Missed Opportunity

Without You

MC:" Lets welcome our guests for the day:" 2PM!!!!"

As 2PM enters, a round of applause resounds

MC:" You guys are very famous these days, what's your secret to success?"

Taecyeon: "Eer, I guess it would be the hard work we put in that paid off along with the support we had from our company and fans"

As the show went on, one question caught Wooyoung's attention.

MC:" I'm sure there are idol groups you have made friends with over the course of your career.... which are you closest to?"

All:" SNSD"

MC:" If you don't mind me asking, how close are you?"

Nichkhun:" We talk often and we can relate to one another. We also can tell each other of any problems we have.

Then on cue from the staff, SNSD enters and 2PM starts laughing and asking for their money they won in the bet.

After an hour the show finally ended and the two groups got together to talk with Yoona beside Taecyeon and Wooyoung with Taeyeon and Tiffany.

Junho:" Yes Taecyeon.... we know you like Yoona and she likes you"

This caused everyone to laugh and the two of them could only blush in embarrassment.

On their way out of the studio, Tiffany, Jessica, Wooyoung and Nichkhun went to the toilet.

Nichkhun:" Hey, now's your chance go for it. All the best"

Wooyoung: "I know thanks!"


In the ladies toilet

"Aish!! Why do you keep thinking of Wooyoung since the show started and why can't you control your breathing when you see him?" thought Tiffany

As she exited the toilet, she met Wooyoung who complimented on how she chose her clothes that matched her beauty.

"Thank you Wooyoung-shi" said Tiffany as she blushed.

"hahahahahahaha she's so cute especially when she's shy and blushes." thought Wooyoung

As they headed for the exit with Jessica and Nichkhun talking about old times, Wooyoung decided to make his move

Wooyoung: "Tiffany-shi.... actually I....."

Tiffany: "Yes?"

Wooyoung:"Nevermind sorry."

"Its ok" thought Tiffany even as she found it wierd that he decided to stop like that.

Nichkhun facepalmed himself as he watched.

2PM's Dorm

Nichkhun: "What happened to you? I thought you were going to ask her out?"

Wooyoung:" I know, sorry. I just couldn't. I was afraid of what she'll say. What if she says no or what if we won't be happy together?"

Nichkhun: "I know its tough but you have to try. The other members have already caught on to your moody behaviour. If you continue like this even our manager will notice."

Wooyoung: "Ok I will do better next time"

As Wooyoung went to sleep, Tiffany came into his mind again with the words:

I can't.... We can't

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