The Trouble of a Secret Love

Without You

Tiffany and Wooyoung continued to date in secret and only their members knew about it. Often, when both groups  had mutually free time, they would go out together.

To avoid any suspicion, they often brought their group members along for a short while.

In the SM building, Tiffany was waiting behind a corner for Wooyoung, wanting to give him a surprise. She was so engrossed with watching around the corner that she did not notice someone creep up from behind and grab her.

Wooyoung:"Miss me?"

Tiffany: "Wooyoung!! You scared me!!"

Wooyoung:" So says the lady who was planning to scare the out of me."

Tiffany grinned at him and kissed him.

Just as they finished their long and passionate kiss, someone came around.

SNSD manager:" Oh hey, what are you two doing here.

Wooyoung:"Just catching up"

SNSD manager:" Ok I've got something to do so I'll leave now"

Wooyoung:"Ok bye"

After he left:

Tiffany:" That was too close"


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