Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun's heart is beating so loud that he could hear it drums in his ears, he's sure Kai will be able to feel the erratic of his heartbeats. God how much he missed those lips, they had only kissed a few times but Sehun feel he can get used it, get used to having Kai kiss him like this. He tenderly wrapped his arms around Kai's neck as he kissed back with much passion, that seemed to encouraged Kai and he presses a little closer but not with much pressure that will cause discomfort to Sehun, he uses one hand to hold Sehun's waist while the other hand was rested on Sehun's tummy where their baby lays. The thought of his baby pulled him out and he abruptly pulled back to look at Kai with his hand now resting on top of Kai's that was placed on his tummy. "M-my baby?" He asked his voice breaking, scared of what he might hear.He remembered taking a fall, and some parts of his body aches he feel a bit better but he's not sure if his baby had survived the fall with him– God forbids if something happens to his baby he will never be able to forgive his brother for it, he can over look all that Shixun has done to him so far and forgive him but he would never, ever forgive him for purposely killing his child. He loves his baby so much just as much as he love his baby's father. Kai smiled and caresses his cheek.
"Our baby is doing just fine, nothing happened to it" he tells him and Sehun let out a breath of relief, he found himself smiling and he presses a little harder on Kai's hand that's still resting on his stomach. Then Kai is leaning in again as he connects his lips with Sehun's, he smiled through the kiss and he continues to kiss Sehun passionately. Every doubt that Sehun ever had flew out of his system at the feeling of Kai's lips against his own, it feels so good, Kai feel like home, like where Sehun belongs, he pulled Kai closer to deepen the kiss, and Kai smiled against his lips once again. "I love you so much baby" Kai whispered before he nibbles on Sehun's lower lip, tenderly pushing his tongue into the younger's mouth and Sehun welcomed it with a low moan betraying his throat. Their tongues tangled as Kai maps every corner of his mouth. God how much he love this feeling. Sehun was so lost in the feeling of Kai kissing him to remember they had company in the room, it was until someone clears his throat that they both simultaneously pulled back. "Oh my God. I am so sorry I shouldn't have–" he said at the realization that he just shared a kiss with Kai, his brother's husband In front of his and Kai's family. "Hey! why are you apologizing?" Kai's mum asks "It's okay you both needed it. And besides you're married couple" she adds with a smile. "Married?" "Yeah, you don't remember about that?" Kai asked and he visibly tensed. "No. Yeah – I remember you telling me and I freaked out and became hysteric because it can't happen, it shouldn't be happening" he says and Kai let out a relief sigh. "Why not?" "Are you seriously asking me that?" "I mean you have feelings for me and I have feelings for you, so I don't see why we shouldn't be together" "He's right oppa" Jennie says sending a smile Sehun's way. "How did you know?" His eyes widened at the realization of Kai knowing how he truly feels about him, how the hell did he find out? It seemed he was daze when Kai kissed him, he thought he was probably still in his dreams that he kissed Kai back without a second thought, because he craves for the other's touch so bad. "It doesn't matter hunnie, the most important thing is that we love each other and we're married  Thank you. For sticking by my side despite the mistakes I’ve made. For looking out for me and… risking everything for someone like me that gives you nothing in return. You never asked to be here, yet here you are." Kai says cupping his face, Sehun stared intensely into his husband's eyes, Husband, he can call him that right? And he almost got lost from the amount of love he saw, it's raw and open. Kai is laying his feelings out for him to see, he's not hiding it like he used to. Which is why Sehun never noticed until the night he heard Kai and his brother talked. He wants to be with Kai more than anything in this world but he have to consider others, others means his brother, how he'll take it, as much as Sehun hates those almost unforgiving things his brother did to him, he still wants to consider his feelings, because that's the difference between them, Sehun always consider other's feelings while his brother only consider what he wants, just himself. But he's not going to give up on Kai not after knowing Kai want to be with him, Kai love him as much he does to the older, Kai choose him , but he still want to consider how his brother will take it.  And how his fathers will take it, will they accept them to be together or will they rather for Kai to be with his brother? His Dad had shown his approval if Sehun remembers correctly, the elder had smiled and seemed so much in relief when Kris told him Kai is now Sehun's husband, he even encouraged Sehun to accept it and sees it as God's grace but his papa on the other side didn't show any sign of acceptance towards the situation. But the most important person to consider is his brother. "What about Shixun?" His eyes automatically went to his brother that is wiping his tears as he leans against a wall. The memory of how his brother attempted to kill him flooded his mind, how the other pushed him down that window without an ounce of humanity or remorse, just so he can get rid of Sehun and the baby that is growing inside him.
Sehun wanted to hate him right now, but he can't, he couldn't hate his brother no matter how much of a bad person he can be, he believed there is a good in his brother and the younger is just angry at everything and not because he actually wanted Sehun and his baby dead. Right? "It's over between us" Kai says with anger lacing his voice. "Tell me something Sehun, did Shixun have anything to do with the fall? Did he pushed you" Sehun lifted his head to glanced at his brother who duck his head refusing to meet Sehun's eyes. "No" he says "He didn't. it was an accident" Shixun quickly raised his head to look at his twin,there is something in his eyes that says a lot but Sehun can't seem to understand what exactly. "Why are you–" "It's the truth" he quickly cuts off, the last thing he wants is his brother being hated by everyone "It was an accident" he said sternly and his eyes landed on his hyung(kris) who gave him a knowing smile. "Sehun you don't have to cover for him if he really did something like that" His dad says. Sehun shakes his head. "No Dad, he didn't, please let's not speak of the accident again, the only thing that matters is that I am fine and so is the baby" he says and his tummy a few times that has Kai smiling down at his husband. "Kai can I please talk to you for a moment?" Shixun suddenly says and Sehun's heart drops, the insecurity is still deep within him even though Kai chose him but he's sure his brother is definitely not on board with it and Sehun is scared he might do something again to take Kai away from him. He subconsciously tightened his hold on Kai's hand. Kai noticed the tension growing in his mind and he lifts his chin with a finger to make Sehun look him in the eye. The look on Kai's eyes says a lot of promises that will never be broken, he leans into the older's hand as Kai caresses his cheek.
"I swear to the heavens, I will never allow him to manipulate me again, I've learned my lessons and learned what a devil he is in disguise–" That earned him a smack on the chest from Sehun."ouch, I am sorry but it's the truth" "I know he's done bad things but you shouldn't call him a devil" Sehun pouts. Kai coos before leaning in to peck his lips. "Okay, I won't, I  promise you no one will separate us ever again, we're one and I love you so much. You know that" Sehun nods, then he chewed on his lips wanting to say something, and he knows Kai will not be pleased about what he's about to say, but he's Sehun the selfless one, he always consider others before himself. "I know you love me and I love so much Kai, you have no idea how much" he glanced at his brother then to Kai and his husband is furrowing his brows, probably already guessing what Sehun's about to say but the younger continues "are you sure this is the right thing? I mean us being together–" "Sehun stop!–" Kai says in stern voice. "No please let me finish, I want you to think about it, and decide appropriately, no rush, and I promise to respect whatever you decided. You see the world already knows about you being married to my brother, how will it look like when suddenly you revealed me as your husband? What will the people think about our families? You can be with Shixun and I promise I will be okay" he said those words even though it hurts, even though he doesn't want to give up on Kai. Kai
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