Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun's qoute: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.We are most alive when we're in love.



A week later.


Sehun has been discharged from the hospital a few days back and he's currently at home with Kai clinging to him like he normally does since he came back home. They're both laying on Sehun's bed with Kai spooning him, resting his hand on Sehun's tummy (that has became Kai's favorite place to place his hand on) as they watch a rerun of Sehun's favorite k- drama. Sehun is genuinely watching the drama but Kai is busy dropping kisses on Sehun's neck which is very distracting, he tried to tell Kai to stop several times but it seems that only resulted in fueling Kai to keep doing it. "Kai!" Sehun called and Kai hums "please stop, it's distracting" he says and attempted to push Kai back but he ended up grinding his on Kai's crotch.
Kai grip his waist, as he groans, pressing closer, and dropping a wet kiss on Sehun's neck. "Sorry" Sehun mumbles smiling to himself. He felt so loved and he finds it hard to believe that Kai is actually with him, his husband, his and only his, he still feel as if someone will wake him up and tell him he's been dreaming. But it's real, the touches, the kisses are all real. He's so in love with Kai. "You sure you're sorry?" Kai says biting gently on his earlobe, Sehun moans at the sensation, "hmm?" He hums nibbling on Sehun's neck before a little hard on the skin. "Kai–" Sehun moans softly. "Yes baby, want more?" He asked slowly turning Sehun to lay on his back. Sehun's eyes fluttered shut, and Kai leans in to captured his lips into a sweet passionate kiss, spreading Sehun's legs apart before settling between them. Sehun's hands find Kai's neck as he kisses back, enjoying the mix of mint and cherry on Kai's lips and tongue. Kai grinds against him whilst he gently bit Sehun's lips asking for permission that Sehun eagerly granted him. They taste each other sloppily, and Kai keeps grinding his clothed crotch against Sehun's, hands stroking his sides. "Kai– I am getting hard" he whispered between kisses. "I can take care of it" Kai mumbled quietly before on Sehun's tongue "I will really love to take care of it " he adds before he pulls back only to starts peppering kisses on Sehun's jawline down to his collarbone, a bit harsh, snapping his hip a bit faster And Sehun keeps his husband's name.  Feeling himself growing even more harder inside his jeans."– Kai" he arched off the matress, pressing flush into Kai.  "Does it feel good?" Kai murmured against his skin, bringing his hand in between them before gently palming Sehun through his jeans. Sehun's eyes rolled back, his breath coming out in a heavy pant. He lifted his hip, ing into Kai's hand for more friction.  Kai lifted Sehun's shirt and pulled it over his head before doing the same with his. And he dives back, kissing every inch of Sehun's skin he could get,  Sehun was louder and louder at the feeling of Kai's hand and lips all over his body– then the door to his room suddenly swings open and they both stilled before turning to see a somewhat startled looking Oh Donghae standing and blinking at them with his phone pressed to his ear. "Uhm sorry" he quickly turned his head sideway "your pa is on the line and he wants to know if there is anything you're craving for. he's been calling your phone but you weren't picking" he gesture at the state the two young couple are "Guess you're busy– and the wedding planner will come see you in an hour or so." He adds "That's what he calls to say" His pa was saying something to his Dad on the phone and Sehun is sure his papa is shouting and promising to kill Kai if he have with his son before the wedding. Sehun wanted to laugh, they've already had , or otherwise Sehun wouldn't be carrying a growing baby in his tummy right now. Kai straighten up and he sat on his haunches, Sehun sat up as well, his face and neck are cloured  a little from getting caught by his Dad. "Okay" His Dad talked to his papa for few more seconds before hanging up the call, then he turned his full attention to the two. "Your pa is gonna kill your husband when he gets back" he tells Sehun and there is a wicked grin on his Dad's face as if he's going to enjoy watching Kai suffer in the hands of his husband. "Dad!" Sehun whines kicking his legs in the air."You're not going to allow pa to touch my husband"  His dad chuckled. "Yes I will, I bet you said you're not going to have with him until after the wedding and your papa was very pleased with that–" "We're not having " Kai quickly defended looking at Sehun then to his Dad "uncle"  he adds. "So wanna tell me exactly what you're planning on doing? Or what the hell it means to have both your shirts out of your bodies and hands all over each other's bodies, ing?"his Dad accused folding his arms over his chest. "Just wanted to feel each other" Sehun tells him. Mr Oh hums before turning to look at Kai.
"Make sure you run before my hubby gets home" he said with that wicked grin again "because I am sure like hell he's not gonna like it when you play with the innocence of his son." he points at Sehun "again."  Kai gulped before nodding. "Dad you're scaring him" Sehun pouts. "And besides I am not innocent." "Oh no, I am just stating what my husband is capable of, you know he kind of like to hold grudges. And Kai has been on his bad list for quite some time now and you were innocent before he tainted you my baby boy." he says pointing an accusing finger at Kai.. "Why? What did he do?" Sehun asked folding his arms over his chest. "Do I need to remind you that you'll become all round and big in a few months. In other words he knocked you up and–" "No need uncle, I understand. I will take my leave" Kai says lowering his head as he picked his shirt to wear it back. Sehun quickly held his husband's hand.
"No you're staying the night" he says defiantly raising his head to look his Dad. His Dad shrugged. "Suit yourself" he says "Just know I won't interfere when his murdering your husband" "I can protect him" he tells his father and his Dad grinned that wicked grin one more time. "I don't doubt it, but I'm – "Dad" Shixun called as he appears right in front of Sehun's room, his eyes darted towards Kai "Hey Kai, you're still here" he says with smile. Kai glared at him but Sehun pinched his husband on his thigh."Ow, what's that for" "Be nice" Sehun whispered just enough for Kai to hear him. Kai pouts but he did as Sehun instructed.
"Hi Shixun" he say half-heartedly. "How may I help you my prince?" Mr Oh said turning to face Shixun. His parents have been trying to support and cheer his brother up since the incident at the hospital.  Shixun giggled at his father. "Dad!" He hooked an arm around his Dad's waist. "The wedding planner is here and he asked to see you first" "Already?" The younger nods. "Okay, let's go"
 Shixun turned to look at Kai, and smiles again, but there was no hidden meaning to it, it was just an innocent friendly smile you offer to people you call good friends. "Bye Kai" he waved but Kai promptly ignores him. "I will call you when I'm done talking with him– ah Kai can stick around for a while if he wants" his dad said and they both nod.  
The moment Shixun and his Dad left the room, he turned to face Kai again."Why are you still treating him that way?" He asked. "Treating who what way?" "You know who I am talking about" "I don't like him Sehun, I am sorry he's your brother but honestly I hate him now, and I don't know how to pretend to like someone when I don't" he looks straight into Sehun's eyes as he said those words reaching up to fiddle with a lock of Sehun's hair. He tugs at it slightly, a small smile on his face, then pushes his fingers through the younger’s hair. it's a display of affection that Sehun really enjoyed and appreciate. He knows that Kai is not fond of his brother now at all, but he doesn't want that, he wants Kai to give his brother a chance to redeem himself."I know Kai, but please treat him nicer for my sake," "I will try but I –" he paused sighing "Do you really believed he's changed? I mean he won't try anything again?" Sehun nods. Even though he's not hundred percent certain that Shixun has changed, he wants to believe, to have a little faith in his brother.
"I believe he won't try anything again. Let's give him a chance Kai he'll be leaving to the States soon and it will take years before he gets back, but for the time he'll stick around. Please do this for me" Kai sighed softly, he's clearly not convinced that Shixun has changed but the look in his eyes tell Sehun he wants to believe and trust his husband's judgment. Kai hands clasp together behind Sehun's neck and he leans in to press their foreheads together, a gesture Sehun has grown all too fond of since he left the hospital. "Okay" he says "I will give him a chance for Redemption" Sehun pulls Kai closer, burying his face in his chest, hiding his smile away in it. “Thank you" "Hey" Kai pulls back and tips Sehun's chin up to look him in the eyes "you don't have to thank me for anything, you deserve whatever you want from me, I will do anything to make you happy. Okay?" Sehun stares back at his husband—his husband. He really still can't believe their married, He could really get used to saying that. he smiles and nods. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped when his stomach suddenly churned with the urge to puke, he stumble on his feet as he tried to rush to the bathroom, but Kai quickly caught his wrist."Are you alright?" He moved closer to stand in front Sehun who shakes his head. "What's wrong?" Sehun points to the bathroom, "you want to go to the toilet?" No , I want to puke, and I can't speak right now.  Sehun scrunched his nose in discomfort. "Sehun please talk to me" "I want to puk–" Sehun couldn't complete his sentence as he's already throwing up on Kai's body.
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