For Him.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun's qoute: True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.  A single rose can be my garden… a single friend can be my world. 
Sehun is 17 and Kai is 18     A very unfortunate event occurred just when they entered their second senior class of high school, Kai was diagnosed with a very deadly kidney disease that is threatening his life (. Primary amyloidosis is a rare disorder in which abnormal proteins build up in tissues and organs. Clumps of the abnormal proteins are called amyloid deposits.
The condition is related to abnormal and excess production of proteins. Clumps of abnormal proteins build up in certain organs. This makes it harder for the organs to work correctly.)
Sehun had almost lost his sanity when he found out about it. The doctors says Kai will live on dialysis for a moment before they find the perfect candidate (of his age) that can give him a kidney, finding a donor is a bit harder than they thought because Kai's blood group is very rare, his parents offered theirs but the doctors promptly refused it, simply because of their age differences, they said it will not be affective and there is a chance Kai's body might reject the kidney, they later convinced the Kim's that it will be better if Kai got a kidney from his age mate.
Just like the previous month, here they are in the hospital for Kai's dialysis, the latter is Inside the lab and Sehun is pacing anxiously through the hallway.
A few seconds later he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, Sehun jolted as he quickly turned around to see who it was. "Hey! I am sorry I startled you" Mr Kim said with a warm smile. Sehun shook his head and offered a small smile. "It's okay uncle, I am just worried about Kai" "I know son, he'll be fine, let's keep praying he gets a donor soon" Sehun was silent for a moment deeply in thought. then it hits him, how can he be so stupid to not even think about this earlier, he's been worked up about Kai's health that he failed to see the solution right inside of him. Mr Kim raised a brow as Sehun kept staring at an empty space. "You're okay son?" He asked worriedly. Sehun raised his head and nod.
"Yes uncle, I am okay now– God how could I not think about it earlier?" "Think about what?" "Me. I can save Kai, I can give him my kidney and he'll be fine" he said with a proud smile for finally getting a solution. "What?" Mr Kim widen his eyes. "No son, you can't" "Why not?" "I don't know–" he rubbed his temple "Kai wouldn't want that, he wouldn't want you to give up your kidney for him." "I can survive with one kidney for the rest of my life as long as it's healthy" Mr Kim shook his head vehemently.
"No son, what if God forbids something happens to your only kidney" "Nothing will happen to it uncle, and even if something does happen, we'll find a way then, but now that I can save my friend, I am going to do it"  Mr Kim sighed.
"I understand how you feel Sehun, but this is not something you can just decided on your own, you have to talk to Kai and your father first" "I will but, I am just saying I've already made my decision, we have the same blood group, and Kai is just one year older than me, I am the perfect candidate for this uncle, think about it " he urges. Mr Kim rested a hand on Sehun's shoulder.
"I would love nothing more than to save my son's life, my heir. but Sehun I don't want you to do something you'll regret latter on in life" Sehun shook his head firmly "I will never, ever regret saving Kai's life , even if I have to give up my own life for him to survive, I will do it in a heartbeat I want Kai to live, I want to hear him laugh. The sound is so pretty uncle– so so pretty"  He said in a dreamy voice "always making my heart chime and collapse into itself. I wants to commit my life to hearing that same sound over and over, I only want to deliver happiness to him, and to do that I have to save him first." he said his words loud and clear. and Mr Kim catches the sincerity in Sehun's tone. "You love him that much. don't you?" Sehun flushed, ducking his head slightly.
"Of course, he's my best friend" Mr Kim chuckled a little.
"That's not what I am taking about son, the other love" "What other love?" Sehun feigned ignorance. "Romantic type of love" "Oh my God!" Sehun covered his face with his palms. "No– I – don't-" "I can see through you, the way you look at him when he's not looking gave you away, It's okay Sehun you're allowed to love my son," "Was I that obvious?" He asked blushing miserably. Mr Kim nods. "Very, but you'll have to tell him because my son can be as ignorant as a fool, so I doubt if he noticed the love you have for him" Sehun hums. "I will tell him, but not now, after we graduate high school" "You sure you want to wait that long?" "Yeah, it's not a big deal, we have the time in the world together– I am just scared of us drifting and i know it will be my own fault. because I don't think I can to be my normal self or tries to behave the way i used to if Kai rejects me. It will feel awkward between us, our relationship will be strained and it will all be because of me. And I don't want that, not when we still have a year and a few more months before we graduate," he says, Mr Kim opened his mouth to say something but Sehun continues. "Well enough with that, let's talk about Kai's health now" He said with a loud sigh. Mr Kim gave a curt nod.
"Sure, but first you have to talk to your–" "Mr Kim" the doctor called. Both Sehun and Kai's father turned to the doctor's direction.
"A word please" "Sure" the man was about to walk into the doctor's office when Sehun grabbed his wrist. "Uncle can– can I join please" he asked pleadingly, he wants to know if there is any progress on Kai. Mr Kim nod and ushers Sehun to follow. They were silent for a few seconds before the doctor begins to speak. "Your son's condition is getting difficult" the doctor starts "he's been having dialysis for a year now and his body is becoming weaker,I am sorry, finding a donor for your son is really difficult that I thought and now he don't have much time because he's having an acute kidney failure" "What are you saying doctor?" Mr Kim asked, his hands trembling a little. " Acute kidney failure is a rapid less than 2 days loss of your kidneys' ability to remove waste and help balance fluids and Electrolytes in the body." The doctor tells them. "What does that mean?" "He have a Disorder that caused clotting within the kidney blood vessels it is rejecting the dialysis and now it's infecting and directly injured the kidney, I am sorry I wish there is something we could do" "What?" Both Sehun and Mr Kim said in unison. "How long does he have?" Mr Kim asked. "Without the surgery, two days. I am sorry" "Oh my God!" Mr Kim gasped. "It's okay uncle, I am here to save him" Sehun says giving Mr Kim's hand a gentle squeeze, before turning to face the doctor ."with a donor at hand, when will it be appropriate for the surgery?" He asked and the doctor gave him a confused look.
"I am giving him one of my kidneys, we share the same blood group." Sehun cleared the doctor's confusion. "Sehun don't–" "Please Uncle we've talked about it already, I want to do this for Kai" "Well with a donor at hand the surgery can take place immediately, we just need to run a few tests on your before we can proceed, you are a perfect candidate for this." The doctor added. "Will it scar? I mean the cut?" Sehun asked randomly after a moment of silence. "No it won't, we're using laser to seal it"  "I want it to scar Please"   The doctor rose his brows.
"Why? Wouldn't it be better if it didn't?" "No I want it to, I don't want to ever forget," The doctor hums and Mr Kim stare at Sehun for a moment."You're weird son" he says, shaking his head and smiling fondly in the process. Sehun gave him a small smile.
"I Know" "Well" the doctor cleared his throat. "It won't be prominent but I will try and leave a small one"  Sehun nods. "Thank you–but I need a day to talk to my father if it's okay and won't cause any harm to Kai" "Of course it's okay" the doctor said with a smile. "You are a brave kid. son" he adds "ah one more thing you need to know is that you won't drink or smoke any drugs for the rest of your life after the surgery, can you do that?" "Yes" Sehun answer
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