We weren't... Or Were We?

Without You

Wooyoung and Tiffany were on the set of Strong Heart together with Jessica, Onew and Taecyeon.

As the show progressed, more intimate questions were asked.

Kang Hodong (KH): "Aaaaaaah the idols can stop smirking now, its your turn to answer questions."

That led the entire studio to roar with laughter, idols included.

Wooyoung: "Dang. Thought we could escape for once'

KH:" So Wooyoung, who is your ideal woman."

Wooyoung almost fell off his chair at that.

Wooyoung: " I errr. wow!"

Lee Seunggi (LS): "He totally was not expecting that."

Wooyoung:" Well.... my ideal woman is one who is kind and has a bright nature. She knows how to make me happy and her smile never fails to make my day. Just the thought of her lifts me up."

At that Tiffany's heart started to race.

KH: "Oooh.... looks like Wooyoung has someone in mind. Care to say something to her?"

W: "Errm no, I want to tell her face-to-face"

Everyone:" Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.!"

LS : " Tiffany, what about you?"

Tiffany: " Aaaah.... my ideal person is someone who is witty, kind, understands me and has a sense of humour."

KH: "Is there any one whom you are referring to"

Tiffany (smiling shyly): "Yes"

LS : " Wow... You are already smiling like that. This person must have made a great impact on your life."

Tiffany: "Yes. He has. He is always the one who understands me and cheers me up when I am down. We often call each other to talk."

During the break,

W: "Hi....I love you."

T: "Face-to-face eh? I love you too. You almost gave me a heart attack after your confession."

Wooyoung grinned and kissed her.

As Tiffany kissed him back, she saw someone looking like her manager catch a glance at them while walking at the far end of the hallway and dissappear."

Tiffany broke the kiss and stared down the hallway.

Wooyoung:" What's wrong?"

T: "I thought I saw my manager look at us."

W: Are you sure?"

T : " It was definitely him! I think he saw us as he glanced at our direction."

W :" I don't think so. Tiffany, don't get too paranoid. If he saw us, he would have stopped us."

T : " I hope you're right Wooyoung."

She sounded convinced, but deep within her heart, she felt differently.


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