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Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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  Sehun's quote: Whatever our souls are made of, his and mind are the same.



"I want to tell you a few things" his dad starts and Sehun hums, urging his dad to continue "you know I love you right?" "I know dad" "And I will do anything to make sure you're happy" "I know" "It's breaks my heart Sehun you have no idea how much.– but there is nothing do be done that won't leave you heart broken" "I know" Sehun whispered taking a deep breath, braces himself for what to come. "You know how this works. Don't you? You Know you have let go of Kai completely. You know Kai will have to marry your brother now." Sehun closed his eyes, he had come to terms with all these but he can't help the agonizing pain his heart is going through. He can't believe it's over even before it started. And he can't blame his parents, he knows how things are going to be.
"I know dad, I know, but it still doesn't hurt any less" His dad held him closer.
"I know Sehun and I am very sorry about everything. I wish I could change things." "It's okay Dad, I will have to live with it. With the fact that Kai will never be mine, but instead a brother in law to me" his throat tightened as he said those words. "I've talked to Kai's father and we discussed about the possibilities for Kai not having to marry Shixun but–" his dad paused taking a few seconds before he continues."We came up with none. The only solution is to get them married as soon as possible before someone picks up the news about your brother's pregnancy,  the media will make havoc that will cause a mayhem to both our companies" Sehun shifts a little as he takes another deep intake. "I know premarital babies are not acceptable in our society. I know it will be hard for the baby if it's born out of wedlock, I know it will be hard on your business dad and I know it will be hard on me as well. But I am not going to be selfish to throw a tantrum or oppose the marriage. I know it's the best way and will make things easier for everyone. So I am okay Dad, I will leave instead, I can't stay in Korea to witness it, I have to get as far away as possible." His dad turned slightly to face him, his face falling.
"You're leaving?" He asks and Sehun nods. "Where do you want to go?" "America, I will study in Yale and I will settle there even after finishing my college. I don't want to ever come back to Korea– but I will come if it is really important or needed for me to be here" "Oh my baby boy. Sehun!" His dad pulled him into his arms. "I wish I can tell you stay by my side. I don't want you to leave but I also don't want to tie you down to a place that gives you nothing but heart aches." Sehun snuggles into his Dad's neck, tears already rolling down his face . Damnit! he's so tired of crying but the tears won't seem to end. "I am sorry Dad, I am sorry I have to leave because of Kai." He clutches tightly onto his father's shirt. "I understand Sehun, I wish I can tell you otherwise, but you'll have to come back in a few years to take over the company." "No Dad, no. Please I don't want to" he shakes his head as he pulled back to look at his father. "But it's your rightful place. You have to" "Shixun should take over it."  "No, Sehun you're my first born in absence of your brother Yifan, and you're my pride,  I want to pass  the company my ancestors and I have worked so hard in, to you. Our blood, sweat and tears mingled to make the company what it became today. I don't trust your brother that much to hand the company over to him" "What? How could you say that? why?" "Don't get me wrong son, I love your brother. I really do, he's my son as well but there are certain things I can't give him control over, I've never told you this but your brother is not the innocent boy i used to know and understand, he has changed into someone I barely recognized anymore." Sehun allowed his brain to process the words and he can relate how's his Dad is feeling, he loves his brother too but honestly he doesn't understand the younger either. "I get it Dad. I understand what you're trying to say." He chewed his lower lip when something pops up in his head, this is the best solution,. He needs someone that will truly cares about his parents, "Dad. I want ask you something." "Go ahead son" "You know all my close friends, and I want to know what you think about them" His dad furrowed his brows a little.
"What I think about them?" "Yeah, I want to know please." "Well my favorite is Kris, he seems to be a good boy, I've watched you two interact a few times and your papa once told me he likes the boy, he said he wished he can get you two married." Sehun chuckled at that. He's so relieved to hear his parents like Kris because that was what he wanted to hear."Me and Kris hyung as a couple? No way, I like him and respect him a lot, and I have never for once thought of him in that way. He's like a big brother to me" His dad smiled. "I know, Its my way of trying to tell you he's a good kid" Sehun nods with a proud smile.
"So can you sponsor him to go to college?" "Of course Sehun, I can do that" his dad says without an ounce of hesitation. "I will really want that, I want to go with him and study together in Yale" "That can be arranged" "But I am not sure if he'll accept your help" "Okay, how about we make it look like a scholarship?" Sehun nods. "Good idea. He's been studying in our school on scholarship, I am sure he'll agree if it looks that way." "He's a boy with honor. I like him a lot. really." Sehun likes this, even though he's not sure Kris is his lost brother. The idea of having another brother in the family make him extremely happy especially when it comes to Kris., and from the look of it he's Dad can hand the company over to Kris if his suspicions are correct. if he's leaving and planning on not ever coming back, then this is what he have to do,. He'll figure it out. And make sure everything is in its right place before he go, because Sehun don't have the intension of coming back. Ever to Korea. It's a place that gave him so much pain even though it also gave him happy memories to remember and hold on to. And if Kris is really his brother, everything will be easier, they'll go to Yale together, study and after graduating Kris will come back and take over the family business and Sehun will live his life in the States.  They were silent for a moment before he speaks up again."Dad, I want to ask you about that necklace" "Necklace? What necklace?" "The one Shixun and i have" "Oh, what about it?" Sehun adjusted his position a little as he tries to find the perfect way to ask about what he needs to know in a subtle way. "One of my friends saw it and he actually likes it and asked where I got it from, he said he'll like to get one for himself. " he lied. His dad shakes his head a little, "Oh that's sad because he can't." Sehun raised his eyebrows.
"Why not?" "It's specially made just for my family. There are only three pieces in the world. It was made from a very rare red gold my father inherited from his ancestors and he gifted it to me, so when I learned you papa was carrying a set of twins, we decided to do something special for you. It was a couple of months away from your brother Yifan's first birthday when we took the raw gold to a man my dad recommended us to and we asked him to make three pieces of necklace with it that has two letters from each of your names. Yifan's had YF, yours SH , and your brother's SX. We wanted you to feel unique, so we made sure he won't do same design to any other person." Sehun's breath got caught up in his throat, suddenly he felt the air in his lungs not enough for him to breath probably, it's not anxiety attack, it something he can't describe. All he knows is his head is pounding with the thought of Kris, his body begins to shake and it seems his Dad took a notice as he held his hand gently. "Sehun are you alright?" His features morphed into that of a concerned father. Sehun managed to pull himself together, taking a deep breath, before slowly nodding. "Y-yeah, I am fine– uhm dad will you mind telling me how you lost my brother. Yifan?" His dad looked a bit stunned but he nods anyway. "It was on his first birthday, we were in China back then, me and your pa decided to make it a little special so we went to a small town that has a beautiful waterfall and the most beautiful river I've seen, it was my idea, Yifan was just a year old but he loves water a lot so I wanted to make it special for him." He paused for a brief moment and observed Sehun. "It was going on perfectly until your pa got into a small argument with a lady because of some useless space she claimed it was hers when your papa was setting up a camp bed. I was sitting with Yifan but I had to go and help my husband, so i placed your brother on the chair and gave him his ball to play with before strutting to where you father was, it only took a few minutes to resolved the issue but when we returned your brother was no where to be found, we searched the whole woods but couldn't find him, even the people there helped us with the search but it was futile, we couldn't find him till this day. We came to a conclusion that may be someone followed us purposely just to take him– but then again if it had been for the money, I thought the person was supposed to call and asked for ransom but they never did which is still very confusing." He finished with a sad expression on his face. Sehun sighs, reaching to take a hold of his father's hand. "I am sorry Dad" he says caressing the elder's knuckles. "But have you thought of the possibility of may be –just may be he fell into the river?" His Dad stared at him for a moment before he shakes his head and says. "No, not really, even though a little girl who was there claimed that she saw him chasing after his ball towards the river, we didn't give it much thought because we thought if that was the case some of the people there would've definitely seen it happen, because the surroundings was a little crowded." Sehun hums nodding to every word his dad said.
"What if it happened so fast that no one noticed but that little girl?" His dad seemed to be in thought for almost two minutes, he shakes his head once again and shrugged a little. "I don't know really." "What if he fell and somehow survived and may be someone saw him and raised him?" "No I don't think anyone will raise someone else's child without looking for their parents first–" "What if they looked for you but couldn't get to you?" "I don't think so–" "You should think of many possibilities at this dad" Sehun pressed, he wished he could just tell his dad about the possibility of Kris being his lost son. But he's not sure yet even with the necklace as a prove he needs an accurate evidence, he have to be fully sure of it before telling his parents. "You're right, I think we'll register our DNA In the police station, may be he's out ther
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