Without You

LSM :"Tiffany.... you know why I called you here."

It wasn't a question

Tiffany :"Wooyoung and I are in love president, please don;t do this to us.

LSM :"I wish I could Tiffany, I really do. But you have to think of the careers ofd both your members and those of 2pm."

Tiffany : "Please let us be together, we have no intention of revealing our relationship to anyone."

Taeyeon :"They are very happy together and I don't feel there's a need to break them up. Furthermore.... we've noticed that Tiffany actually works harder and has improved because of Wooyoung.

Sunny :" Uncle please don't do this to them. We came here to support Tiffany and we hope you understand and accede to our request. We know that our popularity may dip a little but we've talked through this and we're willing to go through with it."

LSM :" Sisters one and all, I expect no less from all of you. However, even if I agree, JYP does not agree. They'll be here soon to discuss this. Tiffany, I know this is hard for you. Please do this for your member and those of 2pm, especially Wooyoung."

Tiffany : "But......"

Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought of what she had been called upon to do. She thought of the happy memories she had with Wooyoung and how could she possibly live without him. Then she thought if leaving him would mean he got to pursue his lifelong dream of being a singer. She thought about how happy Wooyoung could be in the future and how she could not give him everything now because of the sacrifices they had to make as singers.

Meanwhile outside the door, JYP 2pm had been overhearing the conversation and Wooyoung cried, having a feeling that Tiffany would do as LSM had said.

Suddenly, Tiffany's voice was haerd again....

tiffany: "No. I'm not breaking up with him."

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