Knowing the truth.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun's quote: Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything in life.     
Two days later.


Sehun was finally able to get a hold of his Dad's and Kris' DNA samples, and was also able to meet with the doctor that Chanyeol asked him for help. Everything is in order for now, all that is remaining is the test result. It's remaining just one more exam for Sehun to be done with high school, and prom is just around the corner, he don't have a date– well he intends on going alone. So that is settled. He walked to the cafeteria to grab some lunch, he saw a few students that offered him a smile or any sort of aknowledged in on his way. He was about to enter inside the cafeteria when he felt someone grabbing him hard on the wrist and before he could say something he's already being dragged towards the staircase. They came to a halt at the empty staircase and the next thing he knows is being pinned to the wall as Kai placed his both hands at either side of his head.( Caging him) Kai looked him in the eye pressing a little closer. It’s the same look he had in his eyes before he had given in back at his house , the look that matched the need and want Sehun felt before Kai stopped holding back and kissed him. It steals his breath away and he has to look down before he does anything stupid. Because he's not sure he can hold back from kissing Kai again. Kai inches closer, too close for Sehun's liking, he blinked a few times and gulped watching Kai wordlessly. A minute passed with just the two of them staring into each other's eyes, Sehun's heart is beating so fast that he's sure Kai could hear the sound of it's beats. Kai cleared his throat before he speaks. "Why are you avoiding me?"He asked. Sehun keeps mum as he lower his head once more."I am asking you a question" Kai's tone was so soft that almost made Sehun to moan subconsciously. "You're avoiding me too" he says. "You didn't give me the chance to talk to you" "I thought we've talked" "I mean after that, when I met you yesterday in school" "I don't know what to say, and I know you won't answer the questions I have so that's why I thought it's best not to talk you" Kai hums and he pressed a bit closer, their chests almost touching. "What are we Sehun?" The question was not what Sehun expected. "Friends?" He asked. "Friends don't avoid each other" "Hey you started it, you kissed me and I still don't understand why you did that" "I– I lo– I don't  know" Kai bite his lower lips as if trying to hold himself from saying something. "I told you it's because you reminded me of your brother, and I got carried away." "Then why I am not convinced about your reason?" "Look Sehun, let's not talk about the kiss and focus on our friendship, I don't want things to change because of that, I want my best friend back, I need you Sehun, please" Sehun understood what Kai meant, but the words 'I need you sehun'  gave him chills down his spine, he just wish Kai will need him as someone else not just a friend– No Sehun should stop, he have to stop hurting himself, Kai is with Shixun, he's going to marry his brother, he should get used to it. But why does it feel so wrong? Why doesn't it feel right? Why does this feel right, why does kissing Kai felt right even though he knows he's his brother's boyfriend? Why does standing so close to Kai feels right– "Sehun!" Kai called and that's when he realized his been spacing out. "Y-yes!" He said voice a bit hoarse. "Say something." "I don't know what you want from me Kai" "I want us to be like we used to be" "Don't you think it's a little too late for that?" "Why would you say that?" "I will be leaving in a few days Kai, I will go to Yale and start my summer classes before the semester starts" "What? I thought we'd planned on going together?" Sehun let out a bitter laugh.
"You're kidding me right?"  "No i am not" "Kai you'll be getting married in a few weeks time, how are you supposed to go to Yale leaving your husband behind?" The word husband left a bitter taste on his tongue, but Sehun is not going to let his emotion get the better of him. "We can go together, all of us" "Kai, it won't be possible, Shixun will need someone to take care of him and the baby, you can't come with me" "Then he should stay with my parents and I will come with you" Sehun shakes his head. "No, it's not proper, you have to be there when your baby is being born, as much as I want to go with you– I can't, you have to stay, you have a responsibility now" That seemed to ring something in Kai's head as his features immediately saddened. "I– don't want you to leave, stay here with me, let's study in Seoul university together–" "You don't understand, I don't want to stay". "Please Sehun, I can't live without you, I don't want to lose you" "You won't lose me Kai, I will still be your friend, I will call you every day, we'll Skype whenever we're both free, nothing will change" "Everything will change,  I want you here with me, I don't wanna get married" Sehun close the remaining space between them as he pulled Kai into his arms and begins rubbing the older's back in a soothing way. "I know, but you have to" Kai hugged him back and he buried his head at the crock of Sehun's neck. "Please stay with me – in Seoul!" "I can't Kai– it's suffocating me here, I am sorry I can't" Kai tightened his grip. "Why is it suffocating you?" "You don't understand– I just want to leave as soon as I can. I can't stay for your wedding–" Kai abruptly pulled back. "What? Why?" "I have to go in two weeks time, the summer classes are starting in three weeks, I don't want to miss any of it" Kai narrowed his eyes as if trying to read the real reason behind Sehun's decision. "You can postpone the classes.–" "I don't want to, please Kai don't force me– for once in our friendship I am asking you a favor to let me go, I can't stay. Please." He asks pleadingly. Sehun has never asked anything from Kai, this is the first real time he's asking for something from his best friend. Kai's eyes are welling with unshed tears but he quickly blinked his eyes repeatedly to stop his tears from falling."I– I will respect your decision" he says with a shaky breath. "I -I have to go, I will see you in class for the last exam." And with that he turned around and walks away, it felt like a real goodbye and Sehun watched as Kai's figure disappeared, only then did he let his tears fall. It's been two days since he'd cried but he needed the relief for his mind and heart to function properly he crouches down, clutching his chest as he cries. He wondered when it's going to stop hurting  . After a few minutes of crying his heart out, he wiped his face and took a deep breath before rising to his feet and walks back to his classroom, he doesn't have the appetite to eat anymore.
*****   The prom night is finally here, Jungkook asked him to be his date but instead Sehun convinced his friend to go with Park jimin. Kris of course is Chanyeol's date .Kai is his brother's date, and Sehun was intending on going alone until the last minute when a girl from his class asked him to be her date for the night, he agreed without further ado. So here he is clad in a dark blue Armani two pieces suit with a girl holding his hands as they walked into the ballroom. The first person– couple Sehun eyes landed on was Kai and shixun. Both dressed to impress. Shixun is wearing a similar light blue suit to his, he averted his eyes towards Kai. He seems to be dressed in his finest, too. He’s wearing a white button up, tight enough to show off his tiny waist underneath and his rippled abs. He’s paired it off with slim-fit slacks, fitting him nicely around his thick thighs. Kai's heavenly body shows off well with the clothes he’s wearing, reeking of the confidence aura and holding his dominance in his stance. He looks beautiful like this. All Sehun has ever seen him in before was in casual clothes. He’s never seen kai like this—well presented, dressed to suit the occasion—and it makes Sehun's breath catch in his throat, unable to tear his eyes away and look elsewhere. Their eyes remain fixed on each other as Sehun tightens his hold just slightly on the girls arm. Kai his lips and he seemed to have a hard time looking away as well. Sehun pulled himself together and he finally averted his gaze, as it landed on Kris and Chanyeol who are currently making out openly. He smiled at the sight. "Are all your friends gay?" The girl (his date)  Sehun don't remember her name asked. He turned slightly to look at h
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