hop in as well. "You're mean" "Say that again and I will drop you off in the middle of the road." he threatened jokingly. "Good thing I have my car as well you . But seriously you're mean" Jungkook says again. Sehun strats the car before turning a little to look at his friend "How am I mean?" "Since you woke up from coma"Jungkook says "You've changed" "What do you mean. I've changed?" "You're a little less nicer, not the all good and kind hearted Sehun I used to know" Sehun stare at him for moment before he barks out a laugh. "You're kidding right?" "No, I am serious, The way you dressed has changed as well, the Sehun i know will never wear such clothes" he motioned his hand pointing at Sehun's outfit. Sehun looked down at himself. "I don't wear leather jacket and skinny jeans?" "You do, just not this tight– with eyeliner and everything that makes you look like a badass." "Of course I do, I remember everything I used to wear. So tell me is it good or bad– I mean the change?" Jungkook rolled his eyes. "I don't know, I like you either way" he shrugged. Sehun hums pleased with his friends answer."Maybe I was reborn" he say before he hits the road and Jungkook just shrugged with a 'maybe' of his own. The club he chose for the party was one of the best, it's the jeon's. He has rented the club for the whole night, just for the party but he allowed Kai and his brothers to invite whoever they wanted there. He parked his car and a bouncer came forward to open the door for them, it felt like a deja Vu but he didn't say a word as they make their way inside. The music was loud as they walked through and Sehun instantly starts to sway his body to the beats.
"It awesome!" He yelled over the loud music. Jungkook snorted. "You said that the first time we were here" "I've been here?" He asked a bit astonished. "You don't remember?"  Sehun shakes his head. "No I don't. Was it with Kai? Maybe that's why I don't remember?" "Nah! it was just me and you but it has something to do with Kai." Jungkook tells him. He nods and shrugged as they make their way towards the dance floor and Sehun spotted some of their friends and his hyung(Kris) dancing to the music."What happened when we came here?" He asked. "You don't wanna know" Jungkook tells him with a smirk. "C'mon, did we or something?" Jungkook chuckled at that. "Definitely bolder" he said. "What's bolder?" "You– You've become bolder as well" Sehun made an O shape with his mouth.
"I love myself, no matter how I am, who I am and what I am." He shrugged  "So did we ?" He asked again. "You wished" Jungkook shoved his chest playfully "Alright enough with the talk let's go do what we're here to do" Sehun nods and they moves further into the dance floor. They started slow, Sehun swaying to the rhythm while Jungkook twirled around him in circles, like a predatory snake. Kris and Chanyeol were in their own world already, slow dancing to a faster tempo song and kissing passionately. Jungkook, as the party connoisseur he was, knew exactly what to do to attract attention to them. Soon enough a boy was sneaking in between them. He was small with pixie-like features, Sehun remembered him from his hyung's class - but he's totally not Sehun's type - so he grabbed the boy by the hips making him face his friend. Jungkook winked at him mouthing a ‘thank you’ before pressing the three of them closer. The boy’s was rubbing against his crotch so Sehun closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation. When he opened them again, the world was spinning a little, and he allowed them to roam around the room in hopes that it would help with the dizziness from all the smoke he's inhaling.  He decided to be bold as Jungkook says he was a few minutes ago, he grabbed the boy by the waist and pulled him against him chest, Jungkook quirks an eyebrow in amusement but didn't comment, instead he continues to press his body closer to the boy's front. The boy in his arms shivers as sehtun's hand roam on his body, and he pushes back harder practically rubbing his against Sehun's crotch repeatedly. Sehun don't remember having done something like this ever but he likes the feeling of freedom, then he was dragging his hands across the boy's hips, towards his thighs, provoking–testing how far he was willing to go. The boy had reclined his head on Sehun's shoulder and Sehun started nipping and kissing the boy's throat. when Sehun felt observed. Like he was on the spotlight. With his nose buried on the boy's neck, he opened his eyes...only to find Kai staring at him. Sehun's heart jumped. Kai was looking at him but there was no happy recognition on his features. He looked shocked?–disappointed? maybe, with a hint of jealousy. Which didn’t make sense, not when he have Shixun in his arms, not when he's holding his brother like he belonged there. Sehun's eyes remained on Kai for a moment and he had to purposefully force his jaw to remain in place, his brain is working in a way it's not supposed to, the way Kai looked at him is different, causing something to stirs deep within him. But at same time his mind is telling him how Kai looked amazing. He was wearing tight black jeans, ripped all over his thighs and a dark gray tank top, exposing his collarbones. His hair was styled back away from his face and if that wasn’t enough the way he was rolling his hips was sinful enough to make Sehun's knees go weak. Why is he feeling this way towards his supposed best friend? His brother's fiance? Kai was circles Shixun's hips against his, his other hands gripping his brother's waist. Sehun was trying to force his eyes to look away when he gave Sehun a smirk and then leaned forward to a strip along Shixun's neck. Sehun lips parted, body arching slightly, feeling as if he's the one in Kai's arms not his brother, the way Kai moved his hand inching closer and closer to Shixun's crotch, made Sehun's mouth to go dry, twitching in interest.  And
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