Now or Never

Without You

Wooyoung had decided to take a walk and go shopping to relax.

He went to several shops to try on several shirts and then decided to learn from Shinee's Key. He was going to go to every store and slowly look around.

He started from the ground up and found it to be very relaxing.

Wooyoung: "Maybe I should do this more often, then I can just forget all my problems"


Tiffany was walking in a mall to get some new clothes for herself and just to get out of the dorm to relax. She had already bought 4 dresses and was walking along an aisle when she started to think of Wooyoung again. Then suddenly she slammed into someone, knocking him over.

Tiffany: "Mianhe! Mianhe! Wooyoung?"

Wooyoung: "Tiffany? its ok. What are you doing here?"

Tiffany: "Just getting some dresses, you?"

Wooyoung: "Got myself some shirts and now I'm just going into every store just for the fun of it. Want to join me?"

Tiffany: " Yeah sure"

They walked into the stalls, talking about their lives and laughing.

All the while as they went on, Wooyoung was caught between telling her his feelings or keeping it a secret.

In the meantime as they talked, Tiffany thought "I musn't tell him, I musn't give in."

After visiting the stores, it was late at night, they decided to head on home.

Tiffany: "Thanks for the outing, it was fun"

Wooyoung: "No problem, it was fun for me too. Tffany I.,...."

Tiffany : "Yes?" (Feeling scared at the last part of his sentence)

Wooyoung: "errm Nothing "

Tiffany: " Ok. See you around"

Wooyoung: "yeah bye"

As Tiffany turned to go home, Wooyoung thought "ahh....What the hell" caught her arm

Wooyoung: "Tiffany........ I like you. I have for a very long time now"

Tiffany was stunned as she slowly turned around and tears started to fall from her eyes. "Don't say it, Don't say it, Don't say it" thought Tiffany.

Tiffany: "Wooyoung..... I like you too

" why did you tell him!!!!" thought Tiffany.

Wooyoung :" You don't know how happy I am to her you say that. I know this is spontaneous and I didn't bring anything special, but will you be my girlfriend?

Tiffany smiled as her heart screamed YES!!!!!!. Just then,  her smile fell and she started crying.

Tiffany: "I want to..,..Wooyoung, I really do.... but we can't"

Wooyoung :" No.... don't do this Tiffany please... we can"

Tiffany: "I'm sorry we can't"

"Tiffany!!!" screamed Wooyoung as he ran after her.

As fit as he was, he hadn't exercised for a long time and couldn't keep up with her.

Tiffany ran into her dorm and slammed the door shut, locking it. She leaned against the door and slid down to the floor as she cried. Wooyoung kept on knocking on the door begging Tiffany to come out, but she just wouldn't listen.

"I'm sorry Wooyoung. I love you but we can't be together. I want to be with you but I can't ask you to sacrifice your career like that just for me." thought Tiffany as she cried.

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