Barriers Undone

Without You

Tiffany sat speechless at the sight of a teary Wooyoung standing at her doorway, every part of her body refused to move even though her brain commanded them to.

Wooyoung: "If you're going to be pushed around like that even in the most intimate facets of your life, how are you going to live a happy life?"

Wooyoung stepped closer to her and lightly touched her shoulder, causing Tiffany to flinch away. His renewed attempt to hold her only caused her to stand up and exit the room.

W: "Tiffany. Love is not something your manager or anyone can stop or play around with. Its up to you."

T :" No Wooyoung, I was a fool. I thought I could provide you with that very same happiness you gave me... but who am I kidding? If our relationship is revealed to the public, you'll lose your job, more importantly, your passion. How are our groups going to go on like this? We have to break up, for the sake of our members at the very least."

W:" Tiffany, did you really think that I blindly jumped into this relationship without considering the risks or without the approval of our members? Why do you think I'm dating you? Its because I love you and my members gave me their consent, just like how your members gave you their own consent. Tiffany... look around you, our members knew what they might have to go through but they accepted it. They're all behind us, what have we to fear?"

Tiffany looked around at their members, 2pm and SNSD alike, equating to 9pm nodding their heads. She was so happy to see them give their backing but still she tried unsuccessfully tried to controll herself, failing in the process and breaking down in tears as he hugged her."

T: "Wooyoung.... please don't do this.... please let go.....please? I can't give you any of the happiness you've given me and all you'll have is you losing your job."

W: "Idiot, did you think that I would leave you for my job.? I would be happy to even just be a farmer as long as I have you. Stop telling yourself that you can't make me happy. You already have as my girlfriend.... more than you know."

Tiffany couldn't move and her tears wouldn't hold back anymore, so she did the one thing she could do....cry as she hugged him back.

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