Confrontation. I

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Kai woke up a little late, he glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside that reads 8: 14 am. He sighed rubbing his palm over his face. His eyes darted towards his phone to check if Sehun had called or texted to remind him about their plans for today. But he was met with none. May be Sehun is probably still sleeping, and Kai would love to be the one to wake his friend up. He was not able to see Sehun when he took Shixun home yesterday, but it's okay as long as he'll see him today. He shot up and wandered into the the bathroom for his morning rituals. Kai dressed up in a pair of Gucci button up shirt with a blue skinny jeans, he combed his hair and checked his appearance one more time before exiting his room. His dad was sitting in the living room reading a newspaper article like he always does every morning when Kai reached down stairs, he greeted his dad and was about to walk out when the elder called him. He stopped and turned to look at his father, the latter gesture his hand for Kai to come forward. "Yes dad!" Kai said coming to stand in front of his dad. "Sit down I want to ask you a few things"
Kai did as instructed and looked up to his father expectantly ."How is Sehun doing?" He asked. "He's doing good, I was just going to see him now" His dad hums. "To really see him or to see his brother?" Flushed a little. "To see him– I mean Sehun" Kim Heechul nods but there is a slight displeased look on his face."I want to know if you still have plans to go the same University with him like you told me a few months back" "Of course I do, why are you asking?" He inquired "His father called me and he's thinking on sending him to the states." He tells Kai. "Yeah, it's one of our many options but he still haven't decided on which school to choose from, he said he'll talk to his dad about it– well I guess he did" "So are you going to go to Yale as well or you have another school in mind?" Kai shook his head. "No, I will go to where ever Sehun decided to go" he said with finality in his tone. His dad obviously look pleased with the response. "Good then, you can go now and send my regards to Sehun and his parents" he specified, and Kai know his father is silently telling him he doesn't fully approved of Shixun as his son's boyfriend which is not a new thing to Kai.  But he's still wondering why his family don't like the idea of him being with Shixun, as far as he can tell the other hasn't done anything bad to attorn for being such disliked. He sighed inwardly. "Yes I will tell them. And we'll discuss about Yale with Sehun again today" His father hums and dismissed him with a wave of his hand. Kai stood up and bows politely before walking towards the door, he met Jennie walking inside the house as he's stepping out. She gave him a side glance and she proceed to walk in but Kai quickly caught her wrist halting her from moving forward.  "What's your problem?"she asks obviously  irritated. "No you tell me Jennie what's your problem? You've been acting out of your character lately, I get you don't like my boyfriend but that's does not give you the right to treat me like " "I am not treating you like oppa" Jennie defended. "Then what?" Kai asked, he hates this he hates the way his family is taking things because of Shixun, especially his sister, Jennie has not been just a sister to Kai but also a friend and they shared a special bond, and he doesn't know why but he just feels he needed his sister's support. "Please Jennie tell me why you don't like Shixun" She stared at him for a moment and opened to say something but she later decided against it and clamps shut. "Please" kai pleaded he really wants to know what his sister's reason is. "I am sorry oppa, I will treat you better from now on" she said hanging her head low. "It's not about you just treating me right, I want to know what's going on in your mind" She lifted her head to look at him "I wish I can tell you the real reason, but I can't. it's not my place to say it, but one thing I can tell you for sure is Shixun isn't the right one for you, you made the wrong choice and we your family knows that" she said as she gently pulled her hand from his grasp, "you lost your ity to the wrong person who doesn't deserve it oppa" she gave him an apologetic smile before proceeding into the house. Kai is more confused now, he doesn't understand what his sister meant by he made the wrong choice, then who the hell is the right one for him? He wished they'll stop with their cryptic ways and just tell him who they want him to be with already. He rubbed his temple and sighed exasperatedly before he walks towards the car garage where his Bugatti Veyron is kept.
Thirty minutes later he's driving into the Oh's mansion, the watchguards greeted him with a bow and Kai waved a hand at them as he drove inside.(they all knew who Kai was and there is no need to contact the Oh's before allowing him through, Oh Donghae has made it clear that Kai is always welcomed whenever he decided to show up and it seems the guards are doing their job pretty well.) Kai packed his car in the parking lot available inside the Oh's mansion, his eyes catches the sight of a new Lamborghini he's never seen before but didn't bother to pound over it, the Oh's are rich, they must have probably gotten a new car for one of their sons or themselves. With that thought ,he excited his car before making his way inside. He pushed the double doors that leads Into the mansion. He was met with a few maids doing their chores as he walked down the hallway that leads to the living room of the ground floor, his eyes catches the sight of Mr Oh and his husband sitting in the living room as they discussed on something intensely. Kai cleared his throat and they both raised their heads to look at him. Mr Oh smiled at him, but his prosecutor husband (sehun's carrier father) didn't, which is unusual, Sehun's carrier father has always welcomed Kai with open arms since he's returned and that made Kai to wonder what is going on,. Did he perhaps did something wrong? But he bows politely and greeted them with a smile "Good morning Uncles" he said still smiling. "Morning son" Sehun's dad said with a smile but his smile flattered and it's enough for Kai to know something is definitely wrong. But he didn't dare ask anything about that. Instead he says."Is Sehun home?" He watched carefully as Sehun's dad reluctantly nods "He's in his room, I guess he's still sleeping" Kai grin albeit the uneasiness in his gut.
"Good, I will love to wake him up" Sehun's dad hums and he pointed at the stairs, "go ahead" he said before turning his attention back to his husband, who's been staring at Kai with an unreadable expression. Kai took that as his cue and he bows one more time before walking towards the stairs, as he takes the flight of stairs he couldn't help but turn slightly to look at Sehun's parents and he was met with their piercing eyes that looks almost unforgiving, Kai shuddered and he quickly turned his head forward and continue to walk towards Sehun's room. As he past shi
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