Without You

Wooyoung dragged Tiffany from the car to a funfair that was filled with joyrides, leaving Tiffany squeeling with happiness.

T: " YAAAAAY!!! Thank you Wooyoung, its been ages since I last went to a funfair like this."

W: "Glad I made the right choice. I hope you're really free tonight....because we're going on EVERY ride!"

T :"Yeeeeeeeeeeheeeeee!!!"

First they went to try out the game stalls like whack-a-mole, often competing against one another. Then Tiffany spotted a bear that was so cute and showed Wooyoung the bear and her aegyo.

T: "Wooyoung!! Can I have that bear please?"

W: "(sighs).....of course, how can I resist that eye smile of yours and that aegyo for the win."

Wooyoung paid up and started throwing the darts at a bullseye target, hitting the centre everytime. That got Wooyoung the bear and he gave it to Tiffany, who squeeling and thanking him.



Sry for the short updates

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