Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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 Kai's quote: The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.  
Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other but what defines us is whether we choose to practice good or to practice evil.

The things that are happening lately are really trying to get the best of him, his happy to learn that Sehun is his husband and their going to become fathers in 8 months time, but also he's worried, Sehun don't love him in that way, and he might reject Kai as his spouse, but whatever it is, Kai is never going to let him go, he's never signing those papers, he will wait for Sehun to understand and hopefully one day he'll love him not just as a friend but the way Kai wanted him to. With the way his mind was working he decided to get a coffee after he witnessed Sehun entering inside Shixun's ward without sparing Kai a glance, and he decided to stick out side the hospital building a little longer to get a breather. But never in a million year did he think he will witness the love of his life falling down a two story building. Kai whole body was on auto pilot, as he watched Sehun landing on the ground. He's scared for his husband and scared for something happening to their baby. He doesn't think he can handle it if something happened to either Sehun or his child, but his priority is Sehun, it will always be Sehun. And he's praying for any deity out there to keep his best friend safe. He can't lose Sehun. He doesn't even want to imagine and have a life where his best friend is not in it. He threw the coffee he's holding and ran as fast as he could to where Sehun is, crouching down, he pulled Sehun into his arms, "No, no, no baby, no please not again." Just when he thought his lonely night are finally over, something like this comes crashing on him. The way it's happening feels like a deja Vu, he can never forget the day he held Sehun's bloodied body in his arms just like this on the night of the accident. He feels as though someone has reached into his chest to crush his heart with their bare hands, clutching it tighter and tighter with every breath that leaves him. "This can't be happening again, please Sehun– baby, I can't lose you, I can't go through what i went through without you – please baby please be safe," But there is different, Sehun seems to be less injured compared to the other time he held him like this, he's still unconscious though and a few bruises on his hand. Kai stared at it a little longer and he noticed it was some sort of finger markings, like someone held Sehun tight enough to leave such bruises. What happened? Did Sehun tried to kill himself? Or did someone pushed him? Kai knows Sehun is not the type to try such act especially after knowing he's pregnant, and from the look of it, Sehun loves his baby, he'll never do anything as such to jeopardize the little being's safety. Someone is definitely responsible for this. His mind is going haywire but Kai can guess a few things, either the two brothers got into an argument and accident happened or shixtun purposely pushed him , his blood boiled with rage at the thought of Shixun doing this to his love. But is Shixun really capable of doing such thing? He had known him not for so long but he doesn't seem to be the kind of person that will commit such act to his own twin brother.  His went to rest on Sehun's stomach. "I love you both, so– so much you have to survive this– Daddy can't lose you, daddy is going to be so crushed if something happens to either you or your papa. Please" he cried. Kai doesn't know how long he's been holding Sehun like that, his mind has gone blank for a moment and he couldn't act until he felt someone lifting Sehun from his arms. His body instantly reacts at the sense of someone taking his husband away from the safety of his arms and his eyes snap up and he saw some nurses and a doctor putting Sehun to a stretcher. behind the doctor is a very much frightened looking Kris just like him as he called his brother's name repeatedly. Then his eyes landed on Sehun's parents and a terrified looking Shixun, with tears rolling continuously down his face, then it hits him, his Sehun,his best friend, his love, his husband is laying there unconscious because of something that had to do with Shixun. With that thought in mind Kai pushed through, his eyes fixed on Shixun as he yank the other before slamming him against a wall. Shixun groans In pain before his eyes widened at the sight of Kai pinning him to the wall with a hand choking around his neck. "K-kai!" Shixun choked out. "You" Kai snarled "You did this to him" it's not a question but a statement. Shixun shakes his head as best as he could with Kai's hand choking him."I– didn't, it was an accident, I tried to save him but it was too late" "Liar!" He spat "I don't believe you" "Please Kai I am telling the truth. Why– why would I do that to my own twin?" "You tell me–" "Kai stop" Sehun's carrier father came forward and yanks Kai away from Shixun. "What do you think you're doing."  Shixun coughed a few times as he rubs his throat. "It's okay Pa, Kai didn't mean it. He thought I did that to Sehun" Shixun says, hand going to hold his father's Eunhyuk looked at Kai with a deep frown.
"What? How could you think of such thing? Shixun tried to save his brother but couldn't, and he immediately came to us telling us Sehun's fell off and he couldn't save him." Kai shakes his head a little, he doesn't want to disrespect his father in law but something is not right, the story sound convincing but not enough to Kai."I don't believe him" he said pointing an accusing finger at Shixun."he did this to Sehun" "Are you saying that he tried to kill his own brother?" "Not probably to kill him, but may be to hurt him and his baby for sure" Sehun's father shakes his head in disbelief."You're wrong. Kai. You should have seen how frightened Shixun looks" Kai wanted to say more but he doesn't want to result in an argument with Sehun's pa, so he nods and make an attempt to walk away but Shixun held his wrist, he stare at the hand holding his then up to Shixun's face. "Kai please I don't want you to think bad of me. I didn't do it Kai, believe me" "Why will it matter if I believe you or not?" "It does, you're my husband–" "Don't." He says a bit harsher than intended "Shixun don't say that again, you're not my husband. My husband is there fighting for his and our baby's life" He wants to believe xun, he really do and he knows Shixun is not a bad person, his only fault was falling in love with Kai. But there's this powerful voice in his head that keeps telling him that Shixun have something to do with how his husband is right now. "So now you just ending things with me? I thought you're better than that Kai. I thought we had this beautiful thing between us" "Well sorry to disappoint you– we did had a thing though, but I can't be with you Shixun. I am sorry. I really am, if the choice was given to me before I would have chosen Sehun a thousand times. You  know it. He's the only man that my heart yearns for " he said those words placing a palm over his chest, directly above where his heart lays. "Kai don't do this, think about all those time we spent together. Think about how much we love each other" "I don't love you Shixun, I never did, Sehun has already occupied every bit of space in my  heart, there is no more space to put you in even if I wanted to" "But he doesn't love you. I–" Shixun point a finger at himself "love you so ing much, you can't be with someone who doesn't have feelings for you" Kai scoffed at that. "Tell that to yourself" "I thought you liked me" "I did" "Then let's be together" "I can't" "You can't or won't" "Which ever fits you"  "Is it because I lost our baby? We can have another one kai.why are you doing this to me? "It's not about that." "Then what if I never lose the baby,  are you still going to leave me?" Kai was silent for a moment, not because he's hesitating but because he suddenly felt pity towards Shixun, he loves Kai, but Kai loves Sehun and that will never change , then he nods "I would have still left you, as long as I know Sehun's legally married to me." Shixun nods as he blinked his tears away.
"Kai please, I love you, I need you" "No, you don't need me, you were doing just fine before you met me. I am sorry I broke you heart Shixun, i am sorry I couldn't love you even when I made the effort. And now I have to go and be there for my husband. My real husband"He pry Shixun's hand away from his wrist before turning to walk into the hospital, he ignore the sound of Shixun's wails, he doesn't have the luxury of sympathy at moment, all he wants now Is to be there for the most important person in his life. He had to stop and lean against a wall when he entered into the building, he closed his eyes momentarily and took a deep breath before he continues to walk.  He sighted Sehun's Dad leaning against a wall a with his head down. He bows at his father in law before proceeding to take his seat next to Kris. They're sitting outside the ward where Sehun is being attended to , Kris is sitting by his side and he felt the other's hand on his shoulder.He turned sideway to look at his friend. "He's going to be fine." Kris tells him. "He's a fighter, we've been here before" Kai nods because he knows Kris is right. If anyone could defeat death is Sehun. He have faith that his husband and baby are going to be Alright. 
"He have to be" he says "Thanks" They didn't exchange another word as they continue to sit in silence for almost an hour before the door opens and the doctor walks out. Sehun's dad was the first to react, then Kai stood up and Kris followed suit. "How is he?" Sehun's dad asked "He's fine. Nothing life threatening." The doctor responded. "The baby?" Kai asked. "Fine as well" Kai let out a breath of relief. "It's a miracle how the pregnancy survived such a fall" Kai didn't know how he found himself smiling at that, He's really grateful to God for keeping his husband and child safe. He can finally breath. "Can I go see him?" He asked. "Who are you– I mean what's your relationship with the patient?" "Husband, he's the patient's husband" Sehun's dad answered and the
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