Without You

Tiffany couldn't sleep again, all she thought about was Wooyoung. His infectious grin kept on intruding her mind for the past few days and she longed to see it again.

"Do I like him or not?" thought Tiffany

She turned to the right and tried to sleep and push the thoughts of him from her head. She succeeded in sleeping but the last thoughts she had before that and after were of Wooyoung.


Taeyeon:"Hey get up already"

Tiffany opened her eyes and went to the bathroom, sighing as the memory of the previous night crept in her mind.

She ate her breakfast and sat with the others as usual but did not join in the conversation. She stared at the ground and occasionally glints of tears would well up in her eyes. Taeyeon and Jessica noticed this and brought her into a corner.

Jessica: "Tiffany, what's wrong? Why are you so silent and why are you crying?"

Tiffany did not answer but now the tears in her eyes were much more visible and she started to sob.

Taeyeon: "Tiffany, its ok, you can tell us what's wrong"

Tiffany: "That's the problem...I don't know what's wrong"

Taeyeon and Jessica looked at each other in fear.

Taeyeon: "Ok Tiffany, why don't you tell us what's on your mind that made you cry"

Tiffany: "I've been thinking of Wooyoung for the past few days and I can't stop thinking of him. I can't even sleep."

Jessica: "Tiffany answer honestly, do you like him"

Tiffany: "That's the problem...I don't know"

Taeyeon: "Its ok Tiffany, that means you do but don't realize it fully yet. Why don't you go wash up first and think slowly ok? No point in rushing this. It'l just make you more sad and confused. If you need to talk, We're here ok?"

Tiffany: "Ok thanks"

Jessica: "Anytime"

"Do I or do I not like him" thought Tiffany as she washed her face.

As she came out of the bathroom, the other members came to her to comfort her after being told by Taeyeon and Jessica.

Tiffany: "Thanks, really."

Taeyeon: "Tiffany, we've thought about this together and we think we should tell Wooyoung."

Tiffany: "Why?"

Jessica: "If you feel something as you tell him, then you do like him"

Tiffany: "But what if he doesn't feel the same for me?"

Sooyoung: "Busted. You do like him"

Tiffany: "Huh what?!?!"

Hyoyeon: "You were already thinking of whether he will reciprocate your feelings which means...."

"You like him" finished Sunny and Yoona together.

Tiffany could only stare at the floor and blushed as she realized what they said was true.

Jessica: "Seriously, go tell him...I actually have a feeling that he likes you secretly too"

Tiffany: "How can you be so sure?"

"Intuition" said Jessica and winked.

Sooyoung and Sunny: "The ice princess has relationship intuition?!?!?!"

Jessica: 'SHUT UP!!!"

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