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Without You

Hi everyone, I have a new fanfic that will start 5 to 6 weeks from now (or hopefully earlier) with Sunny as the lead character. Its based on a Brazilian movie called Tropa de Elite, which is a mostly true story about how Brazil's SWAT teams, known as BOPE started the war against drugs and the pressure they had to go through on the job and at home with their families. The stress on them and their families is that the BOPE members have to go into danger and risk being killed, leaving their loved ones alone and without financial support. At work, they have to keep cool so that they don't make mistakes and get innocent people killed.  I apologize to the guy who voted no yesterday on the poll as I suddenly felt that this was a story I just had to write.

The story will focus on Sunny trying to keep herself sane from the pressure and her " I don't give a damn" police attitude from translating fully into her personal life and ruining her chance to lead a normal life with her love interest (Who will most probably be Sungmin). Its going to have an even more realistic feel than Without You and deals with how working life can affect a relationship.

So please do check it out and subscribe if you like it:


Here's the movie with english subtitles on youtube:

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