Jealousy can be a little too much

Without You

At SNSD's dorm

Tiffany sat on her bed with her head down in embarrassment and shame. She should have trusted Wooyoung and kept calm instead of jumping to conclusions. The other members knew better than to disturb her at this time when there would be much to clear up with Wooyoung.

After the incident, Wooyoung had asked her to wait at her dorm while he sent Jenny back to her hotel. Tiffany's thought s raced through her mind as fast as jets and many of them were not pleasant to think about. what had she done? What would happen now that she had doubted him? Would this be a great strain on their relationship?

At Jenny's hotel

Jenny: " Thanks for fetching me back. It was nice meeting your friend and your girlfriend"

Wooyoung: "Its fine. I'm sorry about just now. Tiffany overeacted. I'll talk to her when I get back."

Jenny: "Its ok Wooyoung. Its normal for a  girl to freak out when she sees her man with another girl."

W: "Still....."

J: "I would be worried if she didn't freak out. At least I know she cares that you are her boyfriend."

W: " I'll be going now. See you another time"

J :"Bye"

Back at SNSD's dorm

Wooyoung exhaled sharply and knocked on the door, which was opened by Seohyun. He smiled at her and she reciprocated. No conversations occured between him and the other members as he entered. Everyone knew what he was here for and it was best not to make the issue bigger than it already was. All that passed between them were smiles and muted encouragements to work it out peacefully and to be understanding.

Tiffany still sat motionless on the bed with her head down when Wooyoung reached her room, and never noticed him leaning on the open door. After a few minutes, Wooyoung finally sat beside her.

W: "Hello."

T :" Hi"

A long pause followed.

W :" Mind explaining what was that all about?"

T :" I'm sorry. You were acting so initmate with her so I thought..."

W :" That I was having an affair." Wooyoung finished her sentence lamely.

W :" Tiffany.... I know at times a girl can get jealous when she sees her man with someone else but I really wish you had more faith in  me ok?

T : " I'm sorry. I know I need to control my jealousy."

W :" Its a good thing that Jenny was very understanding and even thought that yoor overwhelming jelousy was rather cute"

Tiffany smiled at that.

T :" Dinner here?"

W: "Sure."




Sorry for the extremely late update. The last few months have been so hectic for me at school. Now I've ended my education and am awaiting to serve in the army. I'll be updating hopefully everyday until i reach the army as I have to stay in once i enter. The everyday part also applies only if I can come up with new ideas quick

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