Dreams and Reality

Without You

Wooyoung walks home after a schedule, eager to return to his home. On the way he enters a toy store and buys a teddy bear and continues to walk home.

As he opens the door, his wife is carrying his child and with her back facing him and he walks towards them. She turns around and it is none other than Tiffany, his beloved wife. As he reaches to touch her cheek, Everything turns into white light, blinding him.

Wooyoung shields his eyes, opening them to find....... himself on his bed facing the window that has its curtains pulled away, the bright morning sun stinging his eyes.

Junsu: " hey hyung, wake up."

" Arraso...." says Wooyoung disappointedly as he gets up from his bed.

After brushing his teeth, he heads down rather dejectedly to the living room to get his breakfast. As the other members talk excitedly about their schedule for the day, Nichkhun notices Wooyoung's unhappiness and then asks him what is wrong.

"Its' nothing, not enough sleep" says Wooyoung rather weakly with an equally weak smile.

"Wooyoung, I'm not an idiot, something is bothering you. It's because you like Tiffany isn't it."

Wooyoung was drinking his cup of water when Nichkhun said that and he choked on it.

"Busted" said Nichkhun quietly as he tries to contain his laughter.

"Look, you've been acting strange for a few days now, do you want to talk?" asks Nichkhun as he switches into a serious mode.

Wooyoung thought for a while and nodded his head, gesturing for him to head to the balcony on the other side of their dorm.

Wooyoung: " I keep on thinking of her, I've liked her for some time now. I even dreamt that we were married with children last night."

Nichkhun: " Then why not tell her and ask her out?"

Wooyoung:" Huh..wha...wh..WHAT!?!!?! We're not allowed to.... you know that."

Nichkhun: "The company doesn't need to know"

Wooyoung: "I don't know..... I'm scared, What if she doesn't have any feelings for me or what if I'm not good enough?"

Nichkhun: "That's another problem but if you don't try, you'll still be miserable being alone"

Wooyoung: "Ok Nichkhun, I'll try. Thanks for the talk"

Nichkhun: " Anytime"

In the van, the members start to talk and bet on who are the surprise guests on the show they are on today. Secretly, in his heart... Wooyoung hopes it is SNSD, so he can see Tiffany again.

In SNSD's dorm

As the girls prepare for their schedule for the day, they start to talk about which idol group they will be suprising.

Yoona: "I hope its 2PM"

Yuri: " so you can get to see Taecyeon right"

Yoona: "Anni unnie, why do you think that"

Taeyeon: "Because you're blushing and staring off at the ceiling as you say that"

Yoona quickly reverts her eyes to her group members trying not to look embarrased.

Hyoyeon, Jessica, Yoona, Yuri and Sunny are on one couch as they eat while Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun sit on the other one.

As they are talking happily, Tiffany suddenly has a thought  about Wooyoung. This is the third time since yesterday night.

"Tiffany! Why are you thinking of him all of a sudden again hahahahahahaha."

As soon as the thought of Wooyoung forms in her mind.... it disappears.

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