Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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. Kai's qoute:An act of love that fails is just as much a part of the divine life as an act of love that succeeds, for love is measured by fullness, not by reception. So Let no one who loves be called unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.
    Sehun's almost 18 and Kai is already 19      Kai glanced at his alarm clock with a groan, he hate Mondays, the only good thing about it is that he'll get to see Sehun again, he can't get enough of his best friend. Sometimes he wished he can just moved into Sehun's house or the latter will move into his, so they can be together. Kai was sick for a year when he was little, it was the reason why he couldn't enroll in school like he's supposed to, but he believed it was a blessing in disguise, he was able to meet Sehun because of his late enrollment, it used to bother Kai that he was the eldest in his class even though there were others who are his age and in the same grade as him, but everything became perfect the moment Sehun stepped into the classroom eight years back. He has been secretly in love with his best friend from the first moment he set his eyes on him, he might be only 11 at that time, but he knows what he felt was stronger than a mere crush, and as time passes he recognized the feeling as love. He's been wanting to confess to Sehun but he's scared the latter might not feel the same way about him and that might ruin what they have, even if he can't have Sehun as his lover he want to remain friends with him for a very long time. Forever if possible. He knows he's playing a dangerous game, letting himself feel what he feels for Sehun, knowing he can’t act on it without ruining what they have right now. Either he keeps hurting himself by holding it all in or he lets it all out and loses his best friend. But he can't help it, he can't control how his heart yearns to be with his best friend. Sehun has the most beautiful smile, the most beautiful face, the most prettiest body that Kai want to touch so bad, trail his hands over every inch and ravish.  And most importantly Sehun have the heart of an Angel. All in all Sehun is beautiful in every way a person can think of, Kai sometimes wondered how a person can be that perfect. He rubbed his face as he sits up, he can't wait to graduate high school, just three more months, which will be the month of Sehun's birthday, he's been planning to confess to Sehun when they graduate because if Sehun happens to reject him at least things won't be much awkward between them since he won't be seeing Sehun five days a week, he can promptly avoid the other until they get comfortable to be friends again. All he want is for Sehun to be happy, and if that happiness lies somewhere else, he'll support his friend to pursue it, it will be hard and painful but he'll endure it with a smile for his friend, he won't be selfish even if he wants to, Sehun deserve all the happiness in this world and Kai is sure he can give him that, but he's not sure if Sehun will want it, what ever it is Kai is ready to respect and support Sehun's decision.But for now, he will still remain a friend– the friend Sehun will always look up to,  But despite that he can't help the way he feels when Sehun is clinging to his other friends. Like jungkook. It doesn’t seem to be anything beyond platonic but Kai's on edge. He gets antsy when Sehun starts getting too close to someone. He knows it’s not fair and he would never do anything to stand in the way of Sehun's friendships or anything more but he still wants to scream at the heavens whenever he sees Sehun clinging to someone the way he usually clings to Kai. He sighed before rising to his feet and make his way to the ensuite . He glanced at the unnecessary luxurious interior inside the bathroom before proceeding to take his shower.
It took him 30 minutes to dress up in his school uniform before making his way down stairs. His father is sitting on the dining with a newspaper in his hands, his mother is serving some food to his sister, she glanced up when she noticed her son's presence. "Look who decided to join us" his mother said in a playful tone. Kai shakes his head with a smile as he takes his seat next to his sister's. "Morning to you too mum" he grinning, before turning to look at his father "Good morning Dad!" He greeted. Kim Heechul lowered the newspaper in his hand and offered his son a smile.
"Morning son, how was your night?" "Good, and yours?" "Fabulous" his father said exaggeratedly, staring at his wife.  Kai didn't not missed the look they shared, which means two things, one: his dad is so in love with his mum, and two: he must have banged her to his heart content last night, either way Kai is glad his parents have each other."That's good to hear." He said turning to his sister. "Morning oppa!" "Morning Jennie" They eat breakfast, taking about random things, like how it remains a few months for Kai to graduate high school. And how his birthday party went( his 19th birthday party was a grand, which happened two days ago). They ended the breakfast by sharing a few pecks and hugs, before Kai picked his car keys (it's a new Bugatti Veyron, his dad gifted it to him for his birthday). Kai offered to give his sister a ride and he can tell she's grateful with the way she jumped excitedly.
"I really want to ride your new car" Jennie said entering the passenger's seat. "I can see that" Kai enters the car as well, he can't wait to show off his new car to his friends. As they begin to drive on the road, Jennie cleared before she speaks. "What do you think I should give Sehun oppa on his birthday?" She asked. Kai glanced at her for brief moment before turning his attention back to the road. "I don't know, what do you want to give him?" She placed her finger on her chin seemingly in thought "should I get him a diamond ring?" "What? Why would you gift him a ring?" She shrugged. "Well. he's rich, and I am sure he already have anything he's ever wanted, so I think a ring will do just fine" "No" Kai yelled, startling his sister.
"I mean, giving someone a ring means a lot, like when you're in a relationship or something" "Exactly!" She chimes "I want him to understand the message"  "Yah Kim jennie!" He yelled louder than necessary. "Don't you dare!" He warns. Jennie erupted into a series of giggles.
"Relax oppa! I am only kidding, I know you like him, so I wouldn't dare make a move on him, besides you know I am gay as well and I have a girlfriend" she tells him. Kai visibly relaxed upon hearing his sister's words. "Who's she? Lisa?" "That's right– but really oppa, you should tell Sehun how you feel about him already  " "I can't– just yet, not until after graduation"  "And why is that?" "I will tell you some other time" Kai said driving into the school premises, and just like he expected, students are starting in awe at his new car. He Parked the car in a convenient place before stepping out.  "Wow I love your car" Kai heard jimin's voice. "Birthday gift?" He asked and Kai nods "damn you lucky bastard" jimin adds giving Kai a playful shove on the chest. "Stop talking as if you don't own a fortune yourself" "But not like yours" jimin pouts. "Yeah whatever!" Kai dismissed the discussion. "Morning jimin oppa" Jennie greeted coming to stands next to her brother. "Oh hello beautiful!" Jimin said in a flirtatious voice and Kai glared at him."relax Kai, she's a kid sister to me, beside she's my cousin's girlfriend" Jennie blushed at that."See you later" she bid her goodbye and make her way Into the school. Kai scanned the school premises, searching for his best friend's figure.He then glanced at his wristwatch and noticed it's still little early, Sehun is probably still on his way. "Let's go in" jimin tells him. "Nah, go ahead I am waiting for Sehun" he said making himself comfortable on top of his car's hood. Jimin hums before walking away. Kai brought out his phone to send a quick text to his friend and ask if the other is on his way but he was interrupted by the one and only Jeon jungkook."Can I talk to you for a moment?" He asked with a polite smile.  What the hell? Jungkook must be up to something if he's being polite to Kai. He's never been polite to him. Never, even when Sehun asked the younger to treat Kai a bit nicer, he didn't "Am all ears" Kai said shoving his phone back inside his pants' pocket. "It's about Sehun" he stated. Kai quirk an eyebrow.
"What about him?" Jungkook rested his weight on his left leg and smoothened his blazer a little "I want to ask him out, so I was wondering if you could tell me a few things he likes, since you guys are lot more closer than we are." "Woah woah hold on, com
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