A Bridge is Built

Without You

"Tiffany, please don't do this. Open the door." cried Wooyoung as he pounded his fist against it.

No matter how much he pleaded her, she just would not open the door.

Just then, a voice sounded out behind Wooyoung.

Taeyeon: "Wooyoung? What are you doi.... wait, why are you crying?"

Wooyoung: "I asked Tiffany to be my girlfriend but she said she couldn't even though she wanted to and now she won't open the door.

Jessica: "Its ok Wooyoung, we'll open the door just wait here until we tell you to come in."

Wooyoung: "Ok"

As the other members open the door, they found Tiffany crying on the sofa. Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona and Yuri got to her first and started to console her and ask her what happened. Tiffany then recounted what had happened earlier not knowing that it was just a ruse to get her to think they didn't know and that Wooyoung had left.

Taeyeon: "Wooyoung realy likes you and since you like him, you should just say yes."

Jessica: "You can date without sacrificing your careers, me and Onew are doing it"

Everyone else: "WHAT!?!!?!?"

Jessica: "Oops, but nevermind. Its ok Tiffany, just say yes.

Tiffany : "Thanks but he has already left, and how am I going to even face him the next time?"

Wooyoung: "Well I'm right here so you can just tell me and make us the happiest people in the world"

Tiffany saw Wooyoung and ran towards him , crushing him in a hug that she didn't want to end

Wooyoung: "So will you be my girlfriend?"yes!!!" cried Tiffany with tears of joy.

Wooyoung smiled and gave her a kiss and she kissed him back.

Tiffany: "Wait, I thought you left already?"

Wooyoung: 'errrrr"

The other members started running up the stairs and Tiffany screamed : "I'm gonna get you for this"

Wooyoung and the other members just laughed

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