Twisted Fate II

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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    A month later.   It's been one month since the wedding, Kai has been having a hard time on getting used to the idea of being married to Shixun. He's been avoiding having with the other, always giving him excuses. And it's not because Kai doesn't want . no, it's because he feels as if he's cheating on Sehun with his husband, it doesn't feel right to have with Shixun. The latter has been trying and begging Kai to sleep with him and but no, Kai just couldn't do it. And that's how they spent a month living in the same room as married couple but without the honor of intimacy. It might not make sense to others or even to Kai himself, but that is just how he feels, he was able to sleep a few nights without his so called husband asking for his because he told the younger that he's not ready just yet, he needs more time. Shixun then started asking for honeymoon, but God blessed Kai's brain for creating a perfect excuse to avoid the subject as well. It's simple, Kai simply said he doesn't think it will be wise to for a useless honeymoon while he's trying to finish his registrations for collage. Shixun gave up on that but instead he started pestering him about something else. Always asking him when they're gonna go register their marriage. God the pest never stop pestering him. It leaves a bitter taste in Kai's heart whenever his husband asked about it. Just like every other morning, here they are eating in the dining room, Kai sitting next to his husband, his dad and mum sitting next to each other with Jennie at the other side sitting alone. But she'll glare at Shixun from time to time. Ka has come to understand that his sister is not very fond of Shixun, she always give him the cold shoulders, and no matter how hard he tried making his sister to treat Shixun a little nice, he failed because she has made it clear that she doesn't consider him her brother in-law and Kai shuts his mouth after that. "Father, I was thinking, since today is Friday and Kai doesn't have much to do about college registration and all. How about we go register our marriage today?" Shixun says after a few minutes of eating. Kai instantly turned to look at his husband. "What's the rush for? We have time we can register it anytime. It's not like either of us are going somewhere" he turned to look at his Dad, hoping the elder will side with him. His dad wiped his mouth with the napkin before he raised his head. "I think Shixun is right, you should go register it already" "Dad–" "Look Kai, I know you're not a big fan of this marriage but there are responsibility that one had to take in any situation, you've avoided going for honeymoon, I get that you have a good reason for that, but this is important, registering your marriage is what will make you a real couple–" "But we had the wedding"  "True, but that doesn't mean anything to the law, shixun don't have any legal rights on you, and same goes for you. You don't have any legal rights on him without the registration, that's the most important thing, you might choose not have a wedding and just go straight with the registration and the marriage will still be valid, but you can't have a wedding without registering it and expect it to be something. Look Kai what I am trying tell you is that your both need the certificate to call yourselves a valid married couple." Kai rubbed his temple and sighed defeatedly.
"Fine" Shixun smiled so wide that made Kai to almost cringe. "Oppa you don't have to do if you don't want to do it now. Take your–" "Why would he?" Shixun cuts off clearly annoyed. "Because it has to be his choice, he have to decide for himself not just act like a freaking puppet that will be controlled by anyone" "He's not a puppet" "But you're making him act like one–" "Jennie it's okay, I will do it. There is nothing to stress over it." Kai tells his sister. "Oppa,  this is bigger than the wedding, this will mean you're official and he will hold every legal rights on you, I don't want you to do something that you'll regret later" "Jennie is right" his mother spoke for the first time . "You shouldn't rush things and think it through" "Think what through?" Shixun let out a disbelief chuckle "That he will change his mind and decide against being with me?" "Look son–" "Please" Kai cut them off, he doesn't see the need to make this matter looks big, he'll go and register the damn marriage, no need to argue about it  "it's okay, really. I'll do it and just get over with it" His dad gave a curt nod and his mother wanted to say something but decided against it, she sighs giving her son a worried look before resuming eating her breakfast. Jennie rises to her feet and excused herself as she ran out of the house and slammed the door shut.
"ID please" the grumpy man sitting in front of the system asked. Kai fished out his ID and passed it over.
The man grumpy man accepted it, slightly adjusting his glasses. After typing something on the system he raised his head to look at Kai then to the system again, he repeated that for a few more seconds. Before passing Kai's ID back to him."Are you here to mock the law or waste my time?" The man asked. Kai knitted his brows.
"What are you taking about?" He asked. "You can't register two marriages at same time young man, no matter how rich and powerful you are, in our system we already have your registered, but this other boy" he pointed at Shixun "Isn't, so I don't know what you're playing here but please I have other people to attend to" he said pointing at the people waiting behind them. "What is the name of my spouse– I mean the one that was registered?" Kai tried to be nice even though the man is actually sick in the head somehow, he registered his marriage? With ing who?  "Oh Sehun!" The man answered boredom evident in his tone. Kai has never moved fast as he did right now, he practically pushed the man aside to see the computer screen for himself, ignoring the man's protests.  His eyes scanned the copy of the marriage certificate, his eyes widen at the sight of his signature,  and it widened even more at the sight of Sehun's signature.  "Oh my God!" He said straighten up before he made a happy spin in the air that almost made him fall on the man."This is freaking unbelievable" he grinned widely.  The man looked at him with disinterest but Kai is so happy, he's so so ing happy, he can't believe he got married to Sehun for over a month now, he can't believe this is actually happening.
He's so lost in his giddiness that he failed to remember Shixun was right there with him. When he raised his head to look at the younger, Shixun was looking at him blinking rapidly as he tried to blink away the tears forming in his eyes. Kai quickly went to him and tried to hold him but Shixun raised his hand, halting him. "Shixun, I –" "Did you agree on this so you can come here and humiliate me?" He asked poking at himself. "What? No Shixun I didn't know, I swear I have no idea how it happened" Shixun exhaled a shaky breath, he raised his head and look at the ceiling for a few seconds before dropping it down. "Cancel it" "What?" Kai practically yelled. "Cancel the ing marriage" he yelled loudly throwing his hands in the air trying as much to convey his message. Kai's whole body shuddered at the slightest thought of doing what Shixun asked, the hurt look on the other's face make Kai want to give him what he wants but this is Sehun, his best friend, the man he's been in love with for 8 years, and he's being delivered to him in sliver platter as his husband, he can't let him go , I won't do this, he can't believe God saved him and grant his biggest wish only to throw it back at God's face. Hell no, he's not going to do that. "I can't" Shixun let out a chuckle in disbelief.
"You can't or you won't?" "Both. Look Shixun, this is not something that I can just cancel, I have to see Sehun and talk to him first, it won't be possible without his signature" "I love you Kai, I really do and I am not going to give up on you just because of a stupid marriage certificate that you don't even have an idea how the hell you signed it. You're my husband and we had a wedding the Media knows that. The word knows that. So I am gonna go and I get my brother to fu
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