You're Back!

Without You

Days passed and Wooyoung felt rather lonely without Tiffany and what made it worse was that he didn't have any scheduled events for the entire week. That left him at the dorm always looking at his phone waiting for Tiffany to call.

She was busy, but she always made the effort to call before she took off for her next concert and when she landed. Ocassionally, the girls would be screaming in the background to embarrass the two of them when Tiffany called.

He missed her.... he missed her so badly.

Then the doorbell rang...... Wooyoung left it alone. Let the others get it, he wasn't in the mood.

Then he remembered..... he was the only one in the dorm. With a heavy sigh and a great deal of effort, he lifted himself from the bed and dragged himself to the door.

When he opened the door, he thought he was hallucinating. Tiffany, the angel of his life was standing there and he rubbed his eyes to make sure ot was true.

Tiffany: "Miss me?"

Wooyoung: "Whaat! How? You won't supposed to be back for a week."

Tiffany laughed so hard and shouted in his face to wake him from his stupour.

T :"Yah!! Its already been a week! You really missed me so much that you weren't aware of the days passing by correct?"

Wooyoung stood there dumbstruck for a few more moments before screaming for joy and spinning her around in his arms.

W: "You're back!! You'rea really back!"

Tiffany just laughed and kissed him hard.

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