Is He Cheating On Me?

Without You

Taeyeon: " Girls! Be good ok? Me and Tiffany are going out now.

7 members: "Ok!!!"

Today was SNSD's day off and most of the girls were dead beat fro their schedules. Still, Taeyeon and Tiffany decided to go out together just for shopping.They had planned for this very day last week, from what they would be shopping for and the order of shops they would be visitng.

First off, the clothes section. Both Tiffany and Tayeon wanted more dresses and so they hit the stores.

Tiffany: "Hey  Taeyeon!! This dress is so pretty! You'll look good in it!

Taeyeon: " I'm gonna try it on."

Taeyeon went into the dressing room and changed. When she came out, both of them squealed in delight.

Tiffany: "See! I told you!!

The two of them tried on so many dresses and now it was Taeyeon's turn to comment on Tiffany's choice of dresses.

Taeyeon: "This is definitely the dress for you. You should get this and the green dress over there."

Soon after purchasing their dresses, the two girls got hungry and decided to eat before continueing on their shopping spree.

Taeyeon :"What do you feel like eating?"

Tiffany:" errrm Japanese?"

Taeyeon "Ok. That sounds good to me"

Tiffany ordered unagi bento and Taeyeon ordered Katsu don. They were so hungry that they immediately tucked in when the food arrived and didn't notice a very familiar person enter the restaurant.

Just then, they heard Wooyung laughing and turned around to find him with a girl.

Taeyeon :" Hey isn't that Wooyoung?"

Tiffany: "Yeah,but who's that girl?"

Taeyeon: "I thought you knew"

Tiffany suddenly grew extremely worried.

Tiffany: "Taeyeon.... could he be cheating on me?"

Taeyeon :"Lets not jump to conclusions just yet ok? Lets see what they do first.

After Wooyoung and the girl had finished eating, Tiffany and Taeyeon followed from a safe distance.

Thousands of thoughts overwhelmed Tiffany's mind. Wooyoung wouldn't cheat on her right? He loves Tiffany and only has her in his heart right?

Just then, the girl playfully hit Wooyoung's shoulder after a comment Wooyoung made and Wooyoung laughed. That brought Tiffany's jealousy and anger to the maximum and she went towards them and shouted at Wooyoung before Taeyeon could stop her.

Tiffany :"Wooyoung!! How could you do this to me!! I never even looked at any other guy once and this is how you treat me!! How could you cheat on me"

Wooyoung: "Errr cheat on you?"

Tears formed in Tiffany's eyes and Taeyeon had to hold her to keep her steady.

Tiffany:" Stop pretending that you don't know what I'm talking about. The game is up. I caught you cheating on me with thisn girl.

Wooyoung continued to look at her with a confused face and turned to face the girl, who looked equally lost. Then, Wooyoung started laughing.

Taeyeon, Tiffany :"What the hell are you laughing about?"

Wooyoung: " I guess I should introduce you to them. This is my friend Taeyeon and that is the highlight, my girlfriend Tiffany. Tiffany, and Taeyeon, I want you to meet my cousin Jenny."

Tiffany :" Cous...Cousin?!?!?!?!?!"

Sorry for the late update. Lots of work and exams

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fyqah124 #1
Chapter 32: when will you update this story I can;t wait to read it
Chapter 32: They are soo cute! I love this couple! UPDATE SOON ~
Chapter 32: Too short update.. Kk~~ update soon :)
foirfeachta #4
Update soon!
Love it... <3
So cute. Woofany <3 UPDATE SOON~
TDS HAHAHAHA they're so cute~
Wooyoungie is having TDS!!Haha~^^
Hahahahaha I totally loved what Junsu said about TDS~~ xDD
Wooyoung totally has it~~~