Flutters In The Heart

Without You

Wooyoung's heart races as he looks around as though he is disoriented. All around him are a sea of faces, yet he continues searching even though he still does not realize who is he searching for.

Then, he spots someone on the stage alongside  the other groups that have come together at the end of the special concert to raise funds for disabled children. As he focuses in on the person, who is talking with her band members, his heart nags at him emotionally to the point of physical discomfort.

All the shouting, talking, cheering start to fade away...... there is no sound. Everybody starts to turn into blurry figures in his vison. She is the only person he sees clearly, and he smiles as he watches her. She smiles with her special eyesmile as she talks to the others on the stage, which makes his heart melt.

He knows her personally as their idol groups are close with each other and he knows she is beautiful in heart as a kind and caring person as much as she is beautiful physically.Wooyoung keeps on staring at her, not wanting to take his eyes of the angel he is looking at and wants the moment to last forever. He is unfortunately revived from his moment of reverie as a hand shakes him volently.

"WOOYOUNG!!!!!!" shouts Taecyeon as he grabs his shoulder and shakes him violently.

"Hzzzngmaf, huh? What?!?!?!" goes Wooyoung as he is caught by surprise.

Taecyeon: "Yah Wooyoung, I've called you 5 times already, quit daydreaming will you?"

Wooyoung: "Arraso, miandhe."

He looks at his band members who are staring at him as though he was an alien.

Junho: "Yo, you ok?"

Wooyoung: Yeah I'm fine, just didn't have a good rest last night.

The rest encourage him to stay alert for a while more before they can return to their dorm, but only Nichkhun stares suspiciously, smiles at him and shakes his head.

"Crap... does he know?" thought Wooyoung.

He takes one last look at Tiffany, who spots him and waves at him. He smiles and responds in kind.

"if only we could be together..... YAH!! JANG WOOYOUNG!!! Stop it!! Control your emotions, The two of you can't date."

The thoughts subside from his mind, but his feelings do not.

He has always been close with her and has had feelings for her for quite some time now, and he always has had the urge to ask her out. But he has never done so due to the restrictions placed on them and his own insecurity that she only likes him as a friend and that he is not good enough.

2PM says goodbye to SNSD the last, and Wooyoung smiles all the way, doing so with greater intensity as he says goodbye to Tiffany.Tiffany smiles back as she says goodbye with her eyesmile that almost kills him on the spot

As they head back their dorm laughing and talking, only Wooyoung looks out the window of the van, his thoughts drifting to Tiffany once again. Little did he know Nichkhun was watching him with concern all the while.

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