Without You


Wooyoung has been a little disturbed lately, a feeling for someone that pulls at him continually everyday. As much as he likes Tiffany, he doesn't want to admit it so that they can continue their passion for being in their respective groups (2PM, SNSD). Will he be able to keep it in for much longer, or will he ask her to be his girlfriend? If she says yes, will they stay together no matter what obstacles stand in their way?

Based on the following songs --> Justincase feat Michelle Branch - Without You

                                                              Rihanna - California King Bed


Play them while reading if you feel a chapter matches with any of the songs.


A story about a man's struggle to make the choice of staying alone or taking the chance with the person he likes. Join Wooyoung and Tiffany as they struggle  against their worst enemy: Themselves


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