Just Ourselves

Without You

Wooyoung drove his car, talking with Tiffany all the way.

Tiffany: "Where are we even going? I don't recognize this place"

Wooyoung: "We're going for a lunch at a restaurant owned by a friend of mine" The food there is superb"

As they got out of the elevator, they were met by staff who greeted them warmly.

Jake:"Wooyoung!! Long time no see. Ahhh so this is your girlfriend" Good afternoon miss, a pleasure to meet you"

Tiffany:" Hi a pleasure to meet you too"

Wooyoung:"hahaha thanks for the arrangement on such short notice"

Jake:"Anytime. Please follow me"

As they entered the restaurant, Tiffany suddenly gasped.

Tiffany:" Wooyoung! we're in a public place, what if people see us?"

Wooyoung:"hahahahahahah silly girl. Did you think I would let people oggle over my beautiful girlfriend? I reserved an enclosed private room for us"

With that Tiffany exhaled and smiled at Wooyoung, relieved that he was so smart as they walked in to the room.

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