Heart Felt.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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  This chapter is kind of emotional if you put your heart in it. Enjoy reading. I never knew I had it in me to write such chapter, but yeah I had help from my wife.    


Kai doesn't know how it happens because it happened so fast, one second he's crouching on the road wallowing in his worries and the next he's being pushed aside, then another Sehun's being hit by a car. His blood runs cold as he watched the scene unfold in front of him, Sehun is laying there all covered in blood and the car that ran him over is stumbling at the other side of the road until it came to a stop. Kai's whole body begins to shake, fear for his friend runs in every part of his body, from blood to the core of his bones. His body is now on auto pilot as he ran towards his friend,"No no no..." Kai breaks down in tears, hands pressed against his face as if it would make things less horrible, less real."No... Please..." He pulled Sehun up a little before engulfing him in his arms.
"Sehun! No no please open your eyes baby please!" He cried tightening his hold around Sehun's motionless body "Please" he whimpers, choking on the lump in his throat as he swallows down his own tears and the desire to scream "NOOOO!" This time he let it out, he screams and that's when he noticed people gathering around them and someone was quick to call an ambulance. Kai will thank the person later. He held Sehun closer and he can feel the dampness on his pants, probably from Sehun's blood. "You silly boy!" He cried harder when realization dawned on him – Sehun tried to save him and got caught up in the process. "You could have just let me get hit, I can't live with myself if something happens to you" he cried again. "Please. Please open your eyes! Stay with me baby please be okay." He Pleads.  "Hang in there Sehun. The ambulance is on it's way" he says after a few minutes of waiting and wailing. Kai isn't sure how long it took but after a while the ambulance arrived and Sehun is being carried into it, and he didn't waste another second as he joined in. The car driver( the one that caused the accident) was pulled out and placed into the ambulance as well. But Kai didn't bother to spare him a glance to even notice how critical his condition is, all that he cares about is his Sehun. Sehun's suit jacket was pulled off him as the premedics laid him down, and they instantly started tending to him.  The entire journey towards the hospital was spent in tears. Kai burying his head into the side as his face as his body shakes with the force of his weeps. They’re powerful and overcome him strongly, making him tremble and he feels frigid, not in control of his own limbs. Kai knows he’s receiving stares from the premedics. But he can’t bring himself to care, he doesn’t even bother to look up and acknowledge the glances. He can’t focus on that fact right now except Sehun who's laying lifeless as he holds his hand like his life depends on it. When the ambulance stopped and sehun is being carried into the hospital, he gets off as well, ascending into the building and Kai feels his frenzy only beginning to escalate. The hospital is crowded as sehun is being pushed on the stretcher, instructions were given, doctor's shouting and nurses running to do what is asked of them., they instantly took Sehun into the operation room, Kai was about to push through when a nurse stopped him by placing a hand on his chest. "Stay in the waiting room Mr, Please let's us do our job" Kai reluctantly nods. He glanced into the operation room and he saw Sehun's clothes being cuts out of his body, he averted his gaze from the bloodied sight. Releasing a sigh, he glanced at Sehun one more time before walking towards the waiting room.  
Kai's not sure how long he waits. It’s even harder to do so alone with no company surrounding him as he sits in the dull hospital waiting room and awaits further news. It’s more torturous this way, counting down every minute and still, receiving no news. His phone keeps going off but Kai didn't bother to give it a glance. He keeps his phone switched on but adamant on not using it, unable to provide attention towards the people he attempts to communicate with. When Shixun starts calling him, probably wondering where he is Kai turns his phone to silent and buries it deep into his pocket. Then finally the doctor walks into the waiting room and Kai quickly stood up and moved towards the doctor."How is he?" Kai asked. "He had a brain hemorrhage but we've managed to stop the bleeding and alleviate most of the swelling, though it’s still present but we hope he'll recover remarkably well. There are several cuts and broken bones in his body but it has been treated and taken care of. The broken bones are specifically on his leg and ribs that’s been snapped in different places, but it’s all been taken care of effectively." "Brain hemorrhage?" Kai gasped, that was what terrifies him the most . "Yes and there is something I want to tell you" the doctor hesitates for a second. "He went into coma" "What? Coma?" Kai's head is pounding and spinning at same time, his blood running cold, his heart twisting painfully. "I am sorry. it is the result of the bleed in his brain.   we tried our hardest, but he’s made no progress since he slipped into a coma" That isn’t the news Kai wanted to hear. He squeezes his eyes shut, taking a deep breath to placate himself from screaming out loud. "How long until he wakes up, and is he going to be okay?" The doctor waits for a minute, sympathy pouring into his features as he speaks."We can’t be sure just yet. Even if he wakes up, we can’t be sure of the extent of the damage, whether or not it affected him at all because there’s possible complications that can occur. We’re trying our hardest,"  Kai nods and as much as he doesn’t want to believe any of the words he’s been told, he knows there’s no other reality right now "we have to monitor him for a while to see if there's any progress" “Can I see him, please?” He whispers, afraid of raising his voice because being rejected of seeing Sehun may break his heart permanently. “Yeah. You can. He’s still in a coma so he’s potentially not aware of his surroundings but, sure.” Kai feels relief flood into him. He had been suffering for the entire time he had been sitting alone, awaiting news and now that he has, he doesn’t think he could just go on without seeing Sehun. Though there hasn’t been a confirmation that he’ll survive or, make a full recovery, Kai just needs to be around his presence right now. He needs to see Sehun for himself, with his own two eyes. “Okay, thank you, doctor.” The doctor leads Kai down the hallway, into a separate, room. The curtains are drawn and he knows behind them lays the man that has Kai's heart in the palm of his hands. The doctor grants Kai privacy as he nods, leaving him alone. Kai takes a deep breath before he calls Sehun's parents to inform them about the condition their son is in.They panicked and Kai tried his best to calm them down. After a moment, he succeeded in doing so. They told him they will be on their way to the hospital. ASAP. After ending the call he shoves his phone back into his pockets and raised his head to look ahead. Kai's dreading seeing Sehun. He knows the condition the man will be in and he knows seeing Sehun in such state will scar him. The minutes pass and he finally gains the courage, gathering himself and stepping forward,  As expected, Sehun lays there, he’s in a state that’s hard to look at. Kai's knees almost failed him, he had to place a hand on the nearest wall for leverage. "Oh my God!" He begins to sob again at the state his friend is in. Sehun has tubes coming out of every inch of his body, plugged into machines to help him function properly since he’s unconscious. There’s a thick bandage around his forehead, concealing him.stitches holding some of the deeper cuts together while others are simply covered with band-aids. He lays lifeless on the bed, . Sehun looks so vulnerable like this. He looks completely defenceless. His chest barely heaves with his light breathing. There are cuts all over his hand and shoulder, a seemingly deeper one on the other side of his his neck that’s been stitched together, holding in place with the thread. He gathered himself again before taking wobbly steps towards the cot Sehun's laying on. Kai grabs the chair off the wall, aligning it next to Sehun where his head has rolled back on the pillow in obvious discomfort. Kai wonders if he’s still in pain even while he’s in a coma and the thought agonises him. His thumb gently brushes across Sehun's knuckles in a soothing manner, knowing these actions aren’t registering to Sehun at all but he wants to do it, he wants to soothe Sehun even though the other is not aware. He tried to keep his emotions at bay but upon the sight of Sehun looking so weak and vulnerable, he can’t stop the tears from falling once again. He doesn’t try to hold them back, either. He’s alone in the hospital room with an unconscious Sehun who’s not sensing anything that’s happening, who doesn’t understand how truly sorry Kai is for putting his friend's life at risk. It's his fault. if Sehun hadn't tried to save him he wouldn't be in this position. Kai is supposed to be the one laying helpless not Sehun. Sehun doesn't deserve this. He holds Sehun's hand and sobs into him. He lifts the hand to his lips, kissing it with trembling lips."I am so so sorry S
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