I Know You Like Me

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Sometimes the one you hate most ends up being the one you love most. Superstar and diva, Kim Heechul, and SM trainee, Leenah Jung, meet and have an instant irrational hatred for one another. Suddenly several obstacles are crossing their path, testing if their hatred is genuine or a facade to hide something more. In the process, one just might admit feelings for their SM rival. Who will confess first?


Jump in to see one of the most iconic and heartfelt Heenim fanfics to hit the internet as commended by the fans! Whether you just love the Milky Skin Space Star Kim Heenim or all of Super Junior, you will laugh, cry, and laugh again! 

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I read this story back in 2018 and read it again today and I just love it even more! I noticed there was a change in their first love scene but I still love it anyways!! I'm so impressed with how realistic Heechul's character was just wow
Chapter 44: Reread this amazing story for the third time 💙💙
Rayshun #3
Chapter 43: I loved the story... It was really nice... Heechul was like his true self... Loved him nd leenah was amazing...kangin was so sweet nd he gt Marta...
In d last part.. leenah's nightmare seemed so real.. was shocked.. nyway loved the story.. Cheers dear writer...???
Chapter 43: Beautifully written storyline. You really dedicated so much of yourself to this work. Thank you.
Chapter 42: I liked the christmas special .. are you going to update it ?
nesha42 #6
Chapter 40: I'm crying a river, coz this story breathtaking.
Chapter 39: yeeey she's not sick .. nice love it .. I enjoy reading this story a lot :D