Pirate Of The Galaxy.

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SH is a well known space pirate– the grim reaper of dragons. He's the captain of Black Pearl– a magnificent ship, envied by all. He has been in a cat and mouse game with Storm, a battleship, captained by the dragon general Drake for years, until a circumstance led Sehun to the very ship he vowed to destroy.

Meeting the young general Drake– Yes he was young, younger than Sehun by seven years– Sehun came to realize, there's more between them than he expected. Bluntly put, Kai Drake is his soul mate(The sole person fates had deem appropriate to complete him) something Sehun had never thought he would–could have. 

But can Sehun put way his hatred for dragons– an emotion that's woven with his soul– to have something more with one? A Drake? No, elves and dragons don't mix. Especially not a Drake. They shouldn't be compatible in the first place. Dragons and elves had stood on opposite shores of a toxic sea, that couldn't be crossed.


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Main Characters.


Oh Sehun; He's a very unusual pirate, with a reputation that precedes him. Sehun hated the dragons and he does his best to show them just how much. He's half elf, half human. His sole purpose in life is to take back his home planet from the dragons, and make the elven race thrive again. 



Kim Kai. 

General Kai Drake; an uptight military male. He's unlike most dragons. Kai is humble, tolerant and will do anything to help those in need. He is loyal to the core, and very protective of his family, especially his baby brother. He has a secret that not even his favorite person knows about, and Kai has every intensions of keeping things that way, until his secret became his greatest strength. 


Planet Lyfe: The elves native home planet, now inhabited by the dragons. It's one of the most resourceful in the galaxy.


Black Pearl. A ship known to welcome anyone that has been a victim to the dragons. In this ship, there are different species form all across the galaxy

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